Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8/14 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

The evening proved to be no different from any other Tuesday evening. Little happened, but the vote does seem to be changing, or is it? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Dick told Daniele that Zach was an idiot and that he might screw up her game. Daniele says that he's acting like he's going to try to win HoH next week. Dick told Daniele to see how Jen is voting this week.

Jessica told Dustin about Zach voting Dick out this week. Eric thinks that Dustin is nervous this week when he doesn't need to be. Amber is mad that Dustin told her to use her time with Zach (they are workout buddies now) to her advantage. Amber says that she doesn't know how to get info out of people. Amber and Eric are confused as to why Zach feels threatened by Jameka since she cannot win HoH for four more weeks. Amber says that Zach would nominate Dustin and Eric if he won HoH next week. Eric says that he would nominate Daniele and either Jen or Zach if he won HoH next week. Jessica says that Daniele and Jen are very good game players. Eric thinks that they should use Jen to their advantage somehow. He agrees that Daniele hates all of them though. Amber says that she would nominate Jen and Zach, then try to backdoor Daniele if she won HoH next week.

Jessica and Zach had a date. They are confused as to why Daniele is still isolating herself from everyone. Zach doesn't think that Dick and Dustin had a deal this week. Jessica thinks the situation between them could have been an act though. They agree that Jen is playing for herself in the game. Jessica says that Zach is the same way, which is a good thing for him. Zach says that he doesn't understand Jen because she really wants to win, yet she gave up half the grand prize. They agree that Jen and Nick never kissed because Nick would have told Zach if they did. Zach says that he will still vote to evict Dick this week if Jessica wants him to. Jessica says that she only talks game with him, Eric, and Jameka. Zach went on about how Jameka has no power in the game now. Zach doesn't know who Dustin would nominate if he won HoH next week.

Jen says that the DR has been pressuring her to evict Dustin rather than Dick. She says it's annoying because they always want her to do something different from what she wants to.

That was pretty much it for the evening! The rest of the HG have been cleaning the kitchen (because of ants invading the house) and doing hair. Eric's head has been shaved, and a few other HG colored their hair. I'll have more in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Well this completely bites. Leave it to Dufus to mess it up like I said before.

Why don't Dick, Zack, Dani and Jen have a pow wow and talk this out?? Hello People think. Jen and Zack are going to go with the LNCNH and for what? To go next week! Stupid dumn. If Jen and Zack don't start thinking straight then they will be 6 and 7 to go. LNCNH will be the remaining five. They are so stupid to think otherwise!

Wouldn't Zack and Jen be better off going with Danielle. They might make it to 3 or 2 or even 1 that way. DUMN DUMN DUMN and Dumnest people in the house yet of all the seasons! I have watched them all.

Gee why is Danielle allienating herself.. HMMM Could it be these people treat her like crap? OH YEAH that's it!!!!!

Go Dani!! Hang in there babe!
Sorry Dick ... Zack and Jen are messing it all up!


JT said...

Dick must go, and he will.

Says Amber, Jameka, Zack (a man of his word). Maybe Jen will jump in too. Jessica will decide if necessary.

Enjoy your final days of Dick.

And the yard will safe for bare feet!

Anonymous said...

I voted 1,000 times for Eric to oust Dick. The vote may not even be close.

glm said...

Amber wins the whine game. But Dani is a close second. (Sorry, Jessica can't help her whine.) Dani has a calculated manipulating whine. O please don't associate me with my dad (or blame me for spending all my time with Nick, then Dick; now Zack). I'm just a poor little 20 y.o. blondie, who hates everyone in the house. And you know - "It Sucks!!!!!!!!!" Poor little me.

Would you like some cheese with your wine?

Anonymous said...

Or... "Dumb" as Webster might say.

Dharma said...

People were supposed to vote ten times only. It is people who brag about violating the rules that ruin this game (1000 time?!) Zach is a traitor and Jen is ungrateful and spoiled. What a bunch of idiots. America doesn't play fair as evidenced by the comments on this board, & neither do the players in the house. Disguisting.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed how the DR is trying to sway how everything goes here. Look at how they protrayed the fight with Dick and the rest of the house. They made it all look like fun and games from Dick, never showing the worst parts of the fight. Come on! I am not a big fan of Amber, but dick has really got to go!

Anonymous said...

