Sunday, August 12, 2007

8/11-12 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-4:00 AM

Tonight was one of the earliest nights for the HG! Little happened last night worth telling, but I have the news as to what happened! Here's the late-night info from inside the BB house!

Amber thinks that Dick and Eric have been in an alliance for a while. Jameka could see that possibility. Jameka would hope that America wouldn't like Dick, but she isn't sure. Jessica says that she will probably nominate Dustin at the PoV ceremony. Dustin again said that he was willing to be nominated against Dick.

Daniele and Zach played a game of beer pong (throwing ping pong balls into cups of beer) with Eric and Jessica. Zach said that they need to do that every night to get in with the LNCNH. Daniele doesn't know if she wants to spend that much time with them. Daniele points out that Amber and Jameka have been in the HoH bedroom all day. Dick thinks that they have been hiding from him. Daniele told Dick that he needs to stop harassing people in the house. Dick claims that he is just giving advice to them. Daniele is mad because BB wants Dick to continue fighting with them. Dick says that he planted seeds on them today by taunting them constantly. He thinks he did a lot of damage to them today. Daniele doesn't understand why Jameka is always around Dick if he keeps angering her.

Daniele says that they need to get Eric out before Dustin because Jessica would team up with them without Eric in the house. Daniele told Dick how Zach keeps talking about how much he wants the next HoH. Dick says that he is always the first one out at every HoH competition. Daniele pointed out that at least Zach is faithful. Jen told Daniele and Dick that Jessica may nominate Dustin. Dick doesn't think she would go against the LNCNH. He tells Jen that she would be better off aligned with Daniele than the LNCNH. Jen knows and says that she is working with Daniele.

Dick and Jen were the last asleep at around 3:30 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this! Expect a whole lot of sleeping today as it is Sunday and nothing gamewise is expected.


Anonymous said...

Oh please, Danielle is a sinking ship. Why does Dick want Zach, Jen, and Jessica to align with Daniele? So that Daniele will have jury votes.

And you better believe that in the Jury House, Dick will continue his intimidation tactics, especially if Danielle miraculously makes it to the final two.

Anonymous said...

i hope jessica nominates dustin in danielle's place, then america tells eric to evict his butt! then dick and danielle can stay, and the lncnh won't know what hit them....that would be good tv.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Dustin as the replacement nominee. They dont realize it, but they do have the votes to get Dustin out of the house, leaving Dick and Danielle untoched. They have three, Jen, Zach, Dick or Danielle and Americas Vote given to Eric, forcing him to vote out Dustin. That would create a stir without Dick doing a thing. Maybe Eric is worth something.

Anonymous said...

what is "LNCNH"

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how many tasks Eric has completed thus far?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know hom many tasks Eric has completed to date?

Anonymous said...

That is a stupid move to put Dustin as a pawn as they are taking one eviction vote out of their alliance. Besides, there is always a big risk in this game for pawns. If BB introduce a twist, it could turn things around.

Unknown said...

Watching BB after dark. Listening to wamber is priceless. She truly believes she could be on top model. Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha. Then she starts bragging about how great her boobs are. What? Seriously I couldn't make this stuff up.

outofmymind said...

I've wayched every Big Brother and always had someone I wanted to win. Not this year. I can't stand any of these people. They all need serious help and when Dick leaves the house, the whimps will be left to put us all asleep.

Anonymous said...

i love the wamber coment. its true and i hope all goes the way they plan and put up dustin.then see ya!! it would be nice to see the winers sucking up to jen,zack dick and dani for a change.i hope this is the biggest back fire for eric and his clan.even it it doesw he will blame it on jamika or amber anyway so whats new.go d,d,z,j

Anonymous said...

Problem with putting up Dustin. No one knows Eric will vote the way we want. Who is to say Jen and Zack will vote for Dustin to go knowing (or at least think they know) they don't have the votes to keep Dick anyway.

I see Dick getting Dani and Erics vote and that is it. Jen and Zack trying to cover their ass ya know.

Now my best case scenario is that Jen and Zack and Dani vote for Dustin and Eric has to as well. That would have me jumping in my living room! Will it happen. SLIGHT REMOTE CHANCE!

I think they will put up Jen because they are cowards even though they think they have the votes for sure. They will put up Jen just to assure their alliances votes. I don't care how many times they say they will put up Dustin. Jen is going up I have a feeling.

