Friday, August 17, 2007

8/16 Live Feeds: 5:00-11:00 PM

The feeds were pretty interesting tonight as they always are on Thursday evenings. With Daniele as the new HoH, how will the HG strategize this week? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Jen claimed that she knew all the answers in the HoH competition. @@ Daniele is planning on nominating Amber and Jameka, then backdooring Jen if PoV is used. If the nominations stay the same, Amber would be the one evicted. Daniele is excited that she will be HoH on her birthday, which is Monday. Dick says that Eric really wanted to win HoH tonight. Amber cried for much of the evening, but she took Dustin's eviction better than Jameka, who didn't say hardly a word all night.

Daniele was impressed with how well Amber did in the HoH competition. Dick said that he never returned Dustin's tattoo sleeves. He said that he would give them to Amber so she could give them to him. Dick claimed that he was Joe's hero tonight after pulling off Dustin's eviction. Jen was glad that Jessica didn't nominate her. Dick agreed, saying that the best-case scenario occurred last week. Jen admitted to hiding the various items in the house.

Jameka doesn't understand why their alliance always votes out who they say they will keep. Jessica says that she hates when people are backdoored. Jameka knows that something is up with Eric because she doesn't understand why he would evict Dustin who saved him last week. Jessica told Jameka that Zach convinced her to get Dustin out this week. Amber says that they should have evicted Eric two weeks ago.

Daniele received her HoH bedroom, along with a letter from Nick, The Faint CD, corn dogs, as well as other accessories. BB gave the HG chinese for their usual Thursday feast. Daniele gave a speech, saying how excited she was to be in the final eight with everyone. Amber said that she doesn't hold Dustin's eviction against anyone because people play for themselves in the game. She said that she would be fine within a few days.

Eric thinks that he and Jessica should lay low this week. Eric thinks that they should really try to win the final four HoH competition. They agree that Jameka needs to go while she cannot win HoH. Daniele and Dick want to make sure that Jen goes this week, so they will do everything they can to backdoor and evict her. Daniele wants Amber to go next week. Dick still cannot believe that he is safe this week. Dick tells Amber and Jameka that he knows they would have evicted Daniele had she not have been saved. They deny that, and Dick says that Dustin told him that. He also mentions Dustin volunteering to be nominated, but Amber and Jameka don't say anything about that.

That does it for the evening! Amber and Jameka look to be nominated tomorrow, but the plan is for Jen to be backdoored. We'll see what happens!


folieadeux8381 said...

where's jen's name in the new poll??

Anonymous said...

I'll back door Jen too!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect night! Dick stays and Danni wins HOH.
I liked that Eric convinced Jessica to side with Dick and Danni but he needs to edit his words a lot more to get the American voters behind him. I don't like Amber,I hope she leaves soon, but when Eric called her "garbage" yesterday it made me hate him. He should think before he speaks.
Dustin's expression was priceless. If he is going to be on HouseCalls today, I wonder if he will be told that Eric is America's Player. I guess not since he is in the jury, so the questions from callers will be screened.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that on the CBS website that Dustin's picture is not blacked out nor does it have a J. But Danielle does have an H

Anonymous said...

Found this on the CBS website TOO funny just had to share it with you…
The following is Waamber’s departing interview with Julie:
Julie: Have a seat Amber
Amber: *sob*
Julie: I'll give you a moment to compose yourself
Amber: *sob*
Amber: I just can't..... *sob*
Amber: *sob*
Julie: can we get a paperbag over here? I think she's hyperventilating.
Amber: *sob*
cut to the HoH competition...
Julie: now that you're feeling a bit better, Amber, I have a few questions.
Amber: I can't believe they did this to me Julie. Don't they know that America loves me?
Julie: about that. You've said some pretty controversial things while in the house.
Amber: I have?
Julie: you do know that there are cameras and microphones in the house?
Amber: really?
Julie: I don't know if you're aware of this but my husband is Jewish
Amber: is he from New York?
Julie: well that's all the time we have for now. Before you go into the sequester house, let me give you this termination notice from Harrah's inc. The parent company of Caesar's Palace casino. You DID know that the CEO of Harrah's is Jewish, right?
Amber: Does he have a big nose?

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooooooooooooo happy that evel Dick is still in the game. It was pretty amazing what we (we= America & Eric) pulled off. I hope that when the game is over (whether Dick wins or not), Dick acknowledges that if it were not for us he would be off the show albeit his scheming.
I want Jameka to go. If not her than Amber. Jen is pretty much useless and nobody likes or trusts her any more than they like or trust Dick so I don't think her leaving the house benefits anyone just yet. I think they should get her out next week. Get Jameka or Amber (either/or) while they are down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What was Jess thinking trying to come on to Eric??? On BB last night CBS Eric and Jess are up in the HOH bedroom and she takes off her sweatshirt to reveal a thin strap shirt underneath with allot of boob showing. He comments and she squeezes her breasts together and says their boobs, he gets uncomfortable and changes the subject then 2 seconds later she tells him to leave. I was in disbelief any other guy would have jumped on what she was offering. I think he may be GAY because he has also made the comment he would rather sleep with Zack than Jen. Anybody else have a comment to add....or am I just reading something into nothing???

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that they will not have a double elimination this week. Amber and Jameka need to go. The sooner the better. They should go before anyone else. All of that crying a praying gets on my last nerve.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jen wins the POV and stays in the house. She's a much better player than she's given credit for and her earlier shows of vanity are minor compared to Amber's constant crying and Jemeka's Christian postering.