It will be good for the Father & Daughter to leave and join each other in the Sequestered house. They will have some good quality time for sure.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone seems to be against Daniele. From what I understand her whole "poor little me" act is just an act. Didn't anyone else see the conversation between her and Dick where he told her great strategy? If I was stuck in the house w/Amber, Jameka, Dustin and Eric constantly pointing out mine and everyone else's faults while at the same time constantly (and i do mean constantly) extolling their own virtues and patting each other on the back I would probably do a lot more than a little whining myself. And as much as I can't stand Amber the queen of whining has to be Jessica. Don't get me wrong...I kind of like Jessica..but everything she says is a whine. I did feel kind of sorry for her last night when she was crying over Eric. Man, that sure shows you how the Big Brother experience can mess w/your head. Do you think that it is even in the realm of possibility that Jessica would associate with a dweeb like Eric in the real world let alone cry over him??
I thought that Jen and Zach were already completely in Dick's camp at this time. Jen is certainly smart enough to realize that her best bet to make it to the final two is beside Dick and didn't Zach promise Daniele that he would do whatever she wanted him too? I would be kind of sad if Zach turns out to be a turncoat at this point.
Wasn't Jen great when she went up to the HOH's bedroom and plopped down on the bed....everyone got quiet and wouldn't even look at her. Even if she and Zach think that Dick is going home this week I hope they realize that if they vote him out...(Dick is not stupid...If the vote is completely lopsided he will be able to figure it out.) they will not get his vote in the long run. At this point I think the only person other than Daniele who can reasonably count on Dick's vote if he is sent to the jury house is Jessica. Oh well, if BB is guilty of manipulating the house guests as has been suggested...I certainly hope that they work as hard on keeping Dick as they seem to have done to keep Eric. If Dick is sent home this week...I'm not sure if I will continue to watch Big Brother. Without Dick the house is going to be and dull and boring place. Dustin needs to go and Amber and Jameka soon after. Let's get Jen and Dick into the final two and watch the fireworks. Now those two could be a match made in heaven!! (at least for tv ratings!)

Anonymous said...


You left off it's so frustrating!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Zach and Jen are screwing it up for Dick? Yeah, right. Dick is screwing it up for himself.

I have always thought that Jen was the best player this season, but Zach's play lately is really smart. Jen/Zach alliance may be a very good thing for them. Jen speaks the truth, Zach throws in a little lie now and again...perfect team.

Although I HATE Dick, I would love to see that arrogant little piece of dog dodo Dustin go. He is Joe reincarnated.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I was just wondering what is the DR and who is in it??

Mandy said...

I thought this was a "reality" show? How is that if the DR is pressuring the HG to keep certain HG. I'm sure CBS is worried that if Dick leaves, the show will be boring...they are right.

We'll have:
Amber - ok, let's just watch her cry all the time.

Eric - he's kind of interesting when he is trying to lie his way out what America supposidly told him to do.

Dustin - Princess is just plain boring.

Jameka - We can watch her pray. I have nothing against prayer, but watching someone pray is like watching paint dry.

Jen - "My picture is aweful. Boo hoo hoo!"

Danielle - Whine whine whine...i have no one. Why did I vote Nick out...BORING!!!!

Zach - Does he talk???

Jessica - Quiet, but watch out for her in coming weeks. Still not as interesting as Dick though.

Dick has been so rude and crude that he does not deserve to stay. I hope he leaves, though it'll be pretty boring without him.

Anonymous said...

You can keep voting until you're blue in the the face but only your first ten votes count. Unless you have 100 different e-mail addresses to vote from. Don't you read the rules? I voted to oust Dustin the smarmy little creep.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so funny that Dick will wind up staying in the house and Dustin will leave. Dick totally makes this show worth watching. I absolutely LOVE this guy and those that don't have sticks up their butts. Come on people...Dick is very entertaining and needs to stay in this house to keep us amused. If it weren't for him, it'd be like watching paint dry.

GO DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what does DR stand for? (Diary room I think?)

Dick in '08 said...

Jen and the Z-man need to get with the program and oust Dustin.

I haven't watched any of the other BB shows but I have to believe CBS is loving the fact that Dick is in the house for the ratings.

As polarizing as Dick he makes for great TV.

This is a "game show" for the people in the house, we're all just watching it unfold.

If Dick goes so go some of the ratings. BB knows this, hence the DR telling Jen to vote Dustin out.

Long Live Dick!

Anonymous said...

What's great about BB is that every time we think we know what's going to happen, it gets changed. I truly hope that Dick is ousted before some big house surprise. After Dick, it's up in the air. I would say either Dani or Zach at this point. Guess it depends on their behavior.

