Thursday, July 19, 2007

7/19 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

Just a few hours left before the live vote and eviction! Have the votes changed? How are the HG preparing for tonight's show? Ahh, who cares? On to the info from this afternoon from the BB house!

According to Jen, BB has been redoing the HoH room today in preparation for the new HoH. Jen of course complained about BB not redoing it for her. @@ Meanwhile, Joe did some last minute campaigning in an effort to get Nick and Zach's vote. Zach said that if Nick would vote to evict Dick, then he would too. Joe talked to Nick about it, but I don't think he succeeded. Joe told Jen that he thinks he has the votes to get a tie (meaning he has Nick and Zach's vote).

Later, Nick is seen telling Zach to vote Joe out. I figured as much. Nick also stated that he is planning on throwing the HoH competition tonight. Meanwhile, Joe has begun to realize that he is probably going tonight. He thinks that Nick and Zach are stupid for keeping Dick. Jameka later tells Joe that she is also voting for Dick to stay since he won't be able to get the votes anyway. Since everyone is starting to feel that way, the vote may be unanimous after all. Since then, Joe has been sulking and warning everyone about Dick and his allies.

Other than that, little has happened this afternoon. Time to move on to tonight's show! It is a live show tonight, entailing the eviction and HoH competition. As always, I will have a show recap ready once the show concludes here on the east coast. Look for it!


Anonymous said...

Is there any way to put names above or below the pictures at the top of your blog? I enjoy reading it, but haven't seen the show enough to always remember who is who. Thanks.

BBVIII said...

thanks for the idea!

BBVIII said...

ok now when you put your mouse on the image-the name should pop up