Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Evening Feeds

Kail is still working for votes, but Jameka apparently won't budge because they don't have the majority. Kail asks Jessica if she can get Eric's vote(why don't you ask America? :P) Jessica says they would still need 2 more votes for ED to go. Kail is getting furious/terrified, she told Jess that if she rats her out, she'll rat her out as well.(ahh! Taking the ED approach to obtaining lovely friends)

Jess immediately goes to Jameka and tells her what Kail is doing, they realize they need to keep Dick because Kail is terrified of him. Jameka told Jess to tell Kail she tried to get Eric's vote but it didn't work, and she tells her to let it go, Joe is leaving and Kail and ED will start to go after each other. Jess tells Eric about her talk with Kail and made him promise not to tell a soul.

It looks like Joe's goose is cooked, as well as Kail's in future weeks. We'll see how her extroverted strategy affected her soon tho.

Oh yeah, and this girl Jen says the most outlandish crazy off the wall things...


I have an idea...and it's not an idea at all, it's a thought"

Ok, I'm going to bed, and I'm not even going to bed at all, I'm going to sleep @@

We'll Update you later!!!

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