Thursday, August 7, 2008

8/7 Live Feeds: 5:00-9:00 PM

Libra seen here yelling in a fight following the HoH competition.

Fight in the house! As expected, the HG engaged in a screaming match following Michelle's HoH win filled with cussing and the like. (I will post the video of the fight tomorrow when it is uploaded.) Jerry and Michelle told Libra that she would be evicted this week. Jerry says that Dan "isn't worth his sweat," whatever that means. @@ April cried about being embarrassed on live TV since her alliance turned on her. April and Ollie don't even care that Dan broke his word; they want Libra out this week. April feels bad for Jessie as well. Michelle hates that she never got to see goodbye to Jessie.

April and Jerry can't believe how much Dan lied to them when he is Catholic. @@ Memphis cannot believe how much Michelle's side (April, Jerry, Ollie) is bashing the other side. Memphis told Libra to lay low this week and not to assume that she will be the one evicted. Memphis hates how Jerry has sucked up to every HoH thus far. Memphis can't believe that Michelle actually won HoH.

Michelle doesn't understand why Dan broke his word to her. Dan didn't have an answer for her and feels embarrassed for doing so. Memphis thinks that he can get Michelle to nominate April and Libra. Memphis claims that he has been in nearly 300 fights in his lifetime and has had previous anger problems, so he tried to stay out of any conflict tonight. Keesha thinks that Michelle's best move would be to target April this week.

Memphis told Michelle that he doesn't have a deal with anyone in Keesha's group. Memphis told Michelle that it is still the two of them against the rest of the house. Memphis wants to lay low and watch the two sides of the house take each other out. Memphis says that he heard the live audience go crazy when Michelle won HoH, so America must like them. (I'm sure BB tells the live audience to applaud. America isn't too fond of Memphis or Michelle.)

Libra says that she is very close to hitting April, so she asked Keesha and Renny to keep her calm. Libra knows that she will be evicted if she doesn't win PoV. Keesha, Libra, and Renny won't vote for April to win and will only vote for Ollie to win if he is next to April.


Anonymous said...

if april is embarrassed that her alliance turned on her, wait until she sees whats on youtube.

Anonymous said...

@@ lol..I agree.(anonymous 12:28)
I am really sick of her(April). She is fake as the others are saying. Maybe there is still a chance that Memphis can talk Michelle into putting up April and Ollie because she(they) didn't keep their word, about keeping Jessie safe. Ha wouldn't that be nice. Then wonder where Jerry will stand then?

Pat said...

april looks and acts like Nellie Olson.

Anonymous said...

12:28 ...

For some reason, I don't think she'll be the least bit embarrassed. She knows people watch the feeds and post videos. She also gloated about giving a show when she and Ollie were dogging it up.

She's kind of disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Right now Michelle hates Keesha,
Renney, Libra, Memphis and Dan.
Well.......she can't put them all
up for eviction !!! I can't stand
her !

Anonymous said...

I hate that Michelle won Hoh. I hope she doesn't put up Dan. I was rooting for Libra last night too. I don't like her, but I'm starting to dislike Michelle way more.

Anonymous said...

Did Keesha call Michelle or April turtle face on BB after dark. Lol. Michelle looks more like a poodle to me and can her voice be any more annoying. Only Jerry's is more annoying. And I heard Michelle talk about Dan being a floater Jerry's the biggest floater in the house. More people should lie to him like Dan and then he won't talk as much. I liked him in the begning but after watching after dark he always buts in and tells people what he said like they didnt hear him the first time. GAME ON I guess

Anonymous said...

I really hope Libra is evicated this week. Everyone is getting on Dan cause he is "Catholic" well what about Libra? She says she is a Christian and she is a bigger LIAR in the house.