Saturday, August 18, 2007

8/18 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Daniele has won this week's PoV as I mentioned earlier! But will she stick with her plan to backdoor Jen or will things change? Here's the afternoon events from the BB house!

The feeds were blocked for about 70 minutes for the PoV competition. Eric and Zach were seen congratulating Daniele when the feeds returned. The competition had something to do with CBS online polls. Amber and Daniele both won a trip for finishing first and second in the PoV competition. The HG were talking about some of the polls used, and Jen brought up her theory that America votes who should be evicted each week. Eric immediately changed the subject following Jen's comment.

Daniele says that she will not use the PoV because Jen would know that she would be the one evicted this week. She thinks Jen could easily be evicted next week. Dick would rather get her out this week though. Daniele then considers saving Amber with the PoV if she promises not to nominate her or Dick if she wins HoH next week. Daniele wants Jen to be evicted this week but doesn't know if she should backdoor her or not.

Amber and Jameka discussed the possibilities for deals that they should present to Daniele. Amber then becomes nervous about Daniele not offering her a deal this week and hopes that the nominations will change this week.

Dick and Zach can't believe how Jameka thinks she has a chance to win the game. They agree that Amber cannot win HoH next week if she stays and Jameka cannot win PoV next week if she stays. If things go the way he wants, Dick says that Jen will go this week. Daniele thinks it's weird how Amber and Jameka have isolated themselves after being so confident last week. Daniele talked to Zach about how much she hates having Dick in the house always reprimanding her. She starts talking about her family issues with divorce and custody issues, but the feeds became blocked shortly after that. (BB doesn't like showing us the HG's personal issues.) Zach says that Dick seems like he has tried to be the best father he could, but Daniele completely disagrees.

That does it for the afternoon! It seems that Daniele will use the PoV on Amber so that Jen will be nominated and thus evicted. As for Amber and Daniele's trip, they aren't sure where or when they will go. They spent a good majority of the afternoon discussing it. We'll see how things go!

Veto Winner

After 1 hour of feed block it seems Daniele has won the PoV and Amber has won a trip. I will edit this if something changes.

8/18 Live Feeds: 7:00 AM-1:00 PM

The feeds have just become blocked for the PoV competition. How did the HG strategize in preparation for today's main event? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Nobody awoke before the 9:30 AM BB wake-up call. Jameka is still in an aggravated mood and hopes to use her emotions to her advantage today. Eric and Jessica aren't comfortable with Jen going home this week because then Zach would team up with Daniele and Dick. Eric says that if Daniele and Dick insist on Jen going this week, then they have to agree to target Zach next week. Eric says that if either of them win PoV, they should use it on Jameka to make the house happy.

Everyone is playing for PoV today except for Eric and Jen, but Eric is hosting the competition. Zach says that he wants to win PoV.

That does it for the morning! The plan seems to be for either Amber or Jameka to win PoV, then Jen would be nominated and thus evicted. I'll have the scoop once the feeds return!

Power of Veto Players

The Power of Veto players have been chosen. The Veto players seem to be Daniele, Amber, Jameka, Jessica, Zach and Dick. Eric is hosting and Jen is not playing. This is not for certain. I will update if i hear different.

8/17-8/18 Live Feeds: 8:00PM- 7:00AM

As more and more house guests are evicted, it seems the house guests go to bed earlier. and earlier. Perhaps it's because the PoV competition tomorrow. Here is the "news" from the Big Brother House!

Amber and Jameka sat in the hammock and conversed. They talked of course about God and how he does things for a reason and will help them win PoV- like every week.....right? One interesting comment was about finale voting and if Dick was in final 2 against Jessica, they would give their vote to Dick because he doesn't lie.

Most of the house guests were outside having fun- throwing the croquet and golf balls at each other, doing cannonballs into the pool etc. It seemed that Amber and Jameka isolated themselves for awhile to talk.

Eric talked with both Amber and Jameka(separate conversations). Eric explained his position to Amber and why he evicted Dustin saying it was all strategic and his best move. Amber then begins to cry (surprised?). Amber wants to know if there is still a group between the four. Eric doesn't comment but goes on about how Dustin had alliances with everyone and how Eric was the 5th string in the alliance. Eric then talked to Jameka and said the same things except that Daniele and Dick are the strongest group and need to continue to be targets. Jameka continues to do her Mhming all the way through the conversation.

By this point Eric heads outside and he, Dick and Daniele are the only ones still awake. Eric tells Dick about his conversations and what he said. Eric thinks it will be easy to get the other four out one by one and Eric, Jess and Dick, Daniele will be final 4. They say if Jen wins PoV Amber will go home. There is a ton of general chit chat about previous PoV competitions and Food competitions. The small talk continues until Daniele leaves for bed. Dick and Eric then talk a little game. They talk about how Eric has turned the game upside down and there is no going back. Eric and Dick hug and go their seperate ways. They both get ready to go to bed.

As of now all house guests are asleep. They should get a wake-up call in 1-2 hours for the PoV competition. More to come later!

Friday, August 17, 2007

8/17 Live Feeds: 1:00-8:00 PM

Like I said, Amber and Jameka have been nominated for eviction as expected. Some new info was picked up before the feed block though. Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

The feeds were blocked for over two hours for the food competition. When the returned, the HG were wearing togas! Apparently, the competition was similar to the beer pong game the HG like to play each night. The HG also got the smaller nominations table since only eight of them remain in the house. Jameka has a feeling that this week will be a good one for them. Zach is confused as to why Amber and Jameka have been avoiding him. Daniele told Jen that she hopes the nominations stay the same after the PoV competition. Jen asked Daniele who she was going to nominate, but Daniele wouldn't tell her. Daniele told Zach that she was shocked at how Jen wanted to know who she was going to nominate.

Eric thinks that someone will once again be backdoored this week. Eric is glad that Amber didn't win HoH because she would have nominated him for evicting Dustin last week. Jen says that getting Dustin out last week was a bad move for them, but Eric disagrees with her. Jen thinks there should be another twist soon. Eric hopes that a luxury competition will happen soon.

The feeds were blocked for over an hour for the nominations ceremony. They returned with Jameka crying and seeming upset. Jameka thanked Daniele for giving her a chance at winning PoV. Amber says that God nominated them to strengthen them. Amber says that they will be the new Jen and Kail if they both stay this week. She then goes on about how she SAW her winning PoV. @@ Jameka says that keeping Eric was their biggest mistake in the game. Amber agrees. Amber thinks that Jen will be nominated if PoV is used. Amber says that she will go home if the nominations stay the same. Amber says that she is done with Eric and Jessica. Amber and Jameka are now pumped up for tomorrow's PoV competition. Amber then claims that she will win HoH next week. @@ - This girl has got to stop "telling the future." Surprisingly, ALL of her predictions have been wrong! Amber and Jameka agree that Zach cannot be trusted.

That does it for the afternoon! Amber and Jameka are pretty excited for the PoV competition, so one of them could very well win the PoV. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

Live Feeds: Nominations

After a little over one hour of feed block, it seems Jameka and Amber have indeed been nominated. This hasn't been made official by any of the houseguests but Jameka is by herself and Amber is nowhere to be seen. If something changes I will notify everyone.

8/16-17 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-1:00 PM

Talk about boring! The feeds have been overall pretty boring ever since yesterday evening. Here's the late-night and morning events from inside the BB house!

Dick told Amber and Jameka that Dustin's arrogance was the reason for his eviction. Dick says that by Dustin saying how Eric was with Kail showed him that he (Dustin) was the one leaking info over to Kail. Jameka found that hard to believe. Jameka thanked Dick for actually having a calm conversation with her and Amber. Amber says that she hates Jessica now, but Jameka reminds her that they do not know the story behind Dustin's eviction. Amber thinks that Eric and Jessica are stupid for trusting Daniele and Dick. Jameka thinks that they should align with Jen and Zach. Amber says that the game isn't about numbers anymore, so they don't need to form any new alliances. Amber is sure that her and Jen will be nominated, but God told her that she (Amber) would win PoV. @@ - Just like he told you about winning HoH, correct? Jameka says that she will be nominated and evicted if PoV is used. Amber says that the best move for Daniele would be to nominate Eric and Jessica.

