Friday, August 10, 2007

8/10 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

With nominations only a few hours away, how will the HG sway Jessica's decision? Or will they even bother? The feeds were boring for the most part this afternoon, and here are the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

It looks like Daniele, Dick, Dustin, and Zach are on slop this week. Jen was awarded a slop pass for the week as well. Apparently, Dick was originally awarded it, but he decided to give it to Jen. It seems that Jameka praised God following the competition for not putting her on slop this week. Dick threatened to pour honey on her Bible. Daniele says that if he does, she will know he did it. Daniele isn't sure that she can trust Jen anymore because Dick walked in on Amber and Jen talking strategy. Daniele says that Zach is the only person she can trust in the house other than Dick. Daniele says that the LNCNH will try to throw her off her game by telling her that she is the target this week.

Amber told Jameka that she wished she hadn't told Dustin that she would take him to the final two because she knows that she can't beat him in the finals. (I don't think she can beat anyone in the finals!) Amber says that Dustin won't care since he won those prizes. Amber goes on about God telling her that she will win the next HoH. Jameka thinks it's amazing that Amber can tell the future. @@ - And she was serious! Give me a break. Eric told the LNCNH that Dick sneezed into one of the bathroom towels, but he made a point to say that he wasn't making accusations. He went on for about five minutes about it. @@ Jameka ran to tell Jessica about it shortly after.

Jessica is planning a ladies slumber party tonight. She hopes that Daniele will come too because she just wants to have fun with the girls in the house. Eric and Dustin were jealous. Amber did a Jameka and praised God for about ten minutes, thanking him for doing well in the food competition and the like. She told Jessica that Dick won't harass her like he has everyone else in the house this week.

Eric and Zach talked about Dustin saying that he (Dustin) is the weakest link of the LNCNH. They would love to see him on the block next to Dick this week to see Dustin panic. Eric tried to convince Jessica to nominate Dustin as a replacement nominee. Jessica liked the idea of Dustin not feeling like he's safe this week even though he would be. She said she would think about it. (Dustin could be evicted if he is nominated this week if America tells Eric to evict Dustin. Wouldn't that be a lovely surprise for the LNCNH?)

That was pretty much it for the afternoon! The feeds have been blocked since 4:50 PM for the nominations ceremony and have just returned. Expect Daniele and Dick to be nominated, but I'll have the scoop when I know for sure!


Anonymous said...

does anyone know whos on the block this week?

BB13 said...

Daniele and Dick have been nominated.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that dustin is put on block and then AP is forced to take him out!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I want Danielle out.

Leave Dick the tyrant in the house to continue his stupid ramblings so that he can did his own grave.