Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/17 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

BB woke the HG up around 10:15 AM. Joshuah was the first one up shortly after. Matt and Parker are worried about Chelsia/James' vote because Chelsia wants Allison/Ryan out. Parker complained, saying that he doesn't know how to campaign. Parker asked James and Chelsia how they were voting, and they said that they would like to vote Parker out since he cause a lot of drama this week. They haven't decided yet though.

Parker apologized for saying that some of the girls in the house were unattractive. Allison and Sheila are still pretty upset about it. Parker told Amanda that Chelsia/James need to go soon. Amanda thinks that James will vote their way for fear of being nominated. She says that Joshuah/Sharon will vote out Allison/Ryan. She isn't sure about Adam/Sheila though. Parker hopes that he will return to the house if he is evicted this week. He says that he needs to win HoH next week. He doesn't think Matt/Natalie will use the PoV.

Parker spent most of the morning whining about how Chelsia/James need to be evicted soon. He was pretty upset about not being saved with the PoV. Jen told him not to worry because they will win HoH next week. Joshuah informed Ryan that Jen/Parker will be evicted this week. He says that even Matt/Natalie are coming to his side. Amanda and Parker shared their first kiss, and Parker said that she knows she isn't ready for anything else yet. Sharon and Sheila think Jen and Ryan are stupid for telling everyone that they are a real-life couple when they could have kept quiet, and nobody would have suspected.

That does it for now! Much of the house is straying away from Alex/Amanda because Amanda is starting to get on everyone's nerves. It looks pretty clear that Jen/Parker will be evicted this week now. Look for another post from me in an hour with tonight's show recap! It should entail Sharon's return due to Neil quitting and Alex/Amanda's nominations.

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