Thursday, July 19, 2007

Evening Feeds

Danielle and Nick are flirting in the hammock, they are talking about BB's wake up songs and Nick asks Dani what she wants in her life. Dani tells him she wants to get married and not divorce. Later on Nick tries to convince Dani to marry him lol, he tells her ED's ideal wedding would be him and her, Dani says that ED wouldn't be invited to her wedding... wow... so much for making up lol

Kail is definitley "digging herself in a hole" as she would say. As Jen and her were talking about votes they both came to the same conclusion... they don't have them. Kail is mad at Zach for not changing his mind. Jen thinks they should get him out. Kail says that Nick is lying to Joe when he tells him he has his vote to be safe.

And in other news, I think before this game ends, ED will drive Kail CRAZY. Jam tries to tell her to not let him get to her, ED is big, but God is more powerful. She should respect that Dick was honest to her about targeting her next, but not focus on him or she will loose it.