Saturday, August 9, 2008

8/9 Live Feeds: 4:00-9:00 PM

The HG seen here partaking in their feast this evening.

Jerry wants to save Keesha with the PoV in order to backdoor Dan. Michelle wants the nominations to remain the same. Keesha and Libra don't think that Jerry will use the PoV. Memphis has to wear a garland of onions for 24 hours as a result of the PoV competition. April seems to have won new clothes as well. Jerry agrees to not use the PoV but told Keesha that she would be safe this week.

Ollie doesn't understand why Michelle likes Keesha so much more than Libra when they both voted Jessie out last week. Memphis thinks that he is even with April now since she has won two luxury prizes already. Libra claims that she has lost 17 pounds since entering the house. Libra urged Dan and Renny to stick together after she leaves this week. Libra thinks that Renny will win HoH next week.

BB gave the HG their feast along with some wine. The HG all stuffed themselves after being on slop since before the food competition.

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