Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2/20 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Joshuah says that Amanda's big problem is because she gossips more than anyone else in the house. Chelsia agrees. Natalie thinks that Amanda is just looking for attention and says that Amanda's gossiping tends to get Natalie in trouble too. Chelsia was upset that Amanda thinks that she wants Alex/Amanda evicted. She confronted Amanda about it, and Amanda of course denied it. Joshuah decided to chime in, claiming that everyone in the house hates Amanda. He says that he really enjoyed venting on Amanda and thinks he turned the whole house against her. Joshuah made a comment about Amanda hanging herself just like her father, which set Amanda off. Alex and Sharon thought it was completely out of line. Allison comforted Amanda and thinks that Joshuah did everything he could to hurt Amanda. Parker felt bad and wanted to care for her.

Jen feels that the odds are against her this week and is willing to do anything to stay. She told Sheila that Ryan is racist in an effort to win her vote. She claims that Ryan gets upset when Jen talks about her old boyfriend who was black. Sheila told Ryan about this. Ryan got upset with Jen and broke the news that she would be evicted this week. He made sure to tell Parker that he wasn't a racist. Jen claimed that she never told Sheila that Ryan was racist when she clearly did. Sheila wasn't going to have any word of it though. Allison thinks that Jen thrives off her lies. Ryan thinks that Jen wants to win the game so bad that she is ruining their relationship for it. Jen continued to deny her comments about Ryan's race issues. Time for questions with Julie! Sheila claims that she and Adam are a "match made in heaven" now. Adam likes Sheila as well. Jen told Ryan that she doesn't have any regrets in the game and got nominated for him. Ryan says that he will be thinking about her until they are reunited after the game. Only three HG think that nobody else knows another HG. What have the couples been saying in the DR? Matt/Natalie have been allies with Jen/Parker since the beginning of the game. Chelsia/James want to keep Allison/Ryan around to use them and think that Jen/Parker are bad roommates.

Time to talk with Alex/Amanda! Amanda forgives the people who attacked her the other night. Alex says that he draws strength from his deceased father daily. Amanda doesn't regret sharing her father's suicide and admits that it has strengthened her. Alex says that he and Amanda have to work as a team in order to succeed in the game. Amanda has a lot of faith in Alex and agrees that they are a strong couple. Back to the DR! Joshuah/Sharon don't trust Jen/Parker because they are so cocky. Adam/Sheila think that they are positive and negative aspects with keeping Allison/Ryan.

Ryan is thankful for the BB opportunity. Allison thanked the HG for getting to know her and hopes to spend more time with them in the future. Jen apologized for putting the HG in a tough situation regarding she and Ryan. Parker thanked the HG for not judging him. The votes are in! By a vote of 3-1, Jen/Parker have been evicted from the BB house. Time to talk with Julie! Jen thinks that her biggest mistake in the game was having Ryan tell Allison about their secret. Parker doesn't regret telling everyone about the secret because they couldn't trust Allison. Time for the goodbye messages! Allison says that Jen played the game too risky. Ryan says that he will continue to be thinking about Jen as the game continues. Julie perked the two up by announcing that they still get $5,000 each from the first competition.

Time for the HoH competition! Alex/Amanda cannot compete for HoH this week. The competition is called "BB Democracy." Couples had to answer questions based on what the majority of couples thought. Each questions involved a reward or consequence that the house had to follow according to the majority. Consequences/Rewards: No hot water for the next 72 hours, women wear bathing suits for the next 24 hours, no drinking cups for this week, a margarita party (without drinking cups), women cook dinner, and no washing machine for the next two weeks. By answering all six questions correctly, Chelsia/James win HoH! They were thrilled, especially to get a private bed. Allison is excited to be able to spend more time with Ryan this week.

Who will Chelsia/James nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday!

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