Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/13-14 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-5:00 PM

The HG are seen here playing cards this afternoon on the dining table.

How interesting the feeds are in the final days! There really has been nothing to update on because there is obviously no strategizing going on. Dan and Memphis talked about various topics and played games before going to bed just after 2:00 AM. Memphis woke up this morning at 12:00 PM. He made breakfast for himself and layed around until Dan woke up nearly three hours later. Again, nothing has happened today.

Note: As for tonight's show, I will not be posting a recap of it since it won't include any new game information, just never-before-seen footage as well as the season's most outrageous moments. Due to football, the show will not be starting until around 8:45 PM on the east coast.


Anonymous said...

after watching last night, i hope memphis wins. dan is so cocky. he is so greedy. saying he'll throw memphis under the bus, nice friend. what a JERK!!!

Anonymous said...

this is a game for money and he would be a fool not to do everything he can to win it including throw memphis under the bus! Dan should win and I hope he does!

BTW that is not being cocky. Everyone says Dan is cocky but I dont see it! What I see is someone who thinks of the next step and makes a move in the right direction. Coachin football I am sure helped him!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, like you wouldn't do anything to win the $500k. I also hope Dan wins. He was the only one with a brain and actually won competitions, unlike the others who floated. Hell, Memphis never won any HOH's just a few POVs. I think Dan deserves it more than Memphis. He was the better "player".

Anonymous said...

I totally agree 331 and 404. I mean seriously. And I like how Memphis was like "after all this meticulous planning" like he did any of it. I'm sure he just rode alongside Dan.

Samantha said...

People are not there to make friends. It was nice that Dan and Memphis formed a friendship but they are still competing for $500k. Dan should throw Memphis under the bus to try and win it, and Memphis should do the same. How much are they really going to be keeping in touch when this is all over anyway?

Anonymous said...

Glad nothing much happened on last nights episode because in OHIO our power went out all over the NE areas because of the wind storm : (
I would have been sooooooo mad if it was jury questioning last night?