Sunday, August 10, 2008

8/9-10 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-9:00 AM

Keesha seen here taking a break after yet another round of fighting in the BB house.

During the feast, everyone said something nice about another HG, which made both Dan and Libra emotional. Jerry told Dan that he thinks he is AP, so Jerry will nominate Dan because of that if he wins HoH next week. Memphis claimed that he gained over 5 pounds after eating the feast. Jerry seems really upset that the HG have been ignoring him recently, especially Dan. @@ - Dan has been trying to talk to Jerry, but Jerry doesn't want to hear from Dan.

Libra confronted Ollie about calling her a "ho" on Thursday night. Ollie apologized, saying he said it in the heat of the moment. Libra claims that the whole plan to evict Jessie last week was Keesha's idea, and Libra is getting blamed for it. Libra then says that she likes April more than Keesha now. Meanwhile, April and Keesha are both sick of Libra and agree that she needs to be evicted this week. Keesha also apologized to April for her actions last week.

Libra walked in on April and Keesha talking and then stormed back to Ollie, saying that Keesha has always hated April, yet she is sucking up to her now that she is nominated. Ollie enjoys this recent event and wants BB to give the HG alcohol every night. Keesha is now upset with April because April basically traded her for Ollie as the person April would take to the finals with her. April and Keesha quickly made up and hugged though.

April told Dan that she loves Ollie and would even marry him. Apparently, during the feast, Libra made a comment about if Keesha wanted designer clothes, she could just use April for them. Keesha got very upset at Libra for this comment. April and Michelle also yelled at Libra, since Libra tried to deny saying it. Keesha then stormed out and cried to Renny, saying how much she hates the fighting and wants to leave the house this week.

Michelle comforted Keesha, saying that she doesn't need to fight when she is in no danger of being evicted. Michelle then started crying because she doesn't want to deal with the fighting anymore. Libra says that she is done lying and will leave the house with her moral values in tact. She tells April that she would nominate her if she stayed and won HoH next week.

Jerry assured Keesha that she has nothing to worry about this week. Keesha explains that she hates this game and the way everyone treats each other. She told Jerry that April is targeting him as well. Jerry knows and says that he isn't aligned with April. Keesha wants someone good like Dan to win the game. Keesha is mad that Libra is going to be the one evicted this week instead of April.

Michelle ranted about being sick of everyone telling her who to nominate this week when she is HoH. Libra thinks that BB won't give them alcohol again after all the fighting they caused. Michelle then went off on Libra again, saying that she was responsible for everyone's eviction thus far. Libra says that Michelle will understand after Libra's eviction that there are bigger threats in the house besides her. Libra told April that she doesn't want to talk to her ever again if she doesn't vote her out this week.

Libra is upset that she has to go to the jury house after her eviction instead of her own house. April told Michelle that she will vote Libra out this week, but she wants Keesha out next week. Libra was the last one asleep last night at around 3:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. (FYI - since the fights tonight were so long, I won't be posting video of them. BB will have a condensed version for us on the show.)


Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't believe what a drunk ass Keesha was last night.

Anonymous said...

Big Brother bring on the booze,, this was THE most interesting this show has been all season.....maybe we will see who is genuine and who is fake....lord can Keesha be any more whinny????

Anonymous said...

I couldnt tell if Keesha and April were making up that was so funny in the spa room.

Anonymous said...

Ok I am really confused why Libra and Keesha are taking on all the blame. Didn't April promise Michelle during the HOH comps that she would not put up Michelle or Jesse? And didn't she put him up which put him in danger to be voted out? And why do they think when you are HOH you are now King/Queen and the subjects must do as I say? What game are these dumb asses playing? I think April is just as guilty. Now, Libra is a trouble maker this is true, but so is Jerry. I think Jerry should go on the block. He is so self rightous all the time. I will say that I am glad Jesse is gone. He was too full of himself. But maybe Michelle should have been smart this week and targeted people that are real threats to her and not just for revenge. Really, how well did she know Jesse and would he have done the same for her? These ppl get in the house and get such a warped since of reality. I guess that is why we watch it. I am also glad that they finally started voting they way they wanted to. You can't win a game if you do what others tell you to do. Let's see what happens now....

Anonymous said...

I think this AP needs to end. Too many house guests strongly suspect it's Dan. Because of that, the game will be played differently.

Jerry has already said he wants to put up Dan because he is sure he's AP.

BB, you need to figure out another twist because this one's old already.

Anonymous said...

I think they all need to get over themselves.

BB really picked some winners this time. The sense of entitlement most of them have is really sickening. They're all the victims. I suppose being isolated in the BB house brings that out in people but it seems that there's more whining and why me's this season than any other.

This is a game to outsmart the others for money. I think most of them have lost sight of that unless whining and blaming everyone else is their strategy.