Monday, July 16, 2007

7/16 Live Feed Updates Through the Day

Sorry for such a late update. I've been busy most the day and haven't had time to make a post. Before I start I will confirm Joe has been nominated in replace of Daniele and is the favorite to go home

Now on to news about who's voting for who etc

Right after the veto ceremony Joe goes to Daniele for her vote. He begs, he pleads but Daniele says nothing. Joe takes it as she isn't voting to keep him

Kail starts sucking up to Daniele. She tells her what a good person she is. Daniele tells her Jen's speech was untrue and that her and Dick are completely different

Kail tells her gang that they need to get rid of Evel. She believes Joe won't go after them but Dick will. Mike is good with it. Mike then goes around trying to get votes- but barely gets any commitments

Joe and Jameka talk votes and who he needs to get to stay in the game. They need Eric, Daniele and perhaps Dustin.

Kail Mike and Jen continue to talk. Jen tells Kail even if she, Mike and Nick vote to get rid of Dick it wont be enough votes. Kail says she will vote with the house so not to expose anything

Amber tells Joe she has to keep Dick. She knows he can be an A-hole but has to keep him. Amber then cries because Joe will be leaving and she thinks he is a good person @@

There has been some random talk but not much other game talk. Joe is trying to get votes to no avail. It's almost guaranteed a Joe boot unless a twist occurs

If anything happens I will be sure to post.


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Thank you for keeping us up to date loyally!

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no problem

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Thanks for the updates!

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