Monday, August 13, 2007

8/12 Live Feeds: 8:30-11:00 PM

The feeds slowly have become more entertaining as the evening progressed. With the PoV ceremony less than 24 hours away, will Jessica's decision about nominating Dustin waver? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Dick is assuming that Jen will be nominated in Daniele's place. Dick tells Daniele to get closer with Jen through her being nominated. Daniele says that Zach is the only person in the house that she likes, which is funny since she hated him a few weeks ago. Daniele wonders if Jen and Zach are telling the LNCNH everything they talk about. Dick says that Daniele, Jen, and Zach have a good chance at winning the next HoH because Amber sucks at competitions and Eric would throw it. Dick thinks Daniele should nominate Dustin and Eric if she wins the next HoH. He thinks the LNCNH would split if that occurred. Daniele is still nervous about trusting Jen.

Jen told Eric that Dick would use the PoV on himself. Eric thinks that Dick would be a horrible person if he didn't save Daniele. Jen doesn't think she (Jen) has a chance this week because the LNCNH doesn't like her. Eric says that she needs to talk with the group because that isn't true. Eric thinks that Daniele and Dick targeted him at the wrong time. Eric wants Jen to vote Dick out if Dustin is nominated. (He wants to ensure that if America tells him to keep Dick, he will still have the votes to evict Dick.)

Amber tells Jameka that something is up with Jen. They don't trust Eric anymore because he wants Jen to be the last of the four (Daniele, Dick, Jen, and Zach) to go. Jessica joins them, and they all agree that Eric has been hanging out with Jen too much lately. Amber says that she gets sad when she looks at Daniele. Amber and Jameka think that Daniele has been sneaking food this week by hiding M&M's under her bed. @@ Jessica doesn't think that Dick will win HoH next week if he stays. They all agree that Eric needs to be the first out of the LNCNH to go because of what he has done in the past.

Dustin is mad because Dick stole his robe and tattoos in addition to hiding the olives. Dustin thinks that Dick will use the PoV on himself to make everyone miserable in the house. Jessica says that he will go next week then. Amber points out that he could win HoH though. Dustin wants to evict Daniele if she is still nominated. They want to split the vote so Jen and Zach will think there is dissension in the LNCNH. Jameka doesn't think they should chance the vote. Dustin wants Amber to nominate Jen and Jessica and then backdoor Dick. Jameka doesn't want to chance nominating Jessica either though; she would rather see Dick nominated straight up. Dustin tells Jessica that he doesn't want to be nominated anymore because he doesn't know if Jen and Zach would keep him. Jessica says that she would break the tie though. Amber suggests that she be nominated instead then. Amber says (for Jameka, @@) that Jameka could be nominated.

Amber doesn't think that Dustin trusts them, so he doesn't want to be nominated anymore. She wants Dustin nominated because she is afraid that Eric would vote her out if she was nominated. Jameka doesn't think someone from the LNCNH should get nominated. Dustin joins them and says that he doesn't want to be nominated because he doesn't want to show his arrogance. He says that he came on BB to try and work on that. He is also afraid that Eric might vote him out if he was nominated. Amber says that it looks bad since he is backing out of his original plan. Amber thinks that it's best if Eric was nominated. Dustin says that Jen doesn't want to be nominated again. He doesn't think Jessica would nominate Jen because she doesn't want to make another enemy this week.

Dustin says that he doesn't want to be nominated next to Daniele, but he's okay with being nominated next to Dick. Amber and Dustin doesn't think that Dick will use the PoV to save Daniele. Dustin wants Daniele to be evicted if the nominations stay the same because she is a stronger competitor. He would rather have the vote a tie so Jessica could evict Daniele herself. Jameka says that she trusts Eric because she gave up five HoH competitions for his safety last week. Dustin wants Eric up if Dick is saved and Dustin to go up if Daniele is saved. Amber and Jameka agree. Amber said that she would be furious if one of the LNCNH went home this week. Dustin says that he has become more cockier ever since he was HoH two weeks ago. Jameka agrees. Amber and Dustin agree that Dick would nominate them if he won HoH next week. Jameka thinks that she could be nominated.

That does it for the evening! As for the replacement nominee, I'm pretty sure Dustin will be nominated. We'll see what happens after Dustin talks with Jessica more though. We'll know for sure tomorrow afternoon!


Anonymous said...

What does anyone think about the possibility of a coup d'├ętat happening this week? Could Dick get the chance to over throw the current HOH? They have done so in past seasons. Just a thought.

j0e010 said...

lmao this is gonna be funny this eviction because when dick uses veto to save danielle and dustin gets put up then america is gonna vote for dustin to be evicted then that means daniele jen zach and eric will be voting dustin out and dustin will be evicted and start cryin like a lil girl am i right or what because america likes dick over dustin easily

Anonymous said...

