Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8/5-6 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-9:00 AM

Keesha seen here in front of the Memory Wall.

Ollie is nervous about winning HoH next week because he doesn't want to nominate Jessie and Michelle. However, if he doesn't nominate them, everyone will know that he is aligned with them. April hates how Keesha and Libra don't ever cook for the house.

April told Dan that she only has a deal with Michelle, so she believes that Jessie will still target her next week. Dan suggested the possibility of Jessie being evicted this week, which upset April, since she has always wanted Memphis out. Dan says that whatever their alliance decides to do this week needs to be decided as a group. Dan personally wants Memphis out more than Jessie. April tried to explain that Memphis is a bigger threat because he has already won a car. April wants to have an alliance meeting to discuss the vote this week.

Keesha and Memphis hope that April is evicted next week. Memphis thinks that if April or Jessie win the game, they will gloat in front of everyone. Libra questioned Dan about his talk with April. Dan assured her that he is still voting Jessie out this week and that he was only playing April.

The alliance of 7 had their meeting. Dan wants Jessie out because he has won two competitions and if they don't evict him, then he will still be close with Michelle. Jerry wants Memphis out because Memphis is always yelling at him. Libra then says that Jessie is always yelling at her. April is worried that Memphis will end up winning the game unless they vote him out this week.

Jessie told Michelle that he will "crush Dan's hand" if he is evicted by a 4-3 vote. Jerry gave Dan and Ollie some pool lessons. Keesha wrapped her stomach and arms in plastic wrap in an effort to lose weight.

Dan was alone in the hammock and decided to talk to the feeders. He told America to vote Jessie out this week so that his cover isn't blown. He says that America is the swing vote this week. He also promised Steven that he will take Libra out soon. Dan claims that he will throw the HoH competition again this week.

Jerry told Jessie that he will keep him safe this week, but he won't be able to do it next week. April says that the alliance would be very disrespectful to her if they vote Jessie out this week. April is mad that she won HoH for the alliance, and now they want to vote a different way from her.

Dan gave Michelle some more speech lessons. Libra cried because she misses her family. She hopes that she wins HoH next week so she can hear from them. April and Ollie had sex yet again. April complained about feeling really hot afterwards since she was already sunburned. They were the last ones asleep at around 3:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

Ollie and April are the most
sickening people I have ever, ever,
ever seen on BB and I have
never missed a show in all 10
episodes.......if I'm not home
to watch it...I tape it. They
are like freakin' dogs ! They
just gotta GO ! @@

Anonymous said...

I agree that that is sickening, but I find April so much more gross, disgusting etc. She heard that from Jessie Keesha and Libra were trashing her and she comes marching downstairs after talking badly about them and I HATE the way she handled talking to them. Like she is the shit, and they are the shit beneath her feet.

Anonymous said...

On the last HOH competition if Jessie was disqualified for taking 1 hand off the bar then why wasn't Michelle disqualified? she took her hand off the bar before Dan even dropped out. So it seems to me that April got stuck holding on to the bar for about 42 minutes more than she had to.

You can sure bet it wasn't really for the power of HOH that she hung on so long to win.....she and Ollie just wanted a private room....If I were their parents I would not allow either of them to come back home.

Anonymous said...

April and Ollie's parents are
probably having to hang their heads
PAIR ! I hope they go home next
week and then the week after !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree that April & Ollie are unreal. How much sex can you have? I really wish Libra would be voted out. She is such a BIG LIAR!!!!! She is starting more trouble than Jessie & I think she should go. Libra said she was mad that April won HOH, BUT they ALL had a chance to stay up on the wall.

Anonymous said...

i though ollie was all religious and stuff... so wtf??