I do think that Dick has spoiled the game though for Dani but she is milking it too much. Stop the pity party!!!! Ever hear the old saying, keep your friends close, your enemies closer?

Vote Dick out!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:07....if you voted 1,000 times you wasted your time. It only counts the first ten times you vote. And, I hope you would have better things to do then vote 1,000 times.

Anonymous said...

glm...I completely agree about Dani! I was wondering if anyone else thought she was a whiny brat. She's a selfish, self-absorbed little girl. Definitely her father's daughter.

Anonymous said...

Well last night watching Showtime was boring!!! They spent 1 hour with Zack doing nothing but talking over different stragies with Jess. Zack went over the same scenarios over and over and over again... I thought the guy was pretty bright until I watched him last night with Jess, HE HAS NO GAME and zero personality. It seemed after the first 30 minutes Jess was bored and not really paying much attention to him. Must not have been anything else going on in the house for showtime to spend so much air time on them.
Another thing I find quite interesting is the announcer keeps coming on and telling the houseguests they cannot discuss what goes on in the DR with each other. Eric AP is always caught doing this, he can't keep his mouth shut. On another blog he has been accused of whispering to Jess his secret of being AP and not being able to make his own decisions. After watching Showtime and hearing how many times they have to tell him not to discuss his DR conversations I wonder if he hasn't spilled his guts to Jess.
After last night it looks like DICK will go home, I hope things change.

Anonymous said...

I also voted for dick to go about 100 times.

Anonymous said...

glm. you have it exactly right Her non stop "I hate everyone in the house!" Dani is worse than Amber. I hate how she treats her dad even.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else but I am getting realy pissed off that the DR is guiding what goes on in
the BB house. And how dumb is the GPA that they didn't nominate someone on the other side (Jen or Zack) to guarantee more #'s for there side for HOH. Have these
people not noticed that there seems to be a leak(AP).
I swear I am gonna stop watching
if Dustin goes this week.
Dick should have been thrown out
of the house long ago for all his abuse and ethnic slurs. Do people not know
that people lose jobs etc for such slurs. I pity the whole bunch cause now they have to
put up with the @ss@ole in the sequester house also.

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 4:07... even if you vote a thousand times for eric to evict dick, it only allows 10 votes. if you read the rules and regulations you would find that out.

Anonymous said...

Well I voted 1,000 times to oust DUSTIN!!!! That lil princess needs to go !!! GO DICK AND JEN TO THE END !!

Anonymous said...

I think that Dustin will be out this week. The HGs were up late last night and it seems as if America voted to oust Dustin. Eric was working on Jess and it seems that she's going for it. They will have to sway Jen's vote. They're not sure they can trust her though. I can't wait to see the outcome of all this. If Dustin is ousted the power then sways back to D/D's hands. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Rob said...

I think that Dustin will be out this week. The HGs were up late last night and it seems as if America voted to oust Dustin. Eric was working on Jess and it seems that she's going for it. They will have to sway Jen's vote. They're not sure they can trust her though. I can't wait to see the outcome of all this. If Dustin is ousted the power then sways back to D/D's hands. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Steph said...

I think the show will deflate if Dick gets ousted this week. He is the main source of entertainment, unless you are ultra-religious and enjoy Jameka's and Amber's preachings for fun. Zach is boring. Daniele is an annoying little baby. Jen has a conscience-free lifeless stance on everything. Eric is turning weird, yet looks like a scared puppy around Dick. Jessica is just Jessica. Keep Dick. Dustin has a secret mean streak that will be more sincere than just Dick's digs.

beckie1234 said...

Danielle is just a whiny little brat who has so cheated on her boyfriend, kicked out her inside ride, then buddies up to the dad who she doesn't want to be associated with. Dick is useless. With all his crap he is ruining any conniving that it would take to break up the LNC by focusing all the attention on his pissy attitude "just for his daughter" who is using him now to stay in the house that she can't stand and will probably be next to be kicked out of if she doesn't get HOH. Come on they both need to go.

Anonymous said...

i think that daniele is right not to kiss there asses they never did anything to get to know her !!! i think dick right on the money with jamika ..go dick keep on her shes a phoney big time !!!!everyone is just pissed at dick for doing thing they dont have the balls to do in this game and that is to call people out on there actions ..go all the way dick you have my vote ..

Anonymous said...