Jen asked Dick if he made a deal to stay last week. Dick says that he isn't telling her anything, but he thanks her for keeping him last week. Jen thinks that the DR wanted Dick to stay over Dustin. BB quickly reprimanded her. Zach says that Dustin's arrogance and greed cost him the game. Jen said that Daniele and Dick would not have her vote to win if they sent her to the jury house to live with Dustin for an entire week. @@ Daniele became nervous about evicting Jen following that statement. Dick said that she doesn't have to worry about Jen because she's not the one voting her out.

Amber is still shocked about Dustin's eviction. Jameka says that he kind of deserved it because Dick was a more honorable player in the game. Amber knows but can't believe how Eric and Jessica turned on them. Jameka tries to cheer her up by saying that they still have a chance. Zach now believes what Dick has been saying about Dustin aligning with Kail.

It seems that America chose for Eric to nominate Amber. Eric said that he would love to see Amber nominated so that she could sulk and cry about it all week. Daniele was shocked that Eric said that. Eric doesn't care who goes this week as long as Amber stays nominated throughout the entire week. Daniele and Dick laughed about Eric's hatred of Amber. Dick points out that he was nominated next to both Dustin and Joe, and they were both evicted over him. Dick is still shocked that he remained in the house this week. He says that he is "America's Asshole," while Daniele is "America's Sweetheart." Dick wants Jen gone this week, followed by Amber, Jameka, and Zach (in that order). Dick says that the worst-case scenario would be Jen winning PoV and then HoH next week. He is sure he and Daniele would once again be nominated.

Daniele and Dick were the last ones asleep at around 7:20 AM. Nobody awoke before the 10:10 AM BB wake-up call. The morning was filled with small talk before the food competition began at 11:40 AM. Since then, the feeds have been blocked.

That does it for the last 14 hours! The feeds should return shortly following the conclusion of the food competition. Nominations should take place in the next few hours. Expect Amber and Jameka to be nominated, but I'll have the official result once I know it!

8/16 Live Feeds: 5:00-11:00 PM

The feeds were pretty interesting tonight as they always are on Thursday evenings. With Daniele as the new HoH, how will the HG strategize this week? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Jen claimed that she knew all the answers in the HoH competition. @@ Daniele is planning on nominating Amber and Jameka, then backdooring Jen if PoV is used. If the nominations stay the same, Amber would be the one evicted. Daniele is excited that she will be HoH on her birthday, which is Monday. Dick says that Eric really wanted to win HoH tonight. Amber cried for much of the evening, but she took Dustin's eviction better than Jameka, who didn't say hardly a word all night.

Daniele was impressed with how well Amber did in the HoH competition. Dick said that he never returned Dustin's tattoo sleeves. He said that he would give them to Amber so she could give them to him. Dick claimed that he was Joe's hero tonight after pulling off Dustin's eviction. Jen was glad that Jessica didn't nominate her. Dick agreed, saying that the best-case scenario occurred last week. Jen admitted to hiding the various items in the house.

Jameka doesn't understand why their alliance always votes out who they say they will keep. Jessica says that she hates when people are backdoored. Jameka knows that something is up with Eric because she doesn't understand why he would evict Dustin who saved him last week. Jessica told Jameka that Zach convinced her to get Dustin out this week. Amber says that they should have evicted Eric two weeks ago.

Daniele received her HoH bedroom, along with a letter from Nick, The Faint CD, corn dogs, as well as other accessories. BB gave the HG chinese for their usual Thursday feast. Daniele gave a speech, saying how excited she was to be in the final eight with everyone. Amber said that she doesn't hold Dustin's eviction against anyone because people play for themselves in the game. She said that she would be fine within a few days.

Eric thinks that he and Jessica should lay low this week. Eric thinks that they should really try to win the final four HoH competition. They agree that Jameka needs to go while she cannot win HoH. Daniele and Dick want to make sure that Jen goes this week, so they will do everything they can to backdoor and evict her. Daniele wants Amber to go next week. Dick still cannot believe that he is safe this week. Dick tells Amber and Jameka that he knows they would have evicted Daniele had she not have been saved. They deny that, and Dick says that Dustin told him that. He also mentions Dustin volunteering to be nominated, but Amber and Jameka don't say anything about that.

That does it for the evening! Amber and Jameka look to be nominated tomorrow, but the plan is for Jen to be backdoored. We'll see what happens!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

8/16 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Dick was thrilled to be nominated against Dustin even though he will probably go home this week. Dustin wished Daniele could be evicted this week. Jen is ecstatic with either Dick or Dustin leaving. Daniele was honored that Dick saved her before himself. Dustin says that Daniele will be lost without Dick in the house. Jessica is watching out for Dustin since he knows how shady he is. Jessica forgave Eric for ignoring her the other day. Zach had a date with Jessica to align with her better. Zach tried to convince her that Dustin maybe is the better person to go this week. Jessica seemed to be agreeing with him throughout his talk with her. Zach gave Jessica his word that he would vote the way she wanted him to this week. Time for the next AP task! America chose DUSTIN to be evicted! Eric wasn't shocked by this. Eric thinks that Dustin would try to manipulate everyone in the house if he stayed this week. As Eric was trying to tell Jessica this, she started flirting with him and wasn't even listening. @@ Dick tried to convince Eric to team up with him. Dick thinks that Eric is a smart game player and thinks it would be best for them to align together. Dick says that Dustin staying would be bad for Eric. Eric told Jessica that it might be best for Dustin to be evicted this week. Eric thinks that him, Daniele, Dick, and Jessica could take over the house easily.

Time to talk with the HG! Dick says that he would have used the PoV to save Daniele regardless of what she wanted him to. Daniele says that she would hope that she would have done the same to Dick. Jen was surprised and excited that Dick gave her his slop pass. Amber emotionally told her daughter that she loves her and hopes she does well in school this year. Ahh...what has Joe been up to since his eviction? Joe has loved seeing how selfish Dustin has become in the house. Joe thinks that Dustin will lose himself in the house if he continues to stay. Joe doesn't think Dustin will stay much longer in the house.

Time to talk with Jessica! Jessica says that she was very upset when Jen told her about Dick and Dustin's secret alliance. Jessica says that she trusts Eric and Jameka the most because they are the only ones that have been completely honest with her. Jessica says that she likes spending time with Eric, but she is staying focused on the game instead of a relationship with Eric. Time for the live voting! Dustin told the HG that he hopes that the rest of the time in the house is as good as the first six weeks. Dick wished Carol was here to kiss him as he is evicted. @@ Votes: Amber - Dick, Eric - Dustin, Jameka - Dick, Daniele - Dustin, and the rest will return when we come back!

The vote is 2-2 with 2 votes left: Zach - Dustin, and Jen - Dustin. By a vote of 4-2, Dustin has been evicted from the BB house. Dustin was shocked. Dustin regrets volunteering to be nominated, and he put his trust in the wrong people this week. Dustin did feel nervous about his eviction, but he thought he was just being paranoid. Dustin thought that Amber shouldn't have screamed at Eric in front of everyone when she did last week. Dustin knows that Joe is thrilled that he was evicted this week.

Time for the next HoH competition! It is another trivia competition that had to do with the events from yesterday. It involved a series of true/false questions. Incorrect answers will eliminate you from the competition. Order of ousting: Jen, Dick, Zach, Eric, and Amber. Daniele is the new HoH!

Who will Daniele nominate? Find out Sunday!

8/16 Live Feeds: 12:00-5:00 PM

Talk about a boring afternoon, especially since the feeds weren't even on for over half of it! Is it locked in place that Dustin will be the one evicted tonight? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Jessica was sad that she was moving out of her HoH bedroom. Eric says that they will move right back in when he wins the next HoH tonight.

Dustin is still worried about the vote tonight. Dustin asked Zach if he had accepted any deals with Daniele and Dick this week. Zach says no but that he is worried Dustin will nominate him if he stays this week. Dustin says that he will honor their alliance, as he has done since week 1. Dustin says that he (Dustin) will be nominated if Daniele wins the next HoH. Zach says that he would nominate two girls if he won HoH because they have the numbers. Zach says that Dustin has nothing to worry about because Jessica would break a tie in his favor if she had to. Dustin says that Jen is voting Dick out indefinitely. Zach mentions Jen lying to Jessica about the supposed alliance between Dick and Dustin in an effort to keep herself from being nominated. Dustin and Zach also talked about things missing in the house. (Eric and Jen did this last night.) Zach says that this week is the perfect opportunity for Dick to be evicted. Zach says that Daniele and Dick worry him if Dick stays this week.

