Saturday, July 21, 2007

7/20- 7/21 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-6:00 AM

After Nominations the House guests were treated to lobster. They all ate together as usual and many also wished Jameka a Happy Birthday. They did not have cake and presents for her like years past- must of cut the budget.

After dinner some house guests stayed at they table and had a very interesting, yet odd conversation. They talked about what kind of wedding they would have, would they drink their wife's breast milk, where they would propose and many more odd topics, many of the related to dating and relationships.

Kail went to bed around 9:30 BB time. Dick went to check on her to see if she was OK and make sure she doesn't feel bad. They then begin to talk which turns into a length conversation. Dick tells Kail she has lost her alliance and has nobody. She says she has lost Nick and Zach but Mike is questionable. Kail questions Dick about his alliance with Amber. He says he doesn't have an alliance with her because she's too emotional. Dick tells Kail she needs to win PoV or she will be going home because it's the house consensus. Kail agrees and adds she should have never made an alliance on the first day. Dick suspects Kail has money and she somewhat fesses up to it. Finally Jameka interrupted telling them they were going to play Zuma Zuma.

Once Dick leaves Jen comes in and talks to Kail. Jen says she would be shocked if Daniele would vote for her to stay saying she would never vote for Daniele to stay no matter who she is up against. Kail agrees but says it is all about honoring the HoH's request. Mike then joins them and says if he won HoH he would save one of them. He tells them ED is on a power trip because he went from the bottom to the top. His ego is huge and he thinks he can control the game. Mike adds he can make all the threats he wants about using PoV but he will still use it. The three agree if they are the last three in the PoV competition that they will throw it to Mike who will save Kail.

Dick says "hi" to his son Vincent and ask Daniele to do the same. She refuses but asks Dick to write to her boyfriend in his HoH blog. Dick tells her she owes him one and then she says "hi" to Vincent and blows him a kiss.

A lot of general chit chat but one interesting conversation between Jessica, Jameka and Daniele. Note: Right before this Zach streaked across the backyard into the pool. They discuss how Zach's PeePee is so small and all they saw was a hairy patch. They said he shaves but they can't tell. Much more but I don't want to go into the details

Thats about it. All House guests are sleeping. Expect a wake up call within a few hours with PoV looming.


KY said...

I hate cause I missed the Zach part..LOL

Anonymous said...

you made a mistake, read it over, about mike and HOH, or POV.