Monday, July 16, 2007

7/16 Live Feed Updates- Into the Morning

Well after a day of competition and dates here's a summary of some of the game talk in the house:

Dick and Daniele talk. He tells her that she needs to get people like Jessica for him. She says she can influence everyone but Jen, Kail, Mike and Zach. By the looks of it Joe is going up and he should go home by a vote of 9-1, or 10-0.

Daniele asked Amber who she would nominate if she won HoH. Amber said she didn't know- probably Zach and Kail. In return Daniele said she would nominate Zach and Jen. Jameka told Amber she should nominate Zach and Jen and leave Kail to be a replacement nominee

Amber and Jen have a long conversation. Amber tells Jen she won't vote to keep Joe. They continue to talk about Nick's feelings towards Daniele and how they might not be real. They talk and talk and talk about Amber's boyfriend, her speed days etc. Joe notices how long she was up there and doesn't like it

Joe talks to Jen about nominating Zach but Jen isn't going for it. He asks her why she would nominate someone who is honest with her (Joe) but not someone who lies to her (Zach)

Thats about all the game talk. Here is some of the non-game talk

Amber thinks that Mike likes her a lot after their backyard date. I haven't seen Mike confirm or deny this yet - I guess we will see

Daniele is worried about Nick and Jen. She wonders if Nick really likes her or if he is playing her. She thinks Jen might have something going on with Nick

Joe thinks if he continues to pester Dustin he might get free sex- hehe. That would definitely be a BB first

Well Dick was last one asleep after his nightly Dick at Night show. All houseguests are sleeping right now- but should get a wake up call in a couple hours for PoV Ceremony!

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