Sunday, August 3, 2008

8/3 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Ollie was terrified while competing in the HoH competition. Renny told Jessie during the competition that she has no hard feelings for him anymore, but she was just telling him that in hopes that he would drop. Libra wanted to evict Jessie last week, but she voted Angie out to respect Keesha's wishes.

Keesha is glad that everyone kept their word to evict Angie. Dan hopes that everyone continues to be on his side to make his AP tasks easier. Michelle was sad to see Angie go but would rather see her evicted than Jessie. Jessie knows that if his alliance doesn't win HoH next week, they will probably fall apart.

After 26 minutes, Jerry dropped out of the HoH competition. He was surprised that Renny was still going strong. 7 minutes later, Libra got dizzy and dropped out. Ollie got nervous since his allies were dropping quickly. Michelle knows that her alliance will be nominated if they don't win HoH. Dan wanted to throw the HoH competition but didn't know how to do it so the other HG wouldn't notice. He finally dropped out after 45 minutes and claimed that he could have gone longer.

Libra knows that Dan threw the competition and thinks that something is up with Dan. Ollie dropped out after 55 minutes. April then got scared because it was her and Renny against the other side of the house. Keesha cheered Renny on, which kept Renny focused. Jessie really started struggling after about an hour and then dropped after 66 minutes. He complained about the competition being "bogus." Renny was thrilled that she outlasted Jessie.

Memphis wanted to make a deal. April was steady in the competition so she ignored Memphis. He dropped after 76 minutes. He felt bad about leaving Michelle in charge for winning for their alliance. Dan was amazed that Renny was still in the competition. Dan gave the three HG still in the competition motivational speeches. Dan was glad to use his football-coach mentality to push the HG on.

Renny's hands were losing circulation so she tried to shake them around to get the numbness out. She slipped while doing it though after 118 minutes. Keesha was thankful that Renny stayed in as long as she did. Both April and Michelle knew that it was up to them to win for their respective alliances. Memphis knows that he and Jessie aren't safe unless Michelle wins HoH. Libra knows that her side will be screwed if Michelle wins.

April and Michelle battled for quite a while. Michelle was struggling more than April. April promised Michelle that she wouldn't nominate or backdoor her if Michelle dropped. She even promised that she wouldn't nominate Jessie either. Jessie felt sick to his stomach watching Michelle suffer in the competition. Michelle dropped after 160 minutes. April wins HoH!

April is after Memphis this week anyway, so making a deal with Michelle was not a problem for her. April was thrilled to receive pictures from her family in her HoH bedroom. Michelle was happy for April, but she really wanted to see pictures from her family, so she was disappointed in herself for losing the competition. April also received a letter from her pregnant sister, which made April happy since she is unable to be with her now.

Keesha has gotten close to Memphis since Steven was evicted. Memphis wants to align with Keesha as well since he no longer has Angie. April hates how Keesha has been hanging around Memphis after she just won HoH to keep her safe. April thinks that Memphis is playing her so she doesn't want Keesha to get hurt, but she will nominate Keesha if she doesn't stay away from Memphis. Renny heard this and told Keesha. Keesha really wants to keep Memphis in now since April is probably going to turn on her anyway.

Dan received his first AP task. He thinks that he will be able to please America this week. Dan hopes that America chose him someone easy to nominate, like Memphis. He was happy with Jessie though. He pitched the idea to April, who agreed that Jessie is a threat. April told Keesha and Libra about what Dan said. She thinks that he is AP because he sometimes says the most obvious things just to say them.

Dan doesn't understand Michelle's accent. He tried to teach her how to say words like "water," but she struggled to say them. Keesha doesn't care what everyone thinks about her talking to Memphis. Memphis thinks that April will nominate him and either Dan or Jerry since she promised Jessie and Michelle safety. Keesha didn't know that April promised them both safety; she thought April only promised Michelle.

Time for the next AP task! Which HG do you want Dan to hug for ten seconds? Text or go to for free voting.

Keesha knows that her friendship with Memphis could make her a target, but she doesn't care. Dan isn't worried that he will be nominated; he just hopes that Jessie is. Michelle hopes that April will keep her word to her. Memphis thinks that April would be stupid for not nominating him since he would have nominated her. April is confident in her nominations this week and thinks that her alliance will be happy as well.

Order of keys: Michelle, Ollie, Renny, Libra, Keesha, Jerry, and Dan, leaving Jessie and Memphis nominated for eviction. April nominated Jessie because he is both a mental and physical threat to her. She nominated Memphis since he won the luxury car during the first week.

Memphis isn't giving up and hopes that he can win the PoV this week. Jessie thinks that his alliance sucks since they can never win HoH. He says that they will definitely fall apart if they cannot win PoV. Michelle hopes that April keeps Jessie safe this week like she promised. Libra hopes that Jessie digs another hole for himself this week so he can be evicted.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jessie or Memphis from eviction? Find out Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I voted for Dan to hug Renny for 10 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Im so mad that April promised Michelle that she would keep her and Jessie safe this week and only kept Michelle.I know the other alliance is strong, but lets stir it up by getting them out

Anonymous said...

I voted he hug Libra