Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2/13 Live Feeds: 1:00-3:00 PM

Jen told Amanda that if she had to vote Ryan out to earn her trust that she would. Jen would much rather align with Amanda than Natalie even though Parker likes them both. Amanda and Jen think that if someone wants to use the PoV, that they will be nominated next week (meaning that she will threaten the PoV winner). They both want Allison and Ryan out this week. Sheila told Jen that there is no way she is voting her and Parker out since they kept her and Adam safe last week.

Adam says that he will play extremely hard for the food competition today. He wonders if they will play as couples or not. Allison worked on Sheila, telling her that she has her back in the game if she keeps her safe this week. Sheila agrees that Allison is the only one that has been nice to her since they have been in the house. She then tells Ryan that he and Allison have her word that she will vote to keep them this week. @@ - Already lying Sheila? Allison told Jen that one of them has to go this week for the other to have a shot at winning the game.

Joshuah and Sheila got into a bit of a fight because Joshuah told Sheila that she is stirring up the game too early. Later, he explained that he was staging that fight and told her to keep the drama coming. Interesting... Joshuah wants the house to think that he is a swing vote, so he also wants to stir up the game. Joshuah and Neil don't really like Jen and hope that Sheila will vote her out this week.

Jen told Chelsia and Matt that Ryan no longer has her back in the game. Jen wants Ryan out of the house now because he is making her weary about their situation. She hopes that she is the pawn this week and that Allison and Ryan will be evicted. Jen and Ryan talk again, and she confronted him about the situation. She knows that he is campaigning against her and doesn't like it. Ryan denied this, but Jen stood her ground. Jen says that she cannot play the game until he is gone.

The feeds have been blocked since just before 3:00 PM for the food competition I assume. I'll let you know if anything has changed when they return!

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