Daniele says that Amber and Jameka will be surprised at the eviction tonight. Dick tells Daniele that in case he is evicted tonight, he has really enjoyed the BB experience with Daniele. Daniele tells Dick that he needs to talk to Zach about voting Dustin out this week.

The feeds have been blocked for the last three hours and will stay that way until after the live show tonight. Speaking of the show, don't forget about it! The show will entail the eviction as well as the HoH competition. I'm excited to see what else yesterday's events have to do with the game as well! Expect a show recap from me following the conclusion of tonight's show.

8/16 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-12:00 PM

The feeds were horrifically boring today as it is Thursday. Will Eric and Jessica keep their deal to vote Dustin out this week? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Eric and Jen hid various items in the house. (I'm not sure what the point of that is with the exception of amusement. I give it an @@.) They hid a backyard chess piece in the pool storage closet, flowers from the vases near the front door, utensils from the kitchen, in addition to others. Eric and Jessica decided not to tell anyone about their plan to evict Dustin this week. Jameka says that she cannot wait to see Dick go, which got awkward looks from Eric and Jessica. The two aren't happy about evicting Dustin but agree that it's the right thing to do for them.

Eric and Jessica were the last ones asleep at around 6:05 AM. BB woke the HG up at 10:00 AM today. About half and hour later, the HG were put on an HoH bedroom lockdown. They have been up there ever since.

Other than that, little has happened this morning! There has been a lot of laying around and cleaning the house in preparation for tonight's live show. It seems clear that Dustin will be evicted tonight, either by Jessica's broken tie or a 4-2 vote if Jen votes Dustin out.

8/15-16 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-3:00 AM

It was another late night for the HG as their speculating continued! Will Daniele and Dick be able to bring Eric and Jessica on board with their plan? Here's part one of the late-night events from inside the BB house!

Jessica reassured Dustin that he would be safe this week. Dustin is worried and says that things will be bad if he is evicted tomorrow. Jessica told her alliance that Daniele and Dick had tried to make deals with her, but she knows that none of them will happen. Jessica feels bad for whoever that has to be in the jury house with Dick. Dustin says that Dick still has not given one of his shirts back to him. The GPA agree that Jen will probably win the next HoH, but they want Eric to win. Dustin thinks that Eric would put one of them up, but Jessica strongly disagrees. The group then cheers Amber on for the win tomorrow. Jessica says that she will keep Dustin if the vote is tied and that Zach will vote the way she wants him to.

Eric told Daniele that it is a good idea for them to align. Eric tells Daniele that she would be the next target if Dick was evicted this week. They are both skeptical of Zach and agree that he is weird. Eric isn't comfortable with Zach being their fifth member because he would align with Daniele and Dick. They agree that Jen is a big liar. Daniele wants Jen out next. Eric says that he is close with Jessica but doesn't like anyone else out of his alliance. Eric wants to talk to Jessica again before agreeing to any deal. Daniele thinks they should all talk together sometime before the live show tomorrow.

Jen is excited that she only has to sleep one more night with Dick in her room. Jessica tells her that Dick is going home no matter what Daniele and Dick try on her this week. Jen thinks the Mad Hatter will be with them for three days because of what one of his quotes was. Jen hopes to win HoH tomorrow, but she thinks that Daniele has a good chance at winning it. Amber and Jen agree that Zach needs to go soon because he is trying to align with everyone just like he did with the MRA. The ladies continue to talk about the clues from today.

Eric now wants to evict Dustin. He says that Amber and Jameka won't be able to help them after this week because Jameka can't win competitions (and Amber sucks at them). Eric says that by aligning with Daniele and Dick, they have a chance at winning the game. Jessica is worried about making enemies out of Amber and Jameka, but Eric promises to take the hit for this week for her. After much pushing from Eric, the two agreed to take Daniele and Dick's deal. They would finalize the details about it tomorrow before the live show. They want Jen to win HoH next week so she could nominate Daniele and Dick for them.

Daniele told Dick that Eric and Jessica are in for the deal. Dick says that they should nominate Amber and Jameka if they win HoH next week and then backdoor Jen. Daniele is nervous about trusting Eric, but Dick refuses to ever betray him in the game since Eric is betraying his alliance this week. Daniele is still nervous and wants to get rid of Eric after next week. Dick won't have anything of it. Dick told Daniele that he loves her and can't wait to spend another week in the house with her and that he would talk to her more tomorrow.

That did it for the first part of last night! Eric and Jessica are the only ones up at this point. The deal seems official between Daniele, Dick, Eric, and Jessica. We'll see what happens today though. At this point, I would expect a Dustin eviction during the live show!

8/15 Live Feeds: 6:00-9:00 PM

And the speculating continues...not to mention Dick campaigning to stay in the house! Will he be able to bring Eric and Jessica over to his side in an effort to stay this week? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

After listening to Zach tell him about his talk with Jessica last night, Dick decides that he will talk with Jessica about a possible alliance with her and Eric. Zach thinks that if his plan works, the vote will be 5-1 for Dustin to be evicted (Amber being the sole vote to evict Dick). Daniele thinks that Zach is an idiot for thinking that. Her and Dick went over the clues from today once again. Daniele seems confused by it all still. Dick is sick of everyone sleeping all day. Dick says that Jen thinks that the HoH competition tomorrow will involve remembering the clues from today. Daniele tells Dick not to trust Eric until Dustin is evicted from the house. Dick doesn't think that Jessica would go against them this week. Dick says that if he is evicted, he will go quietly and only say goodbye to Daniele.

Dustin says that he has a photographic memory but isn't good with his audio memory. He, Amber, and Jameka think that Zach has been misinterpreting the clues. Jameka tells Amber to not listen to Zach talk about the clues during their date tonight.

Dick talked to Jessica about his plan to evict Dustin this week. Dick asks rhetorically if she would rather align with him and Daniele or Amber and Dustin. Dick says that there is a very good chance that Eric will go soon after him, so they should team up to prevent that. Dick says that they would bring Zach along as a fifth member, but he would be the first to go out of their five. Dick really pushed his case to Jessica, saying how loyal and strong he and Daniele are in competitions. Dick says that they only have to worry about Amber for next week, and she will be a wreck after Dustin's eviction. He says that he will have Daniele talk to her about this later.

Daniele told Jessica that Eric makes her nervous because of what she did to him last week. Otherwise, she is totally cool with their deal. Jessica doesn't know if Daniele wants to be her own player without Dick in the house. Daniele says that she wants that, but she thinks that keeping Dick would turn things around in the house. Daniele says that she wants Jen out next week because of the lies she has told as of late. Daniele says that Dustin is a competitor and has been throwing competitions because he did so well in the latest PoV competition. Jessica is nervous that Daniele and Dick wouldn't keep their end of the deal since she nominated them. Daniele doesn't hold anything against Jessica for nominating her. They agree that Dustin is shady and taking him out would be a good game move for them. Daniele wants to talk to Eric before making a decision about the deal. Jessica says that all four of them should talk about it together. Daniele would love to see the look on Dustin's face if he is evicted.

Jessica tells Eric about the deal with Daniele and Dick. Eric says that he wants Jessica to do what she wants this week since it's her HoH. Jessica wants to team up with them but isn't sure if she can trust them. She is nervous about Daniele winning HoH next week. They agree that Dustin is shady, but Daniele and Dick are shady too. Eric says that Dustin is nervous because of today's events. Eric says that he trusts Jessica completely and doesn't believe anyone else in the house. They talk about Zach's stupidity regarding the clues. Eric is excited for the HoH competition tomorrow and hopes that it is a memory competition regarding today's events. Jessica really wants to evict Dick this week regardless of the deal. Eric says that keeping the GPA in the game would be beneficial for them since they are all bad at competitions. They agree that Jameka needs to be the first of them to go because she would beat any of them in the finals. Jessica wants Dick to go this week but to still keep the lines of communication open with Daniele. Eric doesn't think that is necessary.

