Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/14 Live Feeds: 1:00-8:00 PM

Amanda thinks that Chelsia hates her but doesn't care. She only cares that Parker likes her. She told Sharon that Joshuah wants their two couples to go to the finals together. Sharon thinks that Jen might want to leave after Ryan leaves. Amanda wants Chelsia and James out next. Parker once complained about the game being unfair to him. @@ Jen thinks that only two or three couples will make up the jury. (I think all of the couples could be in the jury since Sharon did confirm that her and Jacob were sequestered following their eviction.)

Allison and Sheila compared themselves to Dick from BB8 since they don't care what anyone thinks about them. Allison said she rooted for Zach which surprised Sheila. Allison says that she would rather evict Jen than win the game. Allison hopes that Ryan isn't giving up and that he will try just as hard as she to win the PoV this week. Jen says that the house would be better off without Allison and Ryan there. She also thinks her game will be better without Ryan and that she blames Ryan for her being nominated.

Amanda cannot stand Alex anymore, but she has taken a liking towards Parker. Alex asked Amanda if she knew Parker outside the house, and she wondered why he would ask that. He said that James said something about there being more couples in the house that knew each other. (I don't think there is anyone else other than Jacob/Sharon and Jen/Ryan.) They fought for a while before making up.

James and Parker got into a bit of a fight, complete with explicitives of course. Ryan thinks that there is too much petty drama in the house. I agree, but it makes the feeds interesting. Adam and James agreed to vote to keep Ryan this week. Ryan says that if he has the votes, then he won't worry about using the PoV. Parker told Allison that she was the dumbest girl in the house and then complained forever about her. @@ - Parker has been a downer ever since he was nominated.

Everyone dressed up for their Valentine's Day dinner. They even all said why they liked Valentine's Day and who they love the most. James confronted Parker about their fight earlier. He said that Parker has been disrespecting everyone since he was nominated, and someone needed to do something about it. Parker apologized, and the two agreed that they just misunderstood each other. Amanda also apologized for getting Parker riled up earlier.

Matt doesn't think that Parker will be going this week. He says that he trusts only Parker and is telling Allison what she wants to hear. He thinks that Amanda may nominate Chelsia and James as a replacement. Parker thinks she should nominate Adam and Sheila if she doesn't want any trouble. Matt says that he will use the PoV on Parker if he wins it. I'll have more tomorrow!


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