Friday, July 20, 2007

7/20 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Ahh, finally caught up. Thank you for bearing with me this morning, and I will try to make sure this doesn't happen more often. Back to the feeds! After a restless night last night, this morning is projected to be slow with little news. With nominations looming, will Dick's mind change about his big decision? Let's find out! Here's the scoop from this morning in the BB house!

BB woke the HG up just before 9:00 AM with the usual food competition warning. Jen is STILL wearing her leotard. BIG @@ there! Kail is also STILL talking about Nick and Zach betraying her and Mike. Another @@ here. She's complaining that everyone wants her out now. Dustin tries to calm her down by saying there are no alliances in the house, so she's not the only one who's alone. She's convinced she's going, no matter who is nominated next to her. Dustin tells her that Jen will go home if she is up next to her. I'd hope so!

Dick wakes up and warns everyone once again that Kail is doing everything she can to save herself this week. He tells them not to buy anything she says. He later wishes Jameka a happy birthday. Happy birthday Jameka!

That was about it for the morning. The feeds were blocked for nearly two hours for the food competition. They just returned, at around 12:45 PM. Just as the HG expected, this competition was a team effort that involved winning various food for the house throughout the week. It seems as if slop was not given out this week. They received a BBQ grill, beer, cereal and milk, chicken, eggs, fish, lunch meat, pasta, among other foods. Apparently, the competition involved diving into pasta? The HG are all taking showers, so the competition looks like it was a messy one.

Nominations should be taking place soon. I'll have another update once the feeds go down for them. Look for it!


Anonymous said...

IMO,the food comps are the most exciting to watch..I get tired of question like stuff for the HOH...they need to get new stuff.

Anonymous said...

I hope Dick puts up Jen and Kail. But as much as I dislike Jen I would rather see Kail go home. I don't like her attitude and that she says she "owns the whole town" that she lives in. If she is so great why is she on a reality show?

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to the fanatasy league? You still doing that?

BB13 said...


head over to