Thursday, August 7, 2008

8/7 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Jessie feels safe this week as long as April wants Memphis evicted. April still wants Memphis evicted. Memphis says that his alliance with Jessie and Michelle is no more and that he needs to make new allies. Keesha and Libra hope that April changes her mind and makes them evict Jessie instead. Libra is sick of Jessie laying around the house, not doing anything to help out.

Keesha tries to like April but cannot stand how fake she is towards people. Libra doesn't like how April is making her alliance evict Memphis just to save herself when Jessie is coming after others in the alliance. Keesha wants to evict Jessie because he causes too much drama in the house. Keesha thinks that they can get the votes to evict Jessie this week. Libra isn't sure about Dan, but Keesha thinks that they can work him. She knows that there is no way that Jerry, Michelle, or Ollie will evict Jessie, so Dan is their only hope.

Dan promised Keesha and Libra that he would vote to evict Jessie. Keesha and Libra are thrilled that they have the votes to evict Jessie now. April is worried that Keesha and Libra will turn the alliance against her this week. Jerry assured April that Dan will vote Memphis out this week. Dan knows that he is the swing vote this week.

BB talked with Dan's football team that he coaches. The team understands Dan's decision to play the game but wishes that he was there for their first practice this season. His sister was shocked to see Dan win AP but thinks that he will be able to handle it. His mother doesn't like Dan's acceptance of AP because the HG have started to suspect him.

Time for the live voting! The votes are as follows: Michelle - Memphis, Ollie - Memphis, Jerry - Memphis, Libra - Jessie, Keesha - Jessie, Renny - Jessie, and Dan - Jessie. By a vote of 4-3, Jessie has been evicted from the BB house.

The HG didn't get much sleep last night. Why? America sent in wake-up calls for the HG to listen to! The calls are the key to winning HoH tonight. Julie asked a series of true/false questions about the calls. An incorrect answer eliminated you from the competition. Order of ousting: Ollie, Renny, Dan, Jerry, Keesha, Memphis, and Libra, making Michelle the new HoH!

Julie announced that in celebration of BB10, one HG from each season will return to compete against the current HG in a competition. Interesting.

Who will Michelle nominate? Find out Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least Dan got $20k. Michelle has a strong sense of entitlement - "I deserve this". Geez, I would have rather seen ANYBODY but her get HOH.

Anonymous said...

I almost rooted for Libra to win against Michelle...

Anonymous said...

August 7, 2008 9:01 PM

ME TO!!! and I agree that Michelle feels like she DESERVES this..PLEASE! you don't deserve ANYTHING except the boot!

Looks like Libra and Keesha will be going on the block

Anonymous said...

I hope Michelle enjoys her last two weeks in the house. She is going to be payed back big time.

Anonymous said...

Libra, Renny and Keesha made a huge play but one of them will more than likely pay the price because of it.

By evicting Jessie, L,K,R and Dan now have 4 targets each on their backs instead of one, Jessie. Memphis can't save them all.

In my opinion, Memphis played the girls big time and America's player is/was the bonus. Memphis was the true winner of this one.

Samantha said...

Thank God the vote was split tonight, I was getting pretty sick of the unanimous votes! And I too was actually rooting for Libra, even though I don't necessarily like her.

Anonymous said...

BB should just give Dan the money because he hasn't really had to work for it. AP is doing exactly what the houseguest want. How exciting!