That does it for the evening! It seemed like Eric and Jessica were leaning towards accepting the deal with Daniele and Dick, but then Jessica strayed away from it. Who knows what will happen at this point! Any thoughts?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8/15 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Following all sorts of weird happenings, the HG have been in a state of confusion! Will they figure out what was up with the events from this morning? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

In my last update, I posted various pictures and videos following the outdoor lockdown. The HG reentered the house to find nine caged bunnies and a moving statue. Three of the bunnies had cards on their necks as well. The HG think that they are the nine bunnies, and three of them will go home within the next week. The Mad Hatter continued with his sayings when the HG went back inside. Jen was sure that the statue was Joe in disguise. Unfortunately, BB ordered the HG back outside 30 minutes after letting them back in. BB took everything away during this second outdoor lockdown.

When the HG were let back inside, the speculating began. Some think that the next vote will have three people on the block, with two being evicted. Daniele complained about the heat. Her and Dick had another argument. Dick says that she always gets so impatient with him when she is on slop. Amber thinks that Eric and Jen know each other. Jameka says that it doesn't make sense. Jameka thinks that next week will be a double eviction. Jameka is still mad that Jessica nominated Dustin because Eric is starting to shift away from the group now. She thinks that Eric is planning on voting Dustin out this week which is why Jessica nominated him in the first place. Jameka says that if Dustin goes this week, her and Amber will be nominated next week. Amber is nervous now. Jameka agrees that they should never nominate one of their own after this week.

Dick tells Eric that everyone is planning to get him (Eric) out next week if he doesn't win PoV. Dick says that him, Daniele, Eric, and Jessica should team up and take control of the house. Dick says that Eric shouldn't trust his alliance and that Jen and Zach are playing both sides. Eric says that things change hour by hour in the house, but he always keeps his options open. Eric says that if they decide to make a deal, he wants it to last until the end. Dick is sick of Jen and wants her out next. Dick says that he made a huge mistake by giving his slop pass to Jen instead of Daniele. Eric says that they will need a fifth to have the numbers in the house, and Dick suggests Zach. Eric says that he will think about it.

Jessica received her HoH camera, and the HG spent much of the afternoon taking pictures with it. Daniele complained some more about Zach being annoying. She says that he has returned to the way he was a few weeks ago, which is why nobody was talking to him. Dick complained about how much everyone sleeps in the house. Dick and Zach talk about how Jen lied to Jessica, telling her that Dick and Dustin were aligned. Zach says that he told Jessica that keeping Dick would benefit her because nobody from Dick's side would nominate her next week, and Dustin probably would if he stayed. Zach told Jessica that keeping Dick would keep the attention off her. Dick and Zach went over all the clues from today, and Dick said that things in the house never happen for a reason.

Eric asked Jessica about Dick's deal, and she is considering it. Jessica says that she doesn't really trust Daniele and Dick, but she doesn't trust Dustin either. Eric says that if Dustin stays this week, there is a good chance that he would nominate him and Jessica if he won HoH next week. Eric is worried about Jen because she remembered everything about today's events.

That does it for the afternoon! The HG have really been thinking about today's events and are curious as to what it all means. I'm really excited for the show tomorrow now!

Weird House Happenings: Part 2

Here's some more pictures from after the outdoor lockdown. The HG returned to find even more unusual sights in the house!

Here's some videos to go along with the pictures:

Weird House Happenings: Part 1

Here are some pictures and videos of the Mad Hatter and other new sightings coming from the BB house this morning!

I'll post more when I come across them!

8/15 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

How interesting! The HG spend nearly the entire morning sleeping before waking up to an unexpected visitor! What is the deal with this Mad Hatter? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Eric and Jessica finally went to sleep at around 8:45 AM today. The feeds were blocked for about 15 minutes this morning before returning to the Mad Hatter sitting on the Living Room couch! Zach awoke at 12:00 PM to see the new guest before waking up everyone else. The Mad Hatter said a multitude of odd sayings including: "What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive," "There is no little enemy," "Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead," "A snitch in time saves nine," and "Fish and visitors sink after three days." The Mad Hatter was complete with various cards on his hat as well. He danced around the house while saying his quotes many times.

The HG were on indoor lockdown for much of the morning. BB let the HG out at 12:36:47 PM (they announced the exact time). When they were let outside, more guests were to be seen! A group of singing men (including a man on stilts) sang songs for the HG, including "Ivory Rag" and "I'm Just Wild About Harry." Following this, the feeds were on for about three minutes before being BLOCKED! Grr.

That did it for the morning! The feeds have been blocked for about 20 minutes now. I'll be uploading pictures and videos shortly regarding the Mad Hatter's show this morning. Any thoughts as to what this could all be pointing to?

What the Hell?

Look who has invaded the BB house! It's the Mad Hatter!

He has been saying random sayings like "What a tangled we've weaved when we first practiced to deceive," "A snitch in time saves nine," "3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead," and the like. How odd!

8/14-15 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

Luckily for us, the feeds became more exciting as the night went on. Less than 48 hours remain until this week's eviction, so who will become the first member of the jury? Here's the late-night events from inside the BB house!

Dustin told Amber that America is probably sick of her crying. Amber thinks they like it. @@ Jen told Dustin that it hurt when he nominated her, but she didn't care when Daniele and Dick each nominated her. Jen complained about getting fat while inside the house. She can't wait to go on slop again next week. She then went to eat some ice cream. @@ Amber called Dustin arrogant when he boasted about not needing to work out. She said that he would offend her if she wasn't so close to him.

Jameka prayed aggressively again. She asked for forgiveness due to her mouth and temper. She also asked for strength for herself in addition to Daniele and her family, excluding Dick though. She asked God not to "unleash his wrath" on Dick. She asked God to allow Eric to become a Christian. She went on for well over half an hour.

Jameka feels like she isn't helping the GPA with regards to competitions. Amber says that her and Eric are the same way. Jameka is sad that she cannot compete for HoH though. Jameka is shocked that Dick and Dustin were able to drink all 10 drinks in the PoV competition. Jessica said that she would have done better if her ass was on the line. Amber pointed out that she did better than Zach. Jameka says that Daniele was crying after the competition. Amber says that it takes a lot for Daniele to cry.

Amber thinks that Jen has a crush on Eric. When she accused Jen about it, she denied it though. Jessica thinks that Eric should make out with Jen. Eric says that Jen called him "Mr. America" earlier. (Hmm!) Eric is confused as to what Jen meant by that, but she didn't respond when he asked her about it. Eric thinks that there must be a reason that the DR keeps pushing for Dick to stay this week. Eric thinks that something is up with Dustin as well. He wants to align with either Jen or Zach. Eric asked if they could get Jameka to vote Dustin out, but Jessica doesn't think so. Eric really wants to cut ties with the group since Amber isn't good at competitions and Jameka can't play for HoH.

Eric doesn't think that Dustin's popularity ratings are very high. Jen tells Eric and Jessica that she thinks the three of them are most popular. @@ Eric thinks that Jameka could be popular as well. Jen doesn't think that Daniele is popular because of what she did with Nick. Jen leaves, and Eric continues talking with Jessica. He doesn't think that the GPA will be the final five. Jessica says that Zach thinks that she (Jessica) is closest with Jameka. She doesn't think that she has been spending that much time with her though. Eric says that Jen thinks that she is aligned with him and Jessica. Eric doesn't think that Dick will be able to sway Jen's vote. Eric and Jessica agree that Jameka is a threat to them, so they need to evict her before the finals near. Jessica says that if the vote is tied, she might vote to evict Dustin. Eric doesn't know if Dick would keep them safe if he stayed this week though.

Eric and Jessica stayed up for hours after everyone else talking about everything under the sun! They are still up as I post this. At this point, Dustin could be the one evicted, especially if Jessica continues to want him out like she does now. We'll see what happens today!

8/14 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

The evening proved to be no different from any other Tuesday evening. Little happened, but the vote does seem to be changing, or is it? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Dick told Daniele that Zach was an idiot and that he might screw up her game. Daniele says that he's acting like he's going to try to win HoH next week. Dick told Daniele to see how Jen is voting this week.