Far as Amber being next top model (what a joke) I don't know how she gets that assumption about herself. She has awful hair, no bone structure, she is overweight for a top model and not heavy in the right places for a plus model. Jen and Dani would make models before she would. She is the ugliest girl in the house, ROFL!!

Also I swear listening to Amber talk period is starting to hurt. She says the stupidest things and talks about her personal life for the whole world to hear and it's not the best personal life, LOL! Eric also says some pretty dumn things. Dick may be an ass but at least you want to hear what he is going to say.

Amber talking about her boyfriends and drugproblems and how she hates NYers and Jewish People it about making me ill. Eric saying Dani will be pregnant with Dicks baby is about sick. I hear Dick say some nasty stuff but at least the things he says are slightly true.

lilredsmom said...

Did BB not tell Kail about AP for a reason during last episode?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Problem with putting up Dustin. No one knows Eric will vote the way we want.

Au contraire. Eric does not have the option to change his vote.

Julie always explains that Eric goes to the DR only as a pro forma measure to prevent any suspicion that something is amiss.

Anonymous said...

For those who want Dick an Dani you all now how boring the rest of this season will be..Because the "nerdherd" love each other.There wont be any more drama, no one getting called out on their lies , will just be whispering behind each others back..The house will be too quite..I guess they will start eating each other if Dick an Dani go..

Anonymous said...

Eric has given us no reason to think that he wouldn't vote to evict who America so chooses...I don't get why people keep saying that he probably won't when he has always voted out who BB/America has said to. I don't think he looks at it like he even has a choice. Remember; Eric only learned about this America's choice once he was there, so he is still figuring out how to make it work.

Anonymous said...

Dick intends to cause harm with his words, so I never like anything that he has to say.

The others are just rambling.

Anonymous said...

Dick is the interesting person on this show!!!!!!!!
If he was really playing for himself, I'm sure he would win.
But he's playing to get back into his daughters life. I hope she wakes up and sees that most parents and real people too, who make mistakes but always love you.
I believe Dick is one of those parents who would do anything for his kids happiness. Dani needs to stop thinking of her feelings and think about her Dad's. Forgiveness in families is the biggest gift. And the only one that counts.

Anonymous said...

Eric status

Assignments Given: 14
Assignments Completed: 5 (Missions 1, 2, 5, 7, 13)
Assignments Incomplete: 7 (Missions 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12)
Assignments Unknown: 2 (Missions 10, 14)

Anonymous said...

Not a Dick fan, but keep him and get Dani out the house, over all she is smarter than Dick i believe!!With Eric and Dick in the of the season will be interesting!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I have never watched BB before and several weeks back I just left CBS on after 60 Minutes.

Hooked ever since. Oh dear Lord Dick is so refreshing. If the rest of America would actually say what they're thinking or feeling like Dick does we'd be so much better off.

Love this blog, thanks to whoever is running it!

Anonymous said...

Jen needs to go. She is a strong player and for now seems to be flying under the radar. Put her up against Dick--assuming he uses the POV on Dani. At least one of those two would be gone. If Zach, Dani, or Dick get HOH Dustin and maybe Eric will be their target so let them do the dirty work. Jen said she wasn't doing this for the money--yeah right--so send her packing and leave Dick and Dani to cry on each others shoulders. If Jen leaves Zach will jump ship. Would love to see Dick sucking up to any of the others to save his and Dani's butt once Jen is gone.

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: I think Dick is a dirtbag; Amber's constant crying annoys me, but I don't fault her for turning her life around after a drug addiction; Jameka's "the outcome of BB is already written by God" is totally laughable, but I don't make any judgements as to how she follows her faith; Eric is a weasel (either because he has to be because he doesn't have a vote in this game and must influence the game indirectly or he's really just a weasel and that's why BB chose him for America's Player).

If Dustin is nominated in either Dick or Dani's place, Eric may open the envelope for "Who America's Player should get evicted," and find that his ally is America's choice. He can then either ensure that Zach and Jen give them the votes to evict Dani or Dick and deal with the stray vote situation again or he must go against his alliance and approach his enemy to cut a deal.

Eric does not have a vote in this game and he quickly must decide what his best chance to get to the finals and win will be knowing that he is on the wrong side with America. Betraying his alliance is not going to secure many votes in the Jury, but going against America will not get him much further as the vote he does not have becomes more and more important.

