Friday, August 8, 2008

8/8 Live Feeds: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Michelle seen here talking to Memphis before the nominations ceremony.

The feeds were blocked for over four hours for the food competition. It seems that the competition dealt with true/false questions about the news. The teams were the HG against the former HG. Each former HG asked one of the current HG a question. If the current HG answered correctly, they earned a food group/luxury. If not, then the former HG earned a cash prize. The HG were locked in the HoH bedroom during the competition, so they did not actually see the former HG in person. Brian hosted the competition.

Keesha wished that Daniele had been brought back for the competition. Keesha and Libra agree that Janelle is really pretty. Apparently, Janelle told the HG that she loves the drama in the house. Renny claimed that Jen (BB8) likes her. It seems that the HG were informed that the earthquake was real. April and Michelle agree that Matt and Jase are hot. Everyone seems to like Boogie as well. Michelle was surprised that Dick wasn't there since he lives in Hollywood.

The house is on slop until Sunday. Apparently, the house received lobster and a feast this week. The HG also won beer and wine. The house also won a grill. George was one of the former HG who won a cash prize. April and Michelle think that America hates Libra. Keesha got upset after finding out that the earthquake was real. Jerry started bashing Dan again after seeing him read the Bible.

Memphis is thrilled that Jerry is back on slop again. Libra told Dan that she respects him so much more after knowing that he kept his word to her. Jerry complained about being on slop and told the HG that he wants to be evicted soon. April and Ollie are upset that they have been trying to win HoH to keep Jerry safe when he doesn't even want to be in the house anymore.

Keesha is sick of hearing Libra complain about being nominated this week since Keesha will be to. Keesha says that she hates everyone in the house except for Dan, Memphis, and Renny. Michelle wants to take $1,000 from Libra (that April gave her last week) in exchange for not nominating her this week but then nominate her anyway. April is upset that she gave Libra money last week, and Libra turned on her.

Jerry claims that Renny won't win a single competition, but April reminds him that Renny almost won the endurance HoH competition. Memphis told Michelle not to make any alliances this week. Michelle thinks that Memphis is with Keesha's group. Memphis says that he is only aligned with Michelle. The two of them want to go to the finals together. Memphis doesn't want to pick a side because he knows that he will be the first one out of either side.

Michelle wishes that everyone could be nominated this week because this is the first week that they don't have HoH. Michelle is still mad at those who voted Jessie out, but she will make her nominations strategically and not personally. The feeds have been blocked since around 5:20 PM for the nominations ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return.

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