Sunday, February 17, 2008

2/17 Show Recap

Who will Alex/Amanda nominate? Let's find out!

Alex didn't really want to win HoH since he didn't want to nominate two other couples. Alex was happy with the HoH. Chelsia didn't want Amanda to be prancing around the house. Sheila wasn't confident about being safe this week. Ryan was upset that he and Allison wouldn't be securely safe this week. The Memory Wall has been posted! Amanda thought she looked fat. Matt thought he looked wonderful. Jen said that her picture was first on the Memory Wall because she is going to win, which made Parker cringe. James thinks she is the cockiest person in the house. Parker thinks that her comment ruined the game for them. Jen felt bad and apologized. Allison is still uneasy about the Jen/Ryan situation. Parker offered her sympathy. Allison said that if Jen pisses her off at all, then she will tell the whole house her secret. Allison tried to convince Ryan to trust her more than Jen by informing him of all Jen's bad qualities. Amanda informed some of the HouseGuests that her father hung himself, so she can get through anything in the game. This is also why she is always happy. It changed Chelsia's whole perspective of Amanda. Time to see Alex/Amanda's HoH bedroom! It's an island paradise! Alex received a cross made from steel from the World Trade Center rubble. Amanda received her dad's favorite CD: Al Green. Allison was not feeling comfortable with keeping Jen/Ryan's secret. Jen and Parker don't see how hard it is to keep your mouth shut.

Adam's nickname is the "Hooded Warrior" because he is uncircumcised. Allison hinted to Sheila that something was up with Ryan, but she didn't say anything. Parker thinks that he should tell everyone before Allison does so that they don't look bad. He first informed Alex and Matt. Alex and Matt thought it was odd since he didn't tell them immediately instead of waiting two days. He then told Amanda and Natalie. Amanda was livid. Matt told Allison that he was told, and she said that she is going to be playing solo now because she doesn't trust Ryan anymore. Allison confronted Jen and Ryan about it, and Jen exploded on her. Jen said that Allison was going to tell everyone anyway, but Allison disagreed. Sheila was shocked that she didn't notice before.

Amanda called a house meeting to see if anyone else knew each other. Everyone sweared on the Bible that they did not know anyone in the house. Alex and Matt made a pact to the end with each other. Matt thinks that Allison/Ryan and Jen/Parker should be nominated, but Alex doesn't want to nominate Parker.

Allison doesn't care what people think about her anymore. Sheila comforted her, saying that she feels the same way that she (Sheila) felt when she learned that she was paired with Adam. They agreed to become lesbians and act like there was another secret in the house. They told Joshuah, and he freaked out about it. He immediately told Neil about it. They told Chelsia, even mentioning that they have a son. They all seemed to believe it. Sheila complained to Parker about being with Adam. Alex thinks that Sheila is the most annoying person in the house because she keeps belittling Adam. Adam and Sheila fought yet again, sending Sheila crying away in her bedroom.

Allison thinks that she will be nominated because of the secret. Jen feels the same way. Adam says that if he gets nominated, it will be Sheila's fault. Ryan thinks that Allison has ruined the game for him. Amanda says that if she and Alex don't agree, then they will be nominated. Order of keys: Adam/Sheila, Chelsia/James, Matt/Natalie, and Joshuah/Neil., leaving Allison/Ryan and Jen/Parker nominated for eviction because of Jen and Ryan dating in real life. Allison will do everything she can to get Jen out of the house this week. Ryan knew that he would be nominated. Jen says that she will make sure that Ryan will be evicted this week. Parker hopes that he will be safe, but thinks Jen might ruin it for them.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Allison/Ryan or Jen/Parker from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

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