Wednesday, July 18, 2007

7/18 Live Feeds: 1:00-7:00 PM

Despite a somewhat eventful morning, the day brought little excitement for us feed watchers. There was a lot of picture taking and even a game of dodgeball. Here's the little news from the afternoon!

Nick is upset that everyone has been pushing him to evict Dick. Zach says that he has been threatened by Jen, Kail, and Mike about voting Dick out. They are both fed up with everyone and wonders why he can't do what he wants in the game. Zach says that he refuses to vