Sunday, July 29, 2007

7/29 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

I thought 11:00 AM was late for the HG to sleep in; nearly all of them are STILL in bed! Jen and Kail are the subject of this next update, so prepare for thrills up and down the post. Here's what has happened this morning in the BB house.

Kail was the first one up at just before 10:00 AM. Jen woke up about an hour later and the two have been laying out in the sun ever since. They both want Zach nominated as a replacement. Jen says that Dick is a good player, but it won't be long before everyone realizes how big of a liar he is. She would have alligned with him, but he smoked and was annoying. Kail said that she can never talk to Eric because Jessica is always around him. She then says that Jessica has a good strategy because she hasn't made any enemies yet by sleeping all day. Kail thinks that Jessica would never win a competition though. Jen says that she would never help Jessica get into acting and modeling if she screwed her over in the game. Jen thinks that Jessica woulldn't put her up right now though. Kail told her to make sure she votes for her to stay this week then. Kail said that if she wins HoH next week, she would nominate Daniele and Dick. Then if Daniele won PoV, she would nominate Jessica as a pawn to get Dick out.

The two are surprised that an America's Choice hasn't happened yet. (Little do they know that one happens every other day!) Apparently, Jen is a nanny for Vanna White's kids right now. Jen says that once Vanna's kids grow up, she will have kids of her own. Kail thinks that Dick has a lot of money, but Jen doesn't think so. The two made plans to meet up after the show ends. They then talk about New York City because Kail apparently grew up there. Jen hates it there because it's so dirty. The two have talked a lot of small talk all morning long.

Daniele recently woke up, but other than those three, everyone is still asleep. Who knows what time they will finally wake up? @@

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