Monday, July 16, 2007

Evening Feeds 7-16-07

Tonight Amber and Mike went out on a date. Amber discusses her past drug use with him, she tells him that she has done speed and spent $300- $400 a week on it while supporting her family. She said that she lost alot of weight from it and couldn't blame it on her hyperthyroid. She said it was hard to tell her doctor about it, but when sh did he told her "why don't you get high off your daughter?" She quit that day. Amber is basically talking a mile a minute on this date, ffs she's turning into Jen. After her talk about the drug "speed" she moves right along to how she got ito a wreck because she always used to speed to be on time to places. Mike just stares at her, seriously though, how can someone have as many problems as her at her age? That's all she's been talking about for a week and she still has more problems in her life to discuss.

Jameka is explaining to Zach her religion, Zach is asking alot of questions, it's been going on for a while now.

Daniele(with 1 L :) ) and Nick are discussing nominations, Amber and Dustin apparently told Nick they wouldn't evict him so Nick thinks he won't be nominated. Amber told Nick and Daniele the story of how Jen came to the thought of nominating Nick, they come to the fact that Jen is jealous/catty.

Nick told Dick that Dick winning HOH would boost the ratings of the show because they want to see everyone in fear of him. Jameka then told Dick that if they were down to the final two for HOH, she would drop down and give it to him.

The Veto ceremony should be tommorow, we will find out who Jen will nominate soon.

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