I think Eric's best move if he finds that America wants him to evict Dustin instead of the other nominee (likely Dick) is to approach Dani and Dick with the deal that he saves them and that Jameka and Amber are the next targets. He also must come clean about his incest comments about Dick and Dani, followed immediately with a duck to miss Dicks swinging right haymaker (should give Dick just enough extra time to realize that striking Eric will get him thrown out of the house). After this Eric has only one endgame option: to make it to the finals against Dick.

I think his chance of even making it to the finals are pretty slim either way.

lilredsmom said...

I love that America voted for someone strongly in the crew to go up.
Personally, I think America doesn't like AP's game play & that's why we are trying to get him in comprimising situations.

Could you imagine if AP's player was Kaysar?

Anonymous said...

If ED stays in the house, I don't think I can continue to watch this. I don't believe Evil should win in ANYTHING in life, and if he stays that's what it will stand for me. I won't particpate in watching people get abused, it's the final straw of condoning bad behavior on tv. Next we WILL be watching a live execution...way to go humanity!!

Anonymous said...

Dick is somtimes disgusting, sometimes very brutal in his words, and I have to admit I am bothered by his comments on Christianity. That being said,I hate politically correct wusses who won't speak their mind and who aren't strong enough to stand behind what they say. Amber and her racist comments about Jews( I wonder what the uproar would be if she said the same comments about blacks?),Dustin and Erics and Amber's disgusting incest comments, especially since they are not man enough to say their insults in front of who they are insulting shows what little disgusting people they are.

Anonymous said...

To Humanity Writer..

This game is not about morals but entertainment. Put a bunch of people very different in a house and watch what happens.

Dick represents a certain type of person in the world.

His actions are volitale and can be mentally abusive but they signed up for it.

This is not the first time the BB house has become "uncomfortable" to members of the house by a players actions.

It's a game. You sign up, you take what is given to you free of bodily harm~ which has not happened to anyone this or any season.

The one time it did happen on BB that a person attacked another they were DQ'd immediatley.

Dick is aware where to "draw the line". His actions have helped him in the game so, right or wrong his game play has worked.

And don't tell me he is not entertaining to watch because truth is like him or not EVERYONE is talking about him!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is freaking about Dick but does no one recall the Howie vs April Saga? He said some pretty nasty things to her!

It's BB It Happens!

Anonymous said...

In response to the post about Eric status on his assignments, I have a couple of different answers,of which I could be incorrect. I think that # 6 and #9 were completed as they were for him to nominate Jen for eviction and she was put up. Also #10 was about the new catch phrase being "I'll do that for a dollar". I heard him say it several times but am not aware how many times he needed to repeat it.

To BBVIII, thanks for all of your info and efforts. I only started reading this a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

If Dick gets voted out, I think we will be able to see the personalities of the other people come out. Dick is too dominering and doesn't allow anyone else really let their "game play" work. Everyone is focusing on him and not on each other.

Unknown said...

I dont no about every one else but, there is something about how Zach is playing this game no one is really paying him attention. they are takeing him serious. thats why he is playing both sides.

as for jen she only there to help her career. she can care less who wins or losses. she would love the money to help her life style but she wants to be no as the module who was on BB8.

and Dick really needs to think about saving his self and letting his daughter go home. because she is not a good player with out a man helping her. think about it. If she would have won POV would she use it or save her father. she been talking about going home and how tired she is of being in BBH.

Dustin and jameka needs to go they are getting on my last BLACK nerves.Jameks is fake b*** who dont have a saved bone in her body.

she has let every one no what kind of person she really is but mostly her family and freinds and people back at home.
I am pissed that no one see what a wissle Eric is and how he more talkative he is now.and more out spoken since Nick left.

do any of these fool not understand that every thing they say and do we see and here. and there family freinds.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Amber go home to her family and try to explain the things she said. I wounder if any are Jewish????

iowasweetdee said...

I am so sorry Dustin needs to go he thinks he is King and he isn't anything or should we say he thinks he is the pup it master like Mike was last year then Eric needs to go becouse he is so not good looking and he thinks he is he thinks he is a player but he isn't nothing GO DiCK and Danielle I know Dick will us the POV on her any Good Dad would and he has show he is a good dad And we need to Get DUstin up and out this week.