Anonymous said...

The show is rigged!! If they try to backdoor Jen, DR will tell them to Vote for Amber and Amber will be evicted not JEN...this season is sucks so bad!! They are all liars including DICK! Remember all the people being evicted now are going to the jury do you think they will vote in the end....come on now people....America is Fake and discriminatory. No wonder half our population is moving to Canada...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


James said...

It's time for the deadweight to go home. The next few weeks should go to getting Amber & Jameka out.

Why is Daniele interested in backdooring Jen?

Did Eric & Jessica accept Dick & Daniele's offer to work together for the time being? Show last night really didn't say that other than that Eric already knew that Dustin was going home before the vote.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Dustin is gone and now to me it's time to really start playing the game and work your butt off it get pov which Jen going to do to make sure that she stays in the game (Smart) because if she doesn't she's gone. And if she wins then Amber will be next. Although I know people are big fans of hers but it would be nice to see her win I'm from vegas and last Maggie won she worked with my husband and was from Vegas, So why not Amber I don't know anything can happen let's not count her out just yet!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here are my thoughts:

This is the 1st BB season I have watched. I am hooked! I think Jam has to go, even though she can not win HOH for a couple more weeks. I think Jam could be a strong player??? Amber is useless in the competitions but she could be a good vote for the D & D team. Don’t see Jam swinging over. I say keep Amber until the end, she would be easy to beat out when it comes down to the final 2. So, put up Jam & Amber and sneak Jen out the backdoor!

And thanks so much for the live feed updates, I count on them for my daily fix!

Anonymous said...

Re Eric Gay....

Early on he made comments about who do we want him to be with and HE said I don't care guy or girl. I cannot remember HOW he phrased it but I found that comment odd for a straight guy.


Anonymous said...

On the early show, Julie didn't tell Dustin about AP.

Anonymous said...

If Daniele puts Jen up then she sucks. Jen has really sucked it up and has been ok to her. she even voted to keep dick in. Didn't Daniele tell jen "we should stick together to the end" guess she was not being honest ONCE AGAIN!!!!

BBVIII said...

She can't. Eric will be on the jury and we will get to vote for him. No one from here on out will know

Anonymous said...

Hi, anyone want to bid on Nick's bag that he used to pack his belongings? You could also bid on one of his bandanas!! :) Wish I had the $$$

Anonymous said...

i really hope Danielle puts up Waaaamber and Jameka and doesnt change her mind. then the games can begin in earnest!!! scheming and conniving is what this game is about and the schemers and connivers are whats left..once those two are gone, its anyones game

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Amber and Jameeka for many annoying reasons. I do think it would serve D&D and E&J best if Jen was backdoored. Only because she is a strong player in competitions and could win HOH easily.

If the POV is not used I think Amber needs to go and then next week put Jameeka and Jen up. That is if Jen does not win HOH which is highly possible.

If Zack wins HOH what will he do? He has never pulled a power play in the house yet. Who would he stick with? Something to think about.

My faves to go in order would be
Dick and Dani final two.

I am dreaming I am sure, LOL!! But that's my best scenario.

Anonymous said...

the stronger players need to leave now like jen,jess,and whomever else is strong as for amber, jameka,zack they are the weak ones, jameka cant win any hoh right now .

think america think!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dick D. said...

HA HA HA! Someone else beat me too it.

Eric, WAKE UP! Jessica strips down a bit and then a moment or two later says, "I'm hot" and Eric responds with something like, "I'm comfortable" or whatever.

Good Lord what a tool.

Anonymous said...

As a 100% Red-Blooded All-American Heterosexual Male...I would love to Back-Door either Jen Or Jessica.
They both look fine to me!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% that Eric is gay. And I also remember him saying he would flirt with anyone - guy or girl! Plus how about those pierced nipples? Do straight guys who are not in prison get their nips pierced?

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to know where Jen's name was in AP nomination poll??? She was missing from the list.

Anonymous said...

I do know straight guys with pierced nipples but I DON'T know straight guys that wouldn't mind flirting with other guys! LOL


Anonymous said...

Well, this will be the most boring week of all.

Dick and Dani are in control. Amber and Jameka are nominated.

They plan to do the cowardly thing and back door Jen.

Sorry, keeping Dick will not bring the excitement we thought because neither him or Dani's ass is on the line.

If you want to make it exciting, TELL ERIC TO NOMINATE DICK!

Anonymous said...

Jen should not be unfairly backdoored.

Yeah, Dick and Dani are so honest, blah, blah, blah.

You still believe that don't you.

Dick and Dani are cowards. Jen was nice to them, and voted for Dick to stay and this is how they repay her?!

PaulCKC(Cyber Knight for Christ) said...

Not really a comment; but I am wondering if Eric will be allowed to win the prize mony at the end if he is the last one. I am wondering this because if he is an actual *real* player and able to win the half a million it really isn't fair to the other HG's; because he is in effect getting help from an outside source because of his having to do what the AP is told to do. I know this sound a little out there but he is in effect being told what the other players are saying in the DR because he can guess some what is being said by what america is asking him to do. I just think it is not fair to the other players. Oh, btw, I don't read this much so I would appricate it if someone could email me at and let me know if eric is an actual *real* player able to win the game or if he is just a shill for BB and only the AP.