Sunday, July 22, 2007

7/22 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

FINALLY the HG have risen from the dead, and some, but not a lot, of news has unfolded. Here's the scoop from the afternoon hours inside the BB house.

Amber told Nick about voting Mike out this week. Nick thinks that Kail will be so shaken up over the next few weeks because she feels as if she's going already. Nick wants Kail around longer than Jen or Zach because he thinks she would be a vote for him to win.

Daniele and Dick had another argument about Nick. Daniele thinks that she can fend for herself and doesn't need his constant coaching. She gets emotional over it. Dick doesn't understand why Daniele won't listen to him. He keeps telling her that Nick is ruining their relationship and that he needs to go. Daniele starts to become hysterical and storms out, leaving Dick alone. Dick says that their fight confirms that Daniele really is in love with Nick. Daniele talks to Amber about it, and they both agree about how annoying Dick has become this week. Amber then talks about how much Kail hates Zach now.

Apparently, Daniele and Nick as well as Jessica and Zach will be dating tonight. @@ Dick talked to Jameka about his latest fight with Daniele. He doesn't think that their relationship will ever improve. He doesn't understand why she will never give him a chance in the house. Jameka thinks that Daniele doesn't want any more drama in her life, so she doesn't want to deal with Dick right now. Dick said that the reason why Daniele stopped talking to him was because he told her that she was a bitch like her mother. Ouch.

Jameka told Kail about a conversation she had with Joe before his eviction. According to her, Joe said that Kail is the one person in the house that he could not trust. Kail immediately starts to cry over this, so Jameka tries to cheer her up. Geez Jameka, way to go! Amber and Eric are both sick of Dick and agree that he is lying all over the place because of the power going to his head. They don't understand why he wants all of the attention now. They are both sick of Daniele and Dick's constant petty arguing. Nick joins them and says that Daniele and Dick are extremely bipolar.

That's pretty much it for the afternoon! As for Jameka's birthday party, she doesn't think it will happen until later so it can be seen on BBAD. Look for some of that in my next update!


MsHotty said...

Amber is just jealous that nick doesn't like her she is in love with nick secretly but i saw thru her. jessica is a liar she said she wanted 2 vote 4 kail!! Dustin is a cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jameka is a hippocrite Cunt also that hide behind the bible beating whore and also she is a devil in sheeps clothing!!!!!!!!!!

MsHotty said...

Kail I hate her already Eric is an over rated asshole!!!!!!! NICK WAS the ONLY real person in that house!!! Danielle is a confussssssed little girl searching 4 the same unwanted love she's not getting from her dad she didn't know a good thing when it was sitting right in front of her face!! Believe u me I was a little skeptical of NICK also but he's really a good small town GUY LOVVVVVE that!!!