Jessica told Dustin about Zach voting Dick out this week. Eric thinks that Dustin is nervous this week when he doesn't need to be. Amber is mad that Dustin told her to use her time with Zach (they are workout buddies now) to her advantage. Amber says that she doesn't know how to get info out of people. Amber and Eric are confused as to why Zach feels threatened by Jameka since she cannot win HoH for four more weeks. Amber says that Zach would nominate Dustin and Eric if he won HoH next week. Eric says that he would nominate Daniele and either Jen or Zach if he won HoH next week. Jessica says that Daniele and Jen are very good game players. Eric thinks that they should use Jen to their advantage somehow. He agrees that Daniele hates all of them though. Amber says that she would nominate Jen and Zach, then try to backdoor Daniele if she won HoH next week.

Jessica and Zach had a date. They are confused as to why Daniele is still isolating herself from everyone. Zach doesn't think that Dick and Dustin had a deal this week. Jessica thinks the situation between them could have been an act though. They agree that Jen is playing for herself in the game. Jessica says that Zach is the same way, which is a good thing for him. Zach says that he doesn't understand Jen because she really wants to win, yet she gave up half the grand prize. They agree that Jen and Nick never kissed because Nick would have told Zach if they did. Zach says that he will still vote to evict Dick this week if Jessica wants him to. Jessica says that she only talks game with him, Eric, and Jameka. Zach went on about how Jameka has no power in the game now. Zach doesn't know who Dustin would nominate if he won HoH next week.

Jen says that the DR has been pressuring her to evict Dustin rather than Dick. She says it's annoying because they always want her to do something different from what she wants to.

That was pretty much it for the evening! The rest of the HG have been cleaning the kitchen (because of ants invading the house) and doing hair. Eric's head has been shaved, and a few other HG colored their hair. I'll have more in the morning!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8/14 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Daniele or Dick from eviction?

Dick will do everything he can to ensure Daniele's safety this week. Daniele hates everyone in the house. Jessica would rather see Daniele evicted this week. Eric is glad that either Daniele or Dick will be evicted this week. Daniele and Dick feel like an idiot in the game. Daniele hates how she trusted the wrong people in the house. Dick says that Zach will look out for himself in the game. Dick has been giving advice to Daniele because he wants her to stay this week. Daniele assures Dick that she will be okay in the house. Dick says that being with Daniele is worth much more than the money awarded to the winner. Jessica hates that Jen is always hanging out with her alliance now. She thinks that Jen is playing both sides now. Dick angrily awoke Amber and Dustin with pots and pans. He ridiculed Amber and Eric as well. Daniele was loving every bit of it. Dick then went off some more on Dustin and Jameka. It was quite entertaining!

Time to pick the PoV players! Jessica picked Jameka (random), Daniele picked Dustin (random), and Dick picked Zach (random). Jessica chose Eric (again) to host the affair. Dick heckled Dustin and Jameka when they were picked. The PoV players were sequestered in various areas around the house for the competition. Time for a stomach-churning game of croquet! The backyard was arranged in stations. Each station had a drink on it. For each shot of drink (10 total) you drank, you earned a croquet shot. Jameka had trouble with some. Dustin did amazing with the drinks. Zach threw the competition and refused to drink most of the drinks. Daniele gagged on some of the concoctions. Dick also did amazing, blazing through all of the drinks. Jessica did well with the easy drinks. Time to play croquet! Each shot earned you points based on how far you hit the ball. The HG with the most points won the PoV. Zach earned 6 points (3 shots). Jameka earned 10 points (4 shots). Jessica earned 17 points (5 shots). Daniele earned 20 points (7 shots). Dustin earned 32 points (10 shots). Dick earned 33 points (10 shots). Dick wins the PoV!

Dick got on everyone's nerves following the PoV competition. Daniele is sick of everyone treating her poorly because of Dick's actions. She wants to be seen as her own person, but nobody will even look at her. Jameka continued to be rude to Daniele. Daniele exploded on the other HG, saying that she wants to be treated better in the house. Jameka told Daniele that she doesn't know about anyone in the house because she was always hanging around with Nick. Daniele and Jameka REALLY got into it, and Jameka wouldn't let Daniele get a word in. Eric told Daniele that she needs to tell Dick that his actions have gone too far. Amber says that Daniele and Dick are spending too much time with each other. Daniele says that either her or Dick will go home this week, so she's been making the most of their time together. After a while, everyone apologized to each other. Sheesh. Daniele told Dick to stop going off on the GPA, and Dick says that he's done because he got what he wanted. Daniele went on about how much she hates everyone in the house. Daniele says that Dick is the one person she wants to stay in the house.

Dustin offered to be nominated if PoV is used. Eric was thrilled that Dustin did his work for him this week. Eric says that Dustin doesn't have a chance at going, so it doesn't matter if he's nominated. Dustin wasn't scared about it. America chose Jessica to give the silent treatment to! Eric wasn't too happy about it. Jessica told Jen that she will do anything to make sure that she will not go home if she nominated her. Jen told Jessica that she thinks that Dick and Dustin have a deal. Jessica became worried. Eric failed his task by speaking to Jessica for a few seconds. Jessica thinks that Dustin and Eric have betrayed her alliance. Jessica became very upset about the whole situation. She doesn't know who to nominate if PoV is used now.

Dick would give up his life for Daniele without question. He says that he would be an idiot if he didn't use the PoV. Jessica has no idea what she is going to do if Dick uses the PoV. Time for the PoV ceremony! Dick used to PoV to save Daniele from eviction. Jessica nominated Dustin in her place. Dick laughed. Dustin feels completely safe this week. Dick was thrilled to see Dustin nominated and is confident that Dustin will be evicted this week. Daniele will try everything she can to ensure Dick's safety since he used the PoV on her. Jessica is worried about her alliance's loyalty.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

8/14 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Once the HG decided to get out of bed, the feeds became somewhat interesting. Can Dick manage to survive this week? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Amber, Jameka, and Jessica plan to ignore Eric today because he streaked without any of them seeing. @@ Zach told Jessica that she seems grumpy today. Jessica said that she was mad at one person who knows she is mad at him. Zach tells Jessica to be watchful of Eric because he is so shady. Zach says that Dustin has control of Amber and that whatever he does brings her down with him. Zach goes on about how Dustin is the new Joe because he is trying to align with everyone now. Zach says that Dustin is being boastful regarding his nomination instead of nervous. Jessica says that Kail was the same way, and they saw what happened to her. Jessica thanked Zach for looking out for her.

Zach wants to vote Dustin out now. He is still worried that Jessica won't trust him if he does though. Zach tells Dick that he (Dick) needs to convince Jessica that he is worth more than Dustin. Dick says that he needs to get Eric's vote this week to stay. Zach says that Dustin cannot win HoH next week if he stays in the house. Dick says that Dustin finally started playing the game by wanting to be nominated. Zach says that Eric knows he (Eric) cannot trust Dustin. Zach says that he or Daniele really need to win HoH next week. Dick and Zach don't think the next HoH competition will involve questions, but rather a elimination or physical competition instead.

Eric tells Jessica about Dick telling him that Dick was lying about his accusations against Eric last week. Jessica thinks that Dick should tell everyone that if it was true. Eric said that he doesn't care about it though. Eric thinks the vote will be 4-2 with another mystery vote cast. Eric says that Jen will vote to evict Dick this week. Eric says that he may vote Dustin out as a sympathy vote for Dick. Amber tells Dustin that getting him out wouldn't be a bad thing for Dick's side. She says that she would be a mess during the HoH competition, so she wouldn't be able to win it. Dustin asked Eric if Dick had started campaigning yet. Eric says that Dustin shouldn't worry about getting votes this week. Eric doesn't think that the vote will even be tied. Dustin wasn't too convinced.

That does it for the afternoon! Next up: tonight's show! Don't forget about the show tonight, as it will entail the PoV competition and ceremony. I'll have the show recap following it here on the east coast!

Eric Streaking

This is all I could find at the moment:

UPDATED (5:25 PM):

8/14 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

The HG had a full night of sleep for one of the first times this season! Will Daniele and Dick continue with their plan to oust Dustin this week? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Dick was the first one up today at around 9:50 AM. He was the only one up before the 10:40 AM BB wake-up call. Dick and Zach complained about Jessica not doing anything around the house. Dick says that if Jessica thinks that Dustin is aligned with Daniele and Dick, then she doesn't trust the GPA. Zach told Dick that Dustin was scared of being a pawn after offering to be nominated. Zach knows that Dustin doesn't trust him (Zach). Zach says that he pushed for Dustin to be nominated because he volunteered to go up. They would both love to see Dustin go this week. Zach is focused on winning the next HoH competition. Zach is worried about breaking his promise to Jessica. Zach thinks that they won't be able to keep Jen on their side much longer.