I'm DISGUSTED. What is with the D.R. people trying to influence the HG's and trying to lead them to vote certain ways? I have been a fan of this show since half way through season 2 and HAVE NEVER MISSED AN EPISODE SINCE. If I find out that the producers are manipulating the show by telling HG's what to do in D.R. sessions, then I'M DONE WITH THIS SHOW. I have always talked up BB to people that it was the ONLY REAL REALITY TV SHOW out there and totally REAL. This would change everything

Anonymous said...

You can vote all you want...but it only counts 10 times...and i voted the fag i guess our votes canceled out!! don't know how the shit danielle has gone through. Once you walk a mile in her shoes then you can talk..but until then..SHUT THE HELL UP!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it true that the DR is telling the HGs what to do? Such as Jen's comment about the DR giving her instructions that go against what she wants to do. Interesting....
Daniele is not worthy of all the support she gets from the viewers. She is such a whiny, spoiled brat. Most of the others gave it a try to befriend her and she wasn't interested.
She prefers to use her little pouty girl moves. Don't forget she is a waitress at Hooters. The job requirement includes having a thick skin. That says a lot.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dani being a whiner, almost as bad as Wamber. If I hear "I hate these people", "You don't understand", "I hate this place:, :This isn't what I expected" one more time.....Just leave, then. The door is always open. You alienated yourself with Nick and then blamed everyone else for his departure. YOU VOTED HIM OUT, TOO! Now you just hide out with your Dad. The only time I have seen you without Nick or Dick was the last few days playing beer pong. I saw you actually smile once. I will be very nice to see you leave. Hope you are not this bad in the jury house.

Anonymous said...

i subscribed to bb after dark and watched most of the conversation between zack and jess. i have to say that my whole opinion of him has changed. CBS has seriously edited things to make him look complacent. He is an aggressive and intelligent player. he did ramble a bit and you could tell that jess was ready to go after about the 10th time he explained they were off the radar but Zack made some really valid points and I really jope jess listens to him. I'm routing for Zack and Jess now! :) Hopefully after what Zack brought up, Dick will stay. I think that when Eric said it was too early in the game to think about who you want in the end was completely stupid. I also think that it's stupid in a game like this to form close relationships. Everyone went in with the intent of winning the money, now they are all buddy buddy and will Wah Wah when they have to turn on each other. If Jessica REALLY wants to play the game, Dustin will go this week.

Anonymous said...

Would you like some cheese with your wine?


"it just sucks sooooo bad" is like every other sentence. stfu and get over it.

dont associate me with my dad....well then dont sit and laugh while he acts a like a 4 year old with a filthy mouth then.

and she complains about everyone being so fake, as if she were even remotely sincere about anything she says

go eat a hamburger bitch.

CJH said...

I agree with glm about Dani. Jameka is right; she's done this to herself. She hides behind dad when convenient and then complains about him when she wants sympathy. She's an immature, yelling version of dad..except she's cute. Remember when Jen told her she felt sorry for her about her dad? Dani went into a tyraid about Jen saying that. And then last night she complained that no one ever gave her any sympathy?!! whine, whine, fake cry, pout,pout. ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

GRRRR! I hate how the houseguests all say the same thing..."The DR wants me to vote this way." Just goes to show that these contestants have little to no influence on the actual eviction each week. I'll be America's votes aren't getting counted and it's really the producers telling Eric which way to vote. Since Dick is so entertaining, aka "ratings", they are probably going to fix it so that he stays.

Anonymous said...

Dumn Dumn Dumn? It's dumb dumb dumb. Guess Jen and Zach aren't the dumbest people ever...

Anonymous said...

I love how Danielle thinks that by not saying anything when her dad goes off that it is okay. There is a famous poem about the Holocaust that she should read...
First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

She is spineless and she and her dad are both white trash. Hope Dick goes home this week and Danielle follows soon after.

Anonymous said...

If the DR is suggesting or telling the HG how to vote, then this is the last year I watch BB. If it comes out as true (proven) before the show ends, then I will quit now.

We all know editing can make people look bad (or good) depending on what they decide to air. But Dick's rants are abusive no matter how you look at it. And I don't have a "stick up my butt".
Obviously said by someone who has never been abused. No human deserves the deliberate and planned abuse he delivers. And when it suits his purpose. Once done, then he turns all sweet and nice. GMAB!!

Vote Dick out America!! Although, I think with what America has been doing to the votes, chances are it will be Dustin. How easy they (HG)forget.

If Dick stays and his abuse starts again, then I am done with BB.

Anonymous said...

