Monday, February 18, 2008

2/18 Live Feeds: 9:00 AM-7:00 PM

Joshuah was the first one up today at around 10:00 AM. He called Jen a whore to Sheila and hopes that Ryan breaks up with her after the show. He thinks that Amanda will be in the HoH bedroom all day but is glad since he doesn't want to see her. Sheila doesn't know who is more hateful between Amanda and Jen. She doesn't understand how Jen/Parker can be close to Amanda if they made no attempt to defend her last night. Alex expects Joshuah to nominate him once he wins HoH. Joshuah says that Chelsia/James want Amanda out. Alex knew that being HoH this week would make himself an immediate target. Joshuah claims that he rarely blows up like he did last night.

Joshuah prayed in the backyard, asking God to help Amanda because she clearly has some issues with her. Sheila told Joshuah that he needs to win HoH soon. They both feel sorry for Alex for being paired with Amanda. They also both miss Neil. Sheila did tell Joshuah that he called Amanda a c**t too many times last night. Parker complained once again about being paired with Jen since he knows he will probably be evicted this week.

Amanda finally rolled out of bed shortly before 2:00 PM. She and Allison trashed Jen for not comforting Amanda last night when Jen is supposed to be Amanda's friend. They also commented on her calling Ryan a racist on national TV. Amanda said that she was watching the spy cam, and Joshuah flipped off Amanda's Memory Wall picture every time he passed it. Allison says that she is closest to Joshuah in the house, so she will talk to him about it. Allison says that Jen plans on staying this week and target Amanda next week. Amanda forgave Joshuah for the things he said last night, saying that she knows it was in the heat of the moment. Joshuah thanked her. Amanda told Natalie that she never called her a whore, and Natalie says that she knows that. Amanda says that the only people she is close to now are Alex and Natalie.

BB woke the rest of the HG up at around 3:20 PM. Jen apparently has a pretty bad rash. Natalie told Joshuah and Sharon about her conversation with Amanda and doesn't believe that she didn't call her a whore. Honestly, who cares anymore? BB gave the HG a scale, so they spent time weighing themselves. Everyone looked pretty somber, claiming that they have all gained weight since entering the house. Allison and Sheila are still playing it off like they know each other in real life, which I have no idea why. Only Chelsia and Joshuah seem to know, so Allison and Sheila made it clear that their "secret" cannot come out. They also said that they do not share finances, even though they live together. (Again, this is all false. I'm still confused as to why they are claiming they know each other.)

Jen now thinks that she will be evicted this week, so she is now going to sleep with Ryan instead of Parker. Allison told Chelsia that Parker threatened to kill Adam if he didn't vote for him this week. (I'm sure that is false.) Chelsia is shocked that Parker is threatening people to vote for him now. Parker has been saying all day that everyone against him better hope that he doesn't come back because they will pay. @@ Natalie thinks that BB will split the couples up when they get down to the final four. Amanda told Adam that Alex will be upset if he and Amanda are nominated next week. Amanda says that Chelsia and Joshuah were the only ones that said anything bad about her last night, so she is only mad at them.

Chelsia/James don't believe that Allison and Sheila are really a couple since they have both talked badly about each other behind each other's backs. They also think that Adam could be America's Player or something to the extent of that because he is so different from everyone else.

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