Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9/2 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Dan or Keesha from eviction? Let's find out!

Dan isn't thrilled about being nominated but is happy that he isn't nominated next to Memphis. Jerry hopes to evict Dan this week. He told Keesha that she isn't the target, but Keesha is still worried about her safety. Memphis is aligned with everyone except for Renny, so he needs to ensure her eviction this week. Keesha says that even though she and Dan are nominated, anyone can be evicted because of the PoV.

Jerry told Dan that anyone can be evicted this week in order to hide his new alliance with Memphis. Renny thinks that if she is nominated after the PoV ceremony, then she will probably be evicted. Keesha cannot believe that Renny is worried about being evicted when Keesha is the one nominated. Renny knows that not being nominated at this stage in the game doesn't mean much because of the PoV.

The HG noticed a plane spelling out a message, so they stopped to take a look. Jerry moved while looking and slipped right into the pool! Dan normally doesn't make fun of other people's misfortunes, but he couldn't resist when that unfortunate person was Jerry. Memphis has been trying to assure Dan, Jerry, and Keesha that he wants to take them to the finals, so that he can make the finals regardless of who is in the final three with him. Memphis isn't sure who he will take to the finals if he wins the final HoH competition though.

Dan has been continuing to aggravate Renny by playing tricks on her and even imitating her. Renny doesn't understand why Dan is always messing around with her. Dan hopes that by driving Renny crazy, she will be too unfocused to compete in the PoV competition. Renny doesn't consider Dan's behavior funny anymore and wants him evicted now.

Time for the PoV competition! The HG were sequestered throughout the house, and they were called one by one out to the backyard to compete. Dan hoped that Memphis would be able to win the PoV in order to keep both he and Dan safe. For the competition, HG had to guess which two HG made up a picture of a baby shown on a large screen. The HG to correctly guess all the babies in the shortest time will win the PoV.

Dan had trouble with the competition because all the babies were hideous. Dan knew that he needed to be perfect in order to win the PoV, but he made a lot of mistakes. Jerry knows that he needs to win the PoV in order to ensure Dan's eviction, but he started off bad. Jerry eventually picked up speed and felt confident that he did enough to win. Memphis felt confident about the competition because he has thoroughly studied the Memory Wall. After the competition, Memphis felt that he could have done better.

Renny knows that she needs to win the PoV in order to evict either Dan or Memphis. Renny thought that the baby containing her face was the prettiest. She took forever on the baby containing Jerry because that should have been the easiest one! Keesha isn't going to be evicted without a fight. Keesha thought that the baby containing her and Steven looked like a gorilla. Dan felt that anyone could have won this PoV. Results (in time): Renny - 23:32, Jerry - 8:01, Dan - 2:58, Memphis - 2:50, and Keesha - 5:16. Memphis wins the PoV!

Renny was very disappointed in her time. Keesha thought that she did well enough to beat Memphis. Memphis now has to decide what to do with the PoV now that he has won it. Jerry hopes that Memphis keeps his word to him and does not use the PoV. Dan knows that Jerry doesn't have any more power since Renny will be nominated by default if Memphis uses the PoV. Keesha is disappointed with herself because winning the PoV was the only chance to save her and Renny.

Memphis wants to trust Dan but isn't sure if Dan will remain loyal to him next week. Memphis told Dan that he has to break off from Keesha next week if Dan wants him to save him with the PoV. Memphis wants to save Dan with the PoV but needs to make sure that his deals with both Jerry and Keesha will survive should he use the PoV. Memphis hopes that Jerry and Keesha will understand why he is saving Dan with the PoV.

Memphis told Keesha that he is going to save Dan with the PoV, but he assured Keesha that Dan will vote to evict Renny. Keesha doesn't trust Dan and really thinks that he will vote to evict her instead. Memphis assured her that Dan will not go against him, so he will vote the way he wants this week. Memphis told Jerry that regardless of what he does with the PoV, he still wants to go to the finals with him. Jerry thinks that Dan is a bigger threat than Renny, so they should worry about her next week.

Memphis thinks that his PoV ceremony decision will be his most important game move thus far. Dan hopes that Memphis will save him with the PoV. Renny thinks that Memphis should evict Dan in order to better his chances at winning the game. Jerry will not trust Memphis anymore if he uses the PoV.

Memphis did use the PoV to save Dan. In his place, Jerry had no choice but to nominate Renny. Renny wanted to go to the finals with Keesha, but she will fight against her in order to stay. Jerry plans on seeking revenge on Memphis for saving Dan. Memphis hopes that Jerry still trusts him enough to take him to the finals. Dan is thrilled that he and Memphis have survived yet another week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

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