Friday, July 27, 2007

7/26-27 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

It was a late night for the HG despite their talks of going to bed early in preparation for today's food competition. Dustin's decision is on the way, so how will his fellow HG try to sway his decision? Here's the scoop from last night in the BB house.

Zach feels depressed because he doesn't have an Amber in the house like Dustin does (close ally). He says that there are people in the house that don't deserve to be there. He talks about missing work as well. (I think he's catching on that nobody in the house likes him.) He feels confident that Dustin will keep him safe this week.

Eric thinks that the wrong person went home this week. He doesn't understand how they kept someone who openly told them that she was going after them. Jessica points out that Kail cracks under pressure and that she doesn't want to win HoH anymore. Eric thinks that is all just an act. They then talk about how Kail didn't even talk to them until the second week when she was campaigning against Dick. They agree that she is hiding something as well. Him and Jessica both feel that they are safe this week. He is worried about Daniele because she is sneaky. Jessica says that she talks to Daniele only because she's 21 and blonde like she is. Eric thinks that Nick will be the next one to go. Eric thinks that Kail is a threat now because Amber, Dustin, and Jameka all plan on using her in the future. They also realize that Daniele and Dick will not vote each other out.

Jessica thinks Jameka may have told Kail last week about how Jessica was upset that Kail never talked to her last week. She says that she only told Eric and Jameka that she was upset, but Eric says that he didn't tell Kail. Jessica asks Eric who he would have put up had he won HoH, and he says Nick and someone else. Jessica says she would have nominated Daniele and Dick. (I doubt that!) She then corrects herself, saying she would nominate Kail and Nick. @@ Jessica says that she completely trusts only Eric in the house. They say that when they are HoH, they have to nominate either Amber and Dustin or Daniele and Dick, then team up with the pair they decide to keep. Eric warned Jessica about the God-alliance between Amber, Jameka, and Kail, but Jessica doesn't think that alliance could ever happen. (Me either.) They agree that it might be a good idea to bring Jen closer to them because she feels that nobody likes her and wants her out. Eric says that he likes her better than anyone else on Kail's side. They agree to wait until after Nick leaves before bringing her in. They mention how Nick wouldn't vote for either of them in the finals, so it's best to get him out either this week or next.

Eric is glad that Dustin is HoH now because he isn't sure that Dustin would keep him safe in the future. Daniele agrees. Daniele is nervous because Amber keeps saying that she will be in the final two. She then talks about how she knew she would be safe week 1, and she knew that Dustin would win HoH. Eric is really nervous about Amber, Dustin, and Jameka pulling Kail into an alliance, which is why they wanted to keep her so bad this week. They want her to take out Daniele and Dick for them.

Amber tried to convince Dustin to keep Nick this week and go after Zach instead. She says that Nick would go after Jen and Kail with them. She wants Dustin to nominate Kail and Zach. Dustin says that he wanted to backdoor Zach. He then tells her that he doesn't like how she is still loyal to Nick. Amber says that her relationship with Nick helps them out since she gets info from him. Amber says that there are two sides to their side. On one side, there is Amber, Daniele, Dustin, and Jameka. On the other side is Dick, Eric, and Jessica. She tells him that Dick's side will try to get Nick nominated while her side will try to get Zach nominated. Amber wants Nick in the jury because he would be a vote for either of them to win.

Dustin decides to talk about the vote openly amongst his side (with the exception of Amber). He said he wants to put up either Jen or Kail and either Nick or Zach. Eric thinks that Nick leaked the plan to vote Mike out to Jen. He believes Nick was the other vote to get Kail out. Dick agrees that Jen and Kail are still close. Eric thinks he should nominate Jen and Zach and say that he has nominated the two people who voted for Kail to stay. Then, Jen would sell Nick out as the real vote so they can backdoor him. Dustin doesn't want this week to be that dramatic. Dustin says that if Nick won HoH next week, he would automatically be nominated. Daniele says that they need to backdoor Nick then.

Everyone seems to want Kail and Nick nominated, which was Dustin's original plan. Dustin points out that he still wants Zach to be the target this week. Dick says that he enjoys playing with Kail's mind. Eric repeats that Nick has to go if he is nominated. Everyone agrees that Nick should go this week, then Kail, Zach, and Jen in that order. Dustin says that he doesn't want to deal with Nick once he's nominated. Daniele repeats that he needs to be backdoored so they only have to deal with him for a few days as opposed to a whole week. Dustin then announces that he will nominate Jen and Kail and then backdoor Zach. Everyone agrees with that decision. Amber then joins the group and says that Nick could help them this week, but nobody believes that. Eric says that all he is doing is feeding Jen and Zach info. Eric reminds the group not to listen to anything Kail's side has to offer. He then says that they should fight against them in the food competition tomorrow. (Obviously one of them would have to join their side so the teams could be even.)

Of course, there are still doubts among Dick's side, so they continue to talk. Everyone seems to want either Kail or Nick out. Therefore, Dustin doesn't want to nominate Zach if nobody wants him out. He now thinks that maybe they should backdoor Nick instead of Zach. Dick says that they should still talk to Nick to make him feel part of their group. They agree on Jen and Kail as the nominees with backdooring Nick if PoV is used. They then talk about the latest prank they played on Kail (pouring M&M's in her bed). They suggest hiding her underwear for their next prank.

Amber thinks that Eric doesn't like her anymore. Eric says that she thinks that because he doesn't like Nick and she does. He reminds her that he voted against Kail to cause drama in the house. Jameka says that Eric and Dick should let Amber finish her thoughts when she wants to say something. Amber says that they shouldn't nominate Nick because he still feels that he is part of their group. They think he should be the last one to go from Kail's side. Eric says that Nick isn't a threat to Amber, but he's a threat to him. Amber says that she could influence Nick away from their side. Amber says to get Kail and Zach out first because then Nick won't have anyone to be alligned with. Eric points out that Nick wanted Jen to nominate either him, Jameka, or Jessica when she was HoH. Eric then says again that he was the leak to Kail about the plan to evict Mike. Dick and Jameka agree. Dick also says that he doesn't trust Nick with Daniele.

Eric says that he wants their side to be the last seven standing, and Nick could ruin that. He says that there will be a physical competition soon, and Nick would dominate at that. Dick tells Amber that her reasons for keeping Nick are personal and not strategic. Amber doesn't understand why they won't get Zach out because everyone hates him. Dick then says that Nick on the jury would be good for him too, but not for the group, so he wants him out. He also says that Jen or Kail would never vote for him to win, but they would for anyone else, so he is keeping them in. Eric points out that Zach has no influence over the group, whereas Nick does, so it would be better to get him out this week and Zach out next week. Eric says that Daniele will be more easily trusted if Nick is gone. Dick again points out that Nick voted with Zach today (even though he didn't), so he cannot be trusted. Eric says that Jen and Kail will be nominated, and Kail will go if the nominations stay the same. Dick says that Kail has been telling Daniele that he is a bad father to her and her brother.

Most of Dick's side stayed up extremely late before all collectively going to bed at around 6:30 AM. All HG are still in bed as I post this. As for today's events, expect a wake-up call soon for this morning's food competition. Nominations are also later today. I predict Jen and Kail to be nominated. More on that later!

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