Eric streaked through the backyard. Jessica was mad that Eric did it without her seeing. She said that she would ignore him all day because of it. @@ Not that I care, but the HG were all complimenting him on his penis size. Dustin was thrilled because it was "semi-hard." Oh geez. They talked about it all morning.

That was it for the morning! It seems that Zach is on board with the plan, but they agree that they need to bring in Eric soon. We'll see what happens!

8/13-14 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

It was an early night for the HG, with little happening worth speaking of. Can Dick gather up the votes to stay this week? Here's the late-night info from inside the BB house!

Amber doesn't want to nominate Daniele if she wins HoH next week. Dustin and Jameka seemed surprised by this. Amber wants to nominate Jen and Zach instead. Amber says that Zach is going after Jameka, so they need to get him out next week. Dustin says that they should still get Daniele out because she is such a strong competitor.

Dick asked Daniele if they should align with Eric and Jessica. Daniele is fine with it, but her loyalty lies with Zach first. Dick talked to Zach about it, and he was cool with the alliance. Daniele says that Zach has nothing to worry about if Dustin leaves this week because they (Daniele, Dick, Eric, Jessica, and Zach) would have the numbers going into next week. Daniele says that Amber will nominate Dick and Eric if she wins HoH next week. Zach says that he is cool with the idea if Jessica releases him from his promise to vote Dick out. (This guy is loyal like none other!)

That was pretty much it for the night! The HG engaged in a lot of small talk following their party. Jen was the last one asleep at around 2:45 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this! Who thinks the new alliance of Daniele, Dick, Eric, Jessica, and Zach will work?

8/13 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

It's party time! Unfortunately for us, BB played music throughout the party, so it was blocked entirely on the feeds. Therefore, we could only hear about the aftermath of what had happened. Sigh. Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Daniele told Zach that she would be so proud if they were the final two. Zach said that he would share his earnings with Daniele and Dick if he won. Daniele told him that was against the rules. Dick told Daniele that he had good talks with both Eric and Jessica. He says that Eric knows that he (Eric) is soon to go from the GPA. Daniele told Dick not to trust Jen completely and to be careful about what he tells her. Dick says that he would love to turn the tables and have Dustin evicted this week. He says that he could get Daniele, Jen, and Zach to vote for him and then Jessica could break the tie for Dustin to be evicted.

Jen told Jessica that Daniele will probably cling to Zach once Dick leaves. She says that Daniele HAS to have a guy to be with since she moved from Nick to Dick to Zach. Jen promised Dustin that she would vote to evict Dick this week. Amber thinks that Dustin and Eric are jealous of the girls in the GPA because they are so close.

The feeds were blocked from about 6:35-8:15 PM. When they returned, all the HG were stuffed, and some were even treated with Imodium and other gas-reducing drugs. Jessica broke a glass while drying dishes that shattered everywhere.

That was pretty much it for the night. The HG are mainly enjoying themselves for the first time in a while. Nothing seems to have changed since this afternoon regarding the vote though.

Monday, August 13, 2007

8/13 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

What an exciting afternoon! With Dustin now nominated, the house has spun into a frenzy of strategizing! Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Jen thanked Dustin for "taking one for the team." Jessica and Jen said that they cried during Dick's speech because he stated that he was giving up himself for Daniele. Jen told Jessica that Dustin has a deal with Daniele and Dick, and Jessica seems to believe her. Dustin said that it was nice of Dick to do so. Jessica says that it was hard to nominate Dustin. Dick apologized to Amber for his actions this week. He says that he did that to ensure Daniele's safety in the house by making the house hate him, not her. He did the same to Jameka. Jameka said that it was nice to see a softer side of Dick today. He did the same to Dustin as well, but more aggressively. Dustin told him never to touch his stuff again. Dustin told Zach that he knew he would be nominated today.

Eric apologized to Jessica for not talking to her today. He says that the DR told him to stay away from everyone because he was sick. He assures her that they are still together and that he didn't ally against her. Jessica tells Eric about Jen telling her regarding Dustin's deal with Daniele and Dick. She feels bad about not talking to Amber about it before the PoV ceremony. Jessica tells Eric that they have Zach's vote for sure this week. Eric thinks that something is up with Dustin too and is glad that she nominated him. Eric and Jessica want Amber and Dustin nominated if Jen or Zach win HoH next week. Eric and Jessica are glad that Dick is going home this week.

Daniele tells Jen that one of them need to win HoH next week. Daniele says that she works well under pressure, so hopefully she can get it. Daniele says that someone from the DR told her there would be a twist next week. Daniele said that she would get Zach to talk to Eric about voting Dustin out this week. Amber, Dustin, Jameka, and Jen all want to do The Amazing Race together. @@ - Good joke! Amber and Jameka thinks their BB cast is great this year. Amber goes on about how grateful she is of everyone. The HG are planning a party tonight.

Dick told Eric that he was acting like an ass for strategic reasons. Dick says that Eric could beat anyone in the finals. Dick says that he wants everyone in the house to know that Daniele and Dick are two different people and that she should not be blamed for his (Dick's) actions this week. Eric said that he had no interest in fighting Dick because he wanted to reprieve himself for last week. Dick tells Eric that he knows that Dustin has been doing some of the stuff he has accused Eric of, including the mustard prank. Dick tells Eric that he sacrificed a lot for the LNC, including voting Nick out. (The alliance consisting of Amber, Dustin, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica are now calling themselves the GPA: Good People Alliance. @@ - BIG TIME.) Eric says that Daniele still has a chance of winning the game even though Dick doesn't. Dick says that he knows Jessica nominated Dustin because she didn't want to create an enemy out of Jen or Zach. Dick told Eric about the one-week deal he had with Amber and Dustin if Eric was evicted last week. Dick says that he will always remember waking up Dustin with pots and pans. Dick says that Dustin will be evicted next. Eric denied both AP votes once again.

Dick then apologized to Jessica regarding his behavior this week. Dick says that Eric is the best player in the game, but Jessica thinks that Daniele is good too. Dick thinks that the vote will be tied this week, and Jessica will have to break it. If she chooses to keep him, Dick promised that he and Daniele would have her back for the rest of the game. Dick goes on about how Eric will probably be evicted next week.

That does it for the evening! Dick has been doing some serious damage control today, but I think it might be too late for him. We'll see what happens!

8/13 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Sorry that this update came a little later than usual. I was away for much of the afternoon and didn't have time to update you on the morning events! Without further ado, here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Jessica finally drifted off to sleep at around 8:25 AM. Nobody was awake before the 9:40 AM BB wake-up call though. Dustin told Jessica that Dick is always messing around with his (Dustin's) stuff. Jessica says that Eric hasn't been talking to her because she has been hanging out with Amber a lot recently. Amber and Jameka think that their juices have been contaminated, so they told the HG not to drink from them. @@ Jameka asked Dick if he contaminted the juice, and he said joyfully that he did.

Jessica spent much of the morning crying because Eric still wasn't talking to her. She thinks he has deals with Daniele and Dick, so he's not talking to her now. Zach told Jessica that he promises to vote Dick out. He says that he will not go back on that promise.

That was pretty much it for the morning! The feeds were blocked for about 90 minutes (long for a PoV ceremony!) before returning at around 5:15 PM. The vote looks to be for Dick to be evicted right now because Zach says that he will vote Dick out. Who knows what could happen before Thursday though!

Veto Ceremony

Feeds just came back and Dick has used the veto to save Daniele, and Jessica nominated Dustin in her replacement. I will have an afternoon update soon.

8/12-13 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

It was a restless night for the HG, and new info continued to come in throughout the night! It's the last night before the PoV ceremony, so will Jessica finally decide who she will nominate if PoV is used? Here's the late-night info from inside the BB house!

Amber says that Dustin's attitude is too much for her. She says that she doesn't care that Kail had an unexpected eviction because she didn't need the money. Dustin says that Dick is annoying him again. Jameka thinks that Eric told Jen to stop hanging out in the HoH bedroom. Amber agrees because Jen hasn't bugged them at all today. Jameka thinks something is going on between Eric and Jen, but Dustin isn't sure. Jameka says that she misses Joe the most out of all the evicted HG. Dustin hates that Joe made an impression on people because he didn't reflect Dustin. Jameka reminds Amber and Dustin that they cannot overlook the possibility of Eric and Jen still having an alliance.