I think Jen will ultimately be nominated as the replacement for Daniele. The LNC always display a lot of bravoto, but always go with the smart move in the end...these guys are gamers and they displayed that last week in their counterattack against the D&D coup attempt.

Anonymous said...

this entire season doesnt have a clue. it's almost as if they try to one-up each other's forehead-smacking dumb moves.

Anonymous said...

OMG as these people idiots...if you are different sides and it's numbers right now...get out as many of the other side as possible. DON'T put up any of your own guys and think you'll get the votes or a tie [not with the way America is telling AP to vote]. Have these people ever watched this show? DUH you put up Jen...she's already expecting it or she should be or Zach give him the speach that he's a "good" player and too big a risk. {Yeah right!]
But I guess what makes this show good TV, it's stupid people, ya never know what they're gonna do next. Shoot their foot, I guess. I wouldn't want these people on my side!

Anonymous said...

The best to put Eric as the pawn so that it negates America's vote thus ensuring Dick or Daniele out of the house.

chrisd4cu said...

am I missing somethiung here or is Dustin going home? Surely America will vote Dick over Dustin for Eric's vote. That would teach such a huge lesson if that happened.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone keep saying that eric is only doing what we ask since he's AP, and he's not "really" lying? That's crap!! He totally lies about things that have nothing to do with being AP. He's a weasel and a lame excuse for a human being. How do the rest of the HG not see how much he squirms when he's caught in a lie?

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that the people in the house do NOT know that eric is america's player. (And i think that ERIC should be reminded of that) So, they should not be worried about putting up one of "their own", they should think they have the votes no problem, unless eric has told them.

Anonymous said...

Best case would be to up Dustin up against Danielle, have America vote to get Dustin out this week and then next week Dick or Danielle win HOH and throw up Jameka and Amber and see which one GOD will save!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok.. this is what i do not understand.... if the lncnh has doubts on eric why would they nominate one of themselves and possibly lose that person. I mean if they nominate dustin, that is one less vote for them... just nominate zach or jen and get it over with. I honestly feel like Jameeka has more brains than all of the lncnh put together. I also cant stand Amber, so if u are going to nominate someone in ur group jessica, please nominate her!!!!

One more thing is that we as America are supposed to vote to help Eric win, we are supposed to vote as if it were us in there... and none of us would be dumb enough to vote someone out who just saved ur ass and will take you to at least the final 5. So... we need to start voting to help Eric, not screw him!!!!(no matter how much we might not like him, i think it would be cool if America could win this game)

Anonymous said...

One of the LNC needs to go, I choose Dustin first. Let's look at who is left in BB8 and my observations.

Jessica - A follower, no original thoughts.

Amber - A cryer, follower, yes she has made mistakes in her past, but she needs to move forward and don't look back. If she was not so emotional she would say just that to people "I made mistakes but I have moved on".

Dustin - I have no personal issues with gay people; it is their choice in life. This guy is making me ill as a person he is full of himself. Joe may have been right.

Jameka - I am a Christian and do need to ask for forgiveness, but I do not intentionally do something wrong and then ask for forgiveness. I am glad she is not a counselor at my children's school.

Jen - I really do not like all her T-Shirts and their sayings but she has shown that she can be true to people. Being put on the block so much must have made her think about what she was doing.

Zach - Ok, not exciting, pretty blah, but I think could be a threat.

Eric - I felt sorry for him being chosen as America's player, he did not ask for it. He has not liked what he has been asked to do, I wouldn't either in some cases, but he does seem like a whiner.

Dani - She is smarter than most of the ones in the house. She is the one that figured out that Eric was the one making the calls about what should go on in the house. She was put in a tough situation with her dad being there but has handled it pretty well.

Dick - Last but not least. The person you want to hate but he is right on with his assessment of people. I don't like how he goes about it but he does get his points across. I hope he and Dani stay, they are the smarter ones.

Anonymous said...

I want Eric to be nominated as the replacement nominee so that America cannot sabatage the game, and this will ensure that Dick will be removed from the game.

Eric is stupid though. Since America is obviously no playing on his side (which he already suspects), he should volunteer to put himself on the block.

It's the only way.

That's why this world if full of so much evil. Because people (like the Dick supporters) would love to see evil people prosper.

Dick knows that he's evil, that's why he gave loves having the name Evil Dick. He's so proud of that.

Anonymous said...

"Jameka says that she trusts Eric because she gave up five HoH competitions for his safety last week."
haha thats funny. she trusts him cuz she gave up 5 HoH for him. shoulnd she trust him if hes the one giving up the HoH?

Anonymous said...

Donkeys, lying is a part of this game.

Why do you insist on blasting people for lying?

And who are the Donkeys that keep saying that Dick has never lied.

The Donatos totally say one thing to people's faces, and say something completely different when they talk alone.

The only reason they are nice to anyone is when they want to sway their vote. And some are just to scared of backlash if they don't follow along.

