Wednesday, July 25, 2007

7/25 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

I knew the HG would eventually open up! The afternoon proved to be far more enjoyable than the morning, and I have the scoop! Here's what has happened this afternoon in the BB house.

Dustin tells Daniele that he wants to be honest with Mike when he talks to him this afternoon. Daniele went on again about how creepy Zach is and that he is a liar. Dustin thinks that Zach is starting to figure out that everyone isn't fond of him. He says that he is comfortable with letting Zach know that he is going home if he ever gets nominated. Daniele says that Zach will believe whatever someone tells him. According to Dustin, Zach thinks that he (Dustin) is a threat. Dustin says that he refuses to lie in the game because he has been honest since the beginning, and it has worked for him thus far. Daniele tells him that he shouldn't confirm or deny anything if he doesn't want to lie to anyone.

Mike tells Dustin that it is hard to campaign against Kail since they used to be alligned together. He tries to get Dustin's vote by showing how honest he has been throughout the game. Dustin says that Mike is a strong competitor but wonders why he protected Jen in the PoV competition. Mike said that it was beyond the alliance and that he did it to show everyone what kind of a person he is. Mike tells Dustin that he told Kail to stick to her word and be the sole vote to vote Dick out last week. (Umm...that's a lie. Kail thought Mike was voting Dick out too.) According to Mike, everything Dick has said about Kail throwing the MRA under the bus is false. He says the only reason why Kail told everyone about the MRA is because she thought everyone already knew. He doesn't like being nominated alongside her. Mike says that the only reason he is still protecting Jen and Kail is because they kept him safe when they were HoH. Mike says that he will repay anyone who keeps him safe when they are HoH. Mike said that he will play the game solo from here on out and that if he wins HoH next week, he would nominate two people that the house wants out. Dustin likes that idea. He really doesn't know how to vote because Kail and Mike are in pretty much the same position. He does think that Kail isn't a very good game player because of her actions last week. He thinks that Mike has been more honest and consistent throughout the game. He is concerned with Mike's waiting until this week to open up though. Dustin says that he still doesn't know how he will vote but that he will vote strategically and not personally. Mike then says how important it is to have someone like him on the jury because he won't take things personally when choosing the winner. Dustin says that he voted for Dick to stay last week because he is very honest with his game play. (I'd have to disagree with that after this week!) Dustin says that he hasn't made a decision yet. He also says that the only reason he has been spending a lot of time with Kail is because he has been consoling her.

Dustin tells Nick about his conversation with Mike. He says he left Mike with the thought that his vote is leaning towards his way. Nick thinks that is good so that Mike won't question Dustin anymore. He appreciates the fact that Mike has never lied during the game. Nick points out that Mike has rarely talked throughout the game. Dustin lets Nick know that Zach really wants HoH next week. Nick thinks that Zach will go home next week if he doesn't win HoH. Dustin thinks Zach would put him (Dustin) up because Zach told him that he was a threat. He says that he needs to allign with Zach in order to ensure Zach not putting him up. Nick says that Zach told him that he would put Kail up. Nick says that he hates Kail for screwing up the MRA. Nick says that if he wins HoH, he would choose between Jen, Kail, and Zach.

Kail asked Jen how she was voting, and she said that she will vote with the house once she figures out who everyone wants out. Kail lets her know that she would feel horrible if her vote is the one that sends her home. Jen doesn't really reply to that comment. According to Kail, Dick has been telling everyone that Jen played the mustard prank on herself.

Mike tells Eric the same things he has told Dustin about keeping him safe this week. Eric tells him that he wouldn't have been targeted had their alliance stayed together. Mike agrees because Jen said that she was with Eric and that he would keep them safe. Eric says that he has been getting to know everyone and not letting anyone know who he is targeting. He is worried about being nominated against Dick next week if one of the remaining MRA people win HoH next week.

Dick received his HoH camera and spent much of the afternoon taking pictures with the other HG. Amber whined that Dick wouldn't let her take any pictures. @@ Dick yelled at her about her constant whining, calling him out in front of other HG, and her butting into his and Daniele's relationship. Amber then whined to Dustin about her latest fight with Dick and vows to convince the whole house to vote Dick out the next time he is nominated because everyone loves her. @@ - Gotta do one there!

Eric tried to convince Daniele to keep Mike. He tells her that she doesn't have to do what Dick tells her to do in the game. Daniele says that Mike wants to talk to her later. Eric says that Mike has a lot of good things to say to people. Daniele thinks that all the voters should talk about who they should vote out this week. Eric then talks to Kail, and she tells him that she could be used as a pawn to get Zach out in the future. Kail tells him that she only trusts him, Amber, Dustin, and Jameka now. She mentions that Jen has been treating her differently now. Eric tells her that the house isn't agreeing with Dick on the decision to vote Kail out this week. They agree that Dick has been egocentric this entire week. Kail says that Dick is giving her the impression that the house is with him. Eric says that he is going to continue to build relationships before targeting other HG.

Daniele tries to talk to Mike, but of course Dick keeps interrupting them so he can take pictures with them. @@ - I'm so sick of Dick! Why can't he just let Daniele play the game? Get him out of there!

Zach tells Nick that he will most likely be nominated alongside Daniele instead of Dick because everyone is scared of Dick. He also says that he will vote Kail out this week. Nick says that he hasn't made a decision yet. They agree that they will never allign with Kail again if she stays because they cannot trust her. Zach then talks to Mike and lets him know that he will evict Kail this week. He is still upset that Kail outed the MRA and has not apologized for doing so. Zach says that he wants HoH so he can sleep in the HoH bed. @@ He also mentions Dick and Kail talking a lot recently, so maybe they are closer than everyone thinks. Mike thinks that Dick will never go back on getting Kail out. Zach spilled about Dick wanting to keep Mike this week. Mike says that he will talk with Dick later. Zach then talks about how stupid Jen is and how they can use that to their advantage. They agree that they cannot trust her though.

Whew! That pretty much does it. I'm liking the fact that things are changing though. It seems undecided about who will be evicted now. Eric has done an excellent job about trying to get Kail evicted instead this week, and I think it may happen. Now all they need to do is get Dick out of the house, and I love them! We'll see what happens. I'll have more later!

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