Jessica told Zach that he seems trustworthy. He agreed. @@ Jessica says that she wants to trust Eric but doesn't know if she can after last week. Zach told Jessica that she should tell her allies that she is putting one of them up. If they don't care, that means they are loyal. Otherwise, they are secretly aligned with Dick. Jessica liked the idea. Zach told Jessica that he would vote the way she wants him too. Jessica says that if the vote isn't what she is planning, then she will know that someone from her alliance has betrayed her.

Jen admitted that she got breast implants when she was 18. She immediately regretted it though because they got bigger as she grew older. Dustin says that they look fine now though. Dustin complimented Jen on her being strong throughout Dick's tantrums.

Eric told Jessica that Zach overheard Jameka and Jen talking about getting all the guys out of the house first. Eric thinks Jen would do anything to get further in the game. Eric tells Jessica that he trusts her completely, but he is mad that everyone has been acting weird around him lately. Jessica says that Dustin doesn't want to be nominated anymore, and she doesn't want to nominate Jen because she is a good competitor and would target her if she (Jessica) nominated her. Eric then suggests Amber. Eric talks about Amber and Zach being close as of late. Jessica tells Eric that Zach would vote the way she wants him to. Jessica says that she trusts Zach. Eric wants Dustin nominated since he was the one who has been volunteering for it all week. In other news, it looks like America chose Jessica for Eric to give the silent treatment to. Eric acted like he was sick during their conversation and will probably play that off for a while.

Dustin agrees to be nominated alongside Dick, but he wants someone else next to Daniele. He suggests Jen, and Jessica could assure Jen that she would be safe this week. Jessica says that she could do that. Jameka still isn't cool with nominating someone from their group as a pawn. Dustin says that if Dick is evicted this week and someone from the LNCNH wins HoH next week, Daniele and Jen will be nominated. Amber says that she will backdoor Daniele if she wins HoH.

Jessica is STILL awake. She seems restless and having a hard time getting to sleep. All other HG are asleep at this point. As for the PoV ceremony, expect the results from that later this afternoon. If Dick uses the PoV on himself, Jen will most likely be nominated. If he uses it on Daniele, Dustin will be nominated. We'll see what happens!

8/12 Live Feeds: 8:30-11:00 PM

The feeds slowly have become more entertaining as the evening progressed. With the PoV ceremony less than 24 hours away, will Jessica's decision about nominating Dustin waver? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Dick is assuming that Jen will be nominated in Daniele's place. Dick tells Daniele to get closer with Jen through her being nominated. Daniele says that Zach is the only person in the house that she likes, which is funny since she hated him a few weeks ago. Daniele wonders if Jen and Zach are telling the LNCNH everything they talk about. Dick says that Daniele, Jen, and Zach have a good chance at winning the next HoH because Amber sucks at competitions and Eric would throw it. Dick thinks Daniele should nominate Dustin and Eric if she wins the next HoH. He thinks the LNCNH would split if that occurred. Daniele is still nervous about trusting Jen.

Jen told Eric that Dick would use the PoV on himself. Eric thinks that Dick would be a horrible person if he didn't save Daniele. Jen doesn't think she (Jen) has a chance this week because the LNCNH doesn't like her. Eric says that she needs to talk with the group because that isn't true. Eric thinks that Daniele and Dick targeted him at the wrong time. Eric wants Jen to vote Dick out if Dustin is nominated. (He wants to ensure that if America tells him to keep Dick, he will still have the votes to evict Dick.)

Amber tells Jameka that something is up with Jen. They don't trust Eric anymore because he wants Jen to be the last of the four (Daniele, Dick, Jen, and Zach) to go. Jessica joins them, and they all agree that Eric has been hanging out with Jen too much lately. Amber says that she gets sad when she looks at Daniele. Amber and Jameka think that Daniele has been sneaking food this week by hiding M&M's under her bed. @@ Jessica doesn't think that Dick will win HoH next week if he stays. They all agree that Eric needs to be the first out of the LNCNH to go because of what he has done in the past.

Dustin is mad because Dick stole his robe and tattoos in addition to hiding the olives. Dustin thinks that Dick will use the PoV on himself to make everyone miserable in the house. Jessica says that he will go next week then. Amber points out that he could win HoH though. Dustin wants to evict Daniele if she is still nominated. They want to split the vote so Jen and Zach will think there is dissension in the LNCNH. Jameka doesn't think they should chance the vote. Dustin wants Amber to nominate Jen and Jessica and then backdoor Dick. Jameka doesn't want to chance nominating Jessica either though; she would rather see Dick nominated straight up. Dustin tells Jessica that he doesn't want to be nominated anymore because he doesn't know if Jen and Zach would keep him. Jessica says that she would break the tie though. Amber suggests that she be nominated instead then. Amber says (for Jameka, @@) that Jameka could be nominated.

Amber doesn't think that Dustin trusts them, so he doesn't want to be nominated anymore. She wants Dustin nominated because she is afraid that Eric would vote her out if she was nominated. Jameka doesn't think someone from the LNCNH should get nominated. Dustin joins them and says that he doesn't want to be nominated because he doesn't want to show his arrogance. He says that he came on BB to try and work on that. He is also afraid that Eric might vote him out if he was nominated. Amber says that it looks bad since he is backing out of his original plan. Amber thinks that it's best if Eric was nominated. Dustin says that Jen doesn't want to be nominated again. He doesn't think Jessica would nominate Jen because she doesn't want to make another enemy this week.

Dustin says that he doesn't want to be nominated next to Daniele, but he's okay with being nominated next to Dick. Amber and Dustin doesn't think that Dick will use the PoV to save Daniele. Dustin wants Daniele to be evicted if the nominations stay the same because she is a stronger competitor. He would rather have the vote a tie so Jessica could evict Daniele herself. Jameka says that she trusts Eric because she gave up five HoH competitions for his safety last week. Dustin wants Eric up if Dick is saved and Dustin to go up if Daniele is saved. Amber and Jameka agree. Amber said that she would be furious if one of the LNCNH went home this week. Dustin says that he has become more cockier ever since he was HoH two weeks ago. Jameka agrees. Amber and Dustin agree that Dick would nominate them if he won HoH next week. Jameka thinks that she could be nominated.

That does it for the evening! As for the replacement nominee, I'm pretty sure Dustin will be nominated. We'll see what happens after Dustin talks with Jessica more though. We'll know for sure tomorrow afternoon!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

8/12 Live Feeds: 2:30- 8:30PM

Well, This is Sunday you know, and this one is no different than any other in the BB House- absolutely boring! Here is the little information from the BB House.

Most house guests were up by 3pm! The last ones up were Jameka and Jessica from the HoH Room. While the others were sleeping Dick, Daniele and Zach cooked food and talked about politics etc.

Dick and Daniele chatted. Daniele hopes HoH on Thursday isn't a knock out game- because she will be first out. Jen,Zach and Daniele will have a hard time if it is a Knock out game. Dick tells Daniele once Jen goes on the block tomorrow to talk to her and get in her head.

Besides that it has been a bunch of chit-chat. Zach Daniele and Dick named countries, fables, and states from A-Z. Dustin, Eric, and Jessica talked about elementary school, and high school. They talked about how they got in trouble a lot and played a lot of pranks.

No strategy talk is going is very boring. Tomorrow should be better since the PoV ceremony is to occur.

8/12 Show Recap

Of course like always the show starts off with the lovely double recap. Why twice, you ask? That, I have no idea.

Jessica and her crew celebrated and then....Dick gets to Jameka and she goes OFF!. Amber chimes in and Dustin starts screaming. They continue for a long time. Just a lot of repetition about God and lying. Once back inside Jameka goes upstairs and prays and the BB "Jesus" music is played

Daniele and Dick go to the round room and chat. Daniele hates being the house around a bunch of fakes. Daniele doesn't want to be there. Jessica talks a little about who to nominate. Then up to Jessica's HoH room. She received pictures of her family and friends of course- nothing new. Then back to Dick and Daniele in the round room. Daniele says the only chance they have is if Dick and Jen or Zach go up. Dick says if they both go up and nominations stand after PoV, Dick and Jen goes up and nominations stay he will insure he goes. Dick heads to Kitchen and attacks Jameka and Amber. He attack Jameka's religion and Amber's family. Jameka attacks Dick having is mom raise his daughter. Jameka calls Dick's mom a Bi*&^ and everything continues. Once it ends the "Jesus" music is turned on and Amber prays. She talks about her drug addiction and how she regrets it. She wants to do better at competitions.

