Friday, July 20, 2007

7/19-20 Live Feeds: 11:00 AM-8:00 AM

Okay, catch-up post #2 coming! This post covers the events from my last update until the HG crashed for the night. Expect another post later on regarding the morning events!

Dustin informed Nick about Kail telling him about Nick (Getting all this?) betraying the MRA. Nick says that he was betraying them and had no intention of continuing on with them upon hearing that they were targeting Daniele. Anything he says to them is a lie he says. Dick joins them, and Nick tells him that he was a part of the MRA. Dick doesn't seem surprised, but he doesn't seem happy about it either. Nick lets Dick know that he was never really with them. They agree that the house is much calmer now that Joe is gone. Dustin asks who Dick is nominating, and Dick replies with that his nominations are of no secret.

Kail is worried that the house will bully her instead of consoling her once she is nominated. She is sure Amber and Dustin will tell Dick about what Kail told them regarding the MRA. Mike thinks that Zach is more trustworthy than Nick, but they both are shady in his opinion. Dick approaches Kail and tells her that there is no way she can save her ass this week. Kail tries to put the target on Nick and Zach, but really she is just digging herself an even bigger hole because she is selling her ex-alliance out, and Dick realizes this. Dick straight-up tells her that she will be evicted unless she wins PoV. Kail leaves and tells Mike to try and win PoV so he can save her, so Zach would have to go up. Umm, Dick was planning on nominating Mike next to Kail so that wouldn't happen. Kail is assuming Jen will be nominated alongside her. @@

Daniele wants Jen out next week. Me too! She's sick of how awkward she makes things in the house. Her and Nick flirt for a long time once again in the HoH room. Meanwhile, Dick begins to doubt Nick's feelings for Daniele. He wants to talk to them separately about the other to see if there are real feelings there. He then announces to most of the house that he is going to nominate Jen alongside Kail. Hmm...

Dick talks to Daniele about Nick. He is worried that he is with the MRA more so than he is with Daniele. He is worried that he is just getting info from Daniele to tell to the MRA. Daniele is completely disagreeing with him, saying that she never told them she was working with Dick and that he told her he was with the MRA last week. Daniele says that Nick would never have voted Dick out and that she trusts him more than anyone else in the house. Dick thinks that she should trust him the most, not Nick. Daniele really wants Jen out; she calls her and idiot. Dick says that Jen is smarter than she looks. @@ Daniele continues to say that Nick is trustworthy.

The HG stayed up WAY late, with most of them not going to bed until after 5:00 AM. Dick was once again the last one asleep at just before 6:00 AM. As for today's stuff, expect the food competition and nominations to block out most of today's feeds. They have been blocked since 11:00 AM regarding the food competition. I'll have another update later regarding the little that happened prior to the competition.

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