It is time for Dustin to go. It amazes me how all the HG have overlooked his greed by always taking whatever prize is 'offered' regardless of the outcome for the other HG. That one night he took two prizes and now they've all turned the other cheek and are 'best' friends with him.

Eric is a complete idiot as is Amber.

If Dick is evicted tonight I will quit watching. At first I didn't care for him, but he is the only one playing an 'honest' game and calling people out when necessary.

Anonymous said...

Well it just makes u wonder if bb has been telling hg all along since the show first started to change there votes??? I feel that u should either A. Let america vote the way we have been no matter how many times. Or B. just run your show the way u want and don't ask america for any votes and then we will know that the show is fixed. CBS will already know before we will who will win at the end!!!!!!

Shame on cbs I mean it's not like they have had a problem getting viewers to watch but now it makes me wonder what else this show hasn't been honest about all 8 seasons. Maybe somone from past seasons can write in and give us some insight to what is really going on with bb and how the show works. But I know one thing bb knows already who they will have in the final 2. And my thing is if u make it to the final 2 and u don't win it all u should still get something????????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Daniele's whinning is so annoying already.

I can't wait for her to go.

Anonymous said...

You idiots who are voting 1000 times, the system will probably only take the first 10 votes from each IP address.

You have waaaayy too much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Jen is going to win this game.

Did you see how she just about brought Jessica to tears with the stupid comment about Dick and Dustin having an alliance...LOL!

It will be a great come-back story if Jen wins.

And an even bigger kick in the face because Jen already gambled away half her winnings.

Jen says that she is not there for the money and only likes the challenge.

Whatever. But I must say Jen is the best player in this game.

Anonymous said...

To the one who thinks that Dick is soooooooo entertaining.

I am disgusted by the stuff that comes out his mouth.

I guess that type of language just doesn't appeal to me since I did not grow up listening to people curse in my house.

So since I didn't grow up around such words in my house, it makes people just look plain dumb to me when I here others use it.

You don't have to sound like a scholar or anything, but the least Dick could do is advance to a 3rd grade vocabulary.

I doubt the show will be boring without him. I will finally be able to watch without the degrading references to women, religion, and gays.

If insulting women, religion, and gays is your level of fun, then that's just sad.

Anonymous said...

I am totally over the fact that Dustin took the money and the trip in an earlier challenge.

People that's part of the game.

I'll tell you what is not good gameplay though--- Dick's disgusting, slanderous, and vulgar mouth.

Dick makes it personal. Dustin taking the money was strategy. I didn't like it when he did it, but now that I see that he has little chance of making the final two, at least he will leave with something.

He deserves it now after all that Dick put him through.

Anonymous said...

The DR is BB. You didn't really think that they wouldn't have some influence on the evictions would you.

All of these reality shows are rigged. They are not really "reality", they are just "unscripted".

If you didn't know before --- know you know.

Anonymous said...

Someone said Jen speaks the truth, ROFL, LMAO, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA< OMG I FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

YOu have GOT to be Kidding Me!

All Jen does IS LIE. Y0U watching the same show??

I really hope DR gets them to vote for Dustin and save Dick. Much like they did for Eric! Don't even tell me they didn't! DR is the people they talk with in their Diary Room Sessions. They can't make them do anything but they can suggest!

Whats this crap Zack sticks to his word. He gave his word to Danelle long before he gave it to Jessica. He has never stuck with an alliance. He is out to keep his head under so he is not seen to the end. NICE STATEGY THERE JUN I mean Zack,LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Anon: If you look at yuor keys the b is nest to the n. Not that I have to explain this but the lights in my puter room were off and it is called a typo. Sorry did not proof read before I posted. Thanks for the spelling lesson though!

Anonymous said...

Gotta confess. I didn't vote 1000 times. I voted 0 times. But it sure was funny to see all the hubbub. Different reaction than when dozens of people said they voted 100x for Dustin to go or for Dick to stay. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

I hope BB is not rigged. I know a couple that was on Amazing Race and the only thing that was "rigged" was they showed a couple's worst or best behavior.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the word "fag" on here multiple times. Can you please start doing something about this? Your blog is wonderful, and I really appreciate you doing this, but its calibre disintegrates with each slur you allow to be posted.

Anonymous said...

why is amber the ugliest girl ever? she is so disgusting. i thought the show might be rigged but then if it was, there is no way cbs would put that blob on.

frank said...

why is amber so disgusting? she is a blob who needs to go away. she should be crying because she is the ugliest player in BB history!