You idiot donkey Dick supporters are so dumb if you think that Dick hasn't lied in this game.

Let me pull a Dick on you --- Which short yellow school bus did you ride to school?

Anonymous said...

BB needs to realize that if Dick gets evicted, the show is going to be soooooo boring. I think Dick has definitely raised the bar....he is so entertaining to watch & I actually look forward to his confrontations.......I LOVE DICK!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it sucks that Eric has to forfeit his gameplay to do what America wants. It should be his choice of whether or not he wants to do it. He doesn't have a chance in hell at winning because of being AP. Since there is no guarantee he can pull it off, he should have a choice of whether or not it's a do-able task. Tell him to vote out Dick America, please!! He would not turn against his team players if he had his way, and trying to put up Dustin after he campaigned to save him last week. That is just not fair play.

Anonymous said...

Eric would be much further ahead if he could play his own game. I hear Dani say it all the time, but this time it's true. "It just sucks" I don't think we should hate Eric because he lies when he is just trying to do what AP is suppose to try and do. Give the guy a break. Tell him to get that a-hole Dick out of the house. Entertaining to some, pain in the butt to most. Get Dick out so he can go back to being popular with his "more then most people have" friends.

KY said...

I voted my 10 times for Eric to give JESS the silent treatment

MissRed said...

Don't you think that Eric had a choice about being AP? Worst case--the producers may have told him do this or you will not be on the show. He is winning money and is not a victim. We were trying to send him messages through our votes in the beginning--he did not get that. So now, America seems to be playing against Eric--because he does not do what we ask anyway.

He is a scummy person. Who jokes about a father having sex with his daughter? Who says that Daniele will be pregnant with Dick's baby by the time she leaves the house? I will tell you who says that--Eric. He lost me when he made those hateful comments. The "Fake Five" have also jumped on the incest bus. Terrible--shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Lying is part of the game, right or wrong. It is a game and who can outwit who.

Non Dick lovers, is he not playing the game well?? Although obnoxious.

Deborah said...

Does BB sway HGs to vote one way or another or try to "help" one over another? If so, how?

Thanks - I'm new to your updates and am enjoying them very much.
I hope mean Dick goes this week!

Anonymous said...

BOO HOO for poor Eric. He has to do what we say ... blah, blah, blah. He doesn't "have" to do anything. He's doing it so he can compete the tasks an get the money. He's so far in now, he can't stop even if he wanted to! But, that's his fault. He could of chosen to not do the stunts/tasks. He was greedy and thought he could do the AP stuff, get extra cash for it, and still win. Can't have it both ways ... Obviously! I do feel bad that America has been voting just to screw him though - that's not right.

BBVIII said...

Deborah - There's been rumors that BB has swayed the HG to vote a certain way. It is their job to make the show interesting, so they do that by making the HG keep their options open. Usually it doesn't work though.

Anonymous said...

After seeing last night's show, I understand now why Dick carried confrontation to new levels on Fri. night and Sat. morning. He just wanted to make sure that everyone hated him enough to vote him out over Dani. It wasn't him being childish or paranoid; it was his strategy in the game.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be very interesting. If the LNC put up one of their own, that will be one less vote for them. If BB wants Dick to stay for the ratings, he will not pass that up for more harrassment. By the sounds of the feeds they don't know who should go. Dick for peace and quiet, or Danielle for stradegy. It all is up to Dick(which I know he is thoroughly enjoying)

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with all you people? Just because Eric was choosen to vote for us does not mean we have to want him to win. We are having him vote for us so we can leave in the last two people we want... so if Eric remains one of the final 3 then he most likely will not win the game. And Eric went off like an idiot when Danielle and ED figured out the truth... He should have remained calm and let BB figure out how to control the situation. But instead he BAD mouthed the two players smart enough to see through him; he'd have been smarter to align with them and let the house think they wanted him out.

Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed in my sister Jameka. How could she let the evil one - Dick - take her there, to the point of messing up her testimony. He talks about others being manipulative but that is all he has been doing. He attempts to manipulate by intimidation, attacking everyones character especially when things don't go the way he wants. He has done everything he accuses others of doing. Has he ever heard of "what goes around comes around?
Jameka, stay strong. Remember Satan is the accuser of the brethren. But "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world".
Amber, stop whining and crying. Go read your Bible. Read the Psalms.
It's funny how Jen was the number one enemy of Dick and Danielle,but as soon as they realized they are out numbered, they start whooing her because they need her. If she falls for this she is not as smart as she appears, or maybe she is as crude as she appears.
Please send that foul-moouthed EVEL home or his Minnie Mouse daughter.
As for Zach - he's just there biding his time. Not bothering anybody. Just gliding along. Reminds me of Earl on Survivor.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody else gettng tired of the battle of the Christians against the Heathens. Why would a true believer attack someone with the language that they have. They of all people should know a person can ask for salvation at the last minute and be saved. Even Evil Dick......