Daniele and Jen chat in the round room. Daniele is promising Jen that she has her back. Jen agrees and they continue to talk. It's time for the food competition! It is the big brother concert. Red- Dustin, Dick, Jen. Daniele vs Blue- Jameka, Amber, Eric, and Zach. There are 100s of guitars filled with $ signs or slop signs including one that has a SLOP PASS!!. First to 20 $ signs wins! So far its 2-2. Now its Red 6- Blue 8. Then Red 6- Blue 12. Dick finds the slop pass. Then Red 11- Blue 18. The Blue team wins food for the week. Daniele, Dick, Jen, and Dustin are on slop but wait- Dick won the slop pass and decides to give it to Jen. Jen is now off slop for the week. Eric believes it was a bad attempt at getting Jen to his side.

They have a little segment about Zach and his bunny suit. Then to America's Player. Who do we want Eric to get nominated- Dustin. Dustin wants to be nominated and throw it in Dick's face. Eric tries to convince Jess saying he has deals with everyone. I guess we will see how good Eric did at nominations.

Onto nominations. Daniele and Dick believe they will be nominated, so one of them go home. Everyone gather at the table time for nominations. She says she is following her heart like last week. Jameka you're safe. Jen you're safe. Eric you''re safe. Amber you're safe. Zach you're safe. And last- Dustin you are safe. Dick and Daniele are nominated. Jessica says last week they attacked someone she is closed to and the attack is coming back at them. Eric says he will try to get Dustin put up as a replacement.

Eric is working for you America- Who do you want Eric to give the "silent" treatment?
Who will win PoV and will it be used to save one of the nominees? And will Eric complete his next task? Find out, Tuesday @ 9!

8/12 Live Feeds: 4:00AM- 2:30PM usual house guests do not get wake-up calls on Sundays so they decide to sleep in until 1 or 2PM. Here is the little bit of news from the BB House.

Dick was the first one up at 12:30PM and went outside to talk to himself/live feeders. He talked about all the mistakes he made including giving the slop pass to Jen in the most recent Food Competition. He also talked about him saving Daniele with PoV and that it wasn't a hard choice. He said being in the house with her was extremely hard.

Jen and Zach arose some time later and general chit chat occured. They talked about how either Daniele or one of them needs HoH next week. They need to work together and split up the others. They then talked about whether Dick will actually use the PoV to save Daniele. Jen thinks he will.

Thats about it. Dustin recently got up and Dick is making slop. Don't forget tonights show at 8pm. It should include Food Competition and Nominations as well as some of Dick's blow ups!

8/11-12 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-4:00 AM

Tonight was one of the earliest nights for the HG! Little happened last night worth telling, but I have the news as to what happened! Here's the late-night info from inside the BB house!

Amber thinks that Dick and Eric have been in an alliance for a while. Jameka could see that possibility. Jameka would hope that America wouldn't like Dick, but she isn't sure. Jessica says that she will probably nominate Dustin at the PoV ceremony. Dustin again said that he was willing to be nominated against Dick.

Daniele and Zach played a game of beer pong (throwing ping pong balls into cups of beer) with Eric and Jessica. Zach said that they need to do that every night to get in with the LNCNH. Daniele doesn't know if she wants to spend that much time with them. Daniele points out that Amber and Jameka have been in the HoH bedroom all day. Dick thinks that they have been hiding from him. Daniele told Dick that he needs to stop harassing people in the house. Dick claims that he is just giving advice to them. Daniele is mad because BB wants Dick to continue fighting with them. Dick says that he planted seeds on them today by taunting them constantly. He thinks he did a lot of damage to them today. Daniele doesn't understand why Jameka is always around Dick if he keeps angering her.

Daniele says that they need to get Eric out before Dustin because Jessica would team up with them without Eric in the house. Daniele told Dick how Zach keeps talking about how much he wants the next HoH. Dick says that he is always the first one out at every HoH competition. Daniele pointed out that at least Zach is faithful. Jen told Daniele and Dick that Jessica may nominate Dustin. Dick doesn't think she would go against the LNCNH. He tells Jen that she would be better off aligned with Daniele than the LNCNH. Jen knows and says that she is working with Daniele.

Dick and Jen were the last asleep at around 3:30 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this! Expect a whole lot of sleeping today as it is Sunday and nothing gamewise is expected.

8/11 Live Feeds: 7:00-11:00 PM

The feeds were pretty exciting as today was an overall exciting day! With Dick deciding to save Daniele with the PoV instead of himself, will Jessica stick with her plan to nominate Dustin as a pawn? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Even though she wanted to win the PoV, Jessica likes that Dick won because he now has to decide between himself and Daniele. Dustin thinks that Eric should be nominated next to Daniele since Daniele tried to get Eric out of the house last week. Jameka thinks that Dick would use the PoV on Daniele though. Dustin couldn't find the jar of olives because Dick hid it in his (Dick's) bedroom. The LNCNH wants to sleep in the HoH bedroom tonight to avoid another Dick wake-up call tomorrow. (BB won't allow them to though because of the NH doing that in BB6.) Eric thinks that America is comparing them to the NH from BB6, but Amber doesn't think so. (He's right!)

Dick wants to cause dissension between Dustin and Eric this week. Daniele thinks that Zach maybe could. Dick told Dustin that he is done picking on the LNCNH because he got what he wanted this week. Dustin told him that he should tell the others that instead of Dustin doing it. Daniele and Dick know that Zach threw the PoV competition. Daniele says that it's funny because the LNCNH thinks Zach actually tried during it. (Meanwhile, the LNCNH are also discussing how Zach threw the competition.) Dick told Jameka that by attacking her mother and daughter, it shows what kind of person Jameka is. Dick then went on about how Jameka won't be able to do anything in the game since she can't play HoH for four more weeks. Jameka told Dustin to check his laundry and make sure Dick didn't do anything to it.

Jameka took out Amber's braids. Jessica informed them about Dick laying off them for the remainder of the week. Jameka told Amber that she was proud of overcoming the faults in her life (doing drugs, being a single mother, etc). They don't think that the Amber blow-up was shown on the show because it would have to be completely censored out. Some of the HG tried to wonder what businesses Kail owns. Zach thinks it was some type of large corporation, but Eric doesn't think so because then she wouldn't be on a reality show.

Dick told Dustin that he would be the first to go out of the LNCNH. Amber says that she has to win HoH. Jameka wishes she had confronted Daniele about her rude comments about her, but she can't change who Daniele is. Jameka asked if Amber would ever go on America's Next Top Model, and Amber said that she would. (Nick told her that she should.) Jameka told Amber that she will be on a magazine cover. @@ Amber says that Jen would be on one before her. Amber goes on about how she wants to be an inspirational speaker and a nurse. Jameka says that she trusts Dustin the most other than Amber. She doesn't know if she can trust Eric and doesn't trust Zach. Amber says that it would suck if Zach won HoH next week, but Amber can see her winning something next week. @@ Jameka says that Daniele is acting like she's staying this week.

Dustin says that Dick is jealous of him because he's a more active member of the LNC and he isn't. (Does Dustin still think the LNC exists?) Dustin is mad at Zach for standing up for Daniele since she has no reason to act like Dick. Amber says that she would nominate Daniele and Jen if she wins HoH next week because they are the toughest competitors in the house. Amber goes on about how Daniele and Dick were put on the show to grow closer, and they should be doing that somewhere else. Dustin doesn't think that Dick would use the PoV on Daniele because he never has been a father to her before, so why should he start now? Jameka says that she would have an easier time living with Dick than Daniele because Dick is Daniele's bodyguard. Amber is sure that she will win HoH next week. @@

That does it for the evening! Dick hasn't completely laid off the tormenting; he throws in little comments here and there, nothing to the capacity of this morning though. Who knows with him though? I'll have more in the morning!