Monday, April 14, 2008

4/13-14 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

Sharon and Sheila do not believe that Natalie has given up campaigning to stay this week. Ryan feels bad about voting Natalie out this week but agrees that it is the best thing for him to do strategically. Natalie is now blaming James for Adam and Ryan not trust her anymore. She told Sheila that she needs her help to make sure Adam and Ryan will keep her this week. Sheila agreed to talk to them. Natalie wants to threaten them by saying that she will vote for Sharon to win if she is in the finals. She also told Sheila that both Adam and Ryan have promised her that they want to bring her to the finals. Sheila seems surprised.

Natalie went on for quite a while about how she feels about Adam and Ryan, and Sheila did a great job acting like she doesn't trust them anymore for calling Natalie out for no reason. Natalie used up the rest of her hair dye on Sharon. Adam and Ryan agree that the jury would vote for Sheila to win over anyone since she is a single mom. They also agree that Sharon has the votes of Chelsia, James, and Joshuah, and Sheila would make four if she isn't in the finals. (Basically they agree that the only way one of them can win the game is if both of them are in the finals.) They are the only two HG still awake as I post this.

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Anonymous said...

I like Sheila's plan. In fact, as long as Nastee Natalee is finally G-O-N, I'm happy with any of the final 4 winning. They (the other 4) all have flaws, but nowhere as immoral and disgusting as the others on the Jury (ALL of whom I'd have hated to see win or go to final-4). Ryan can go next, but as for the other 3, any of them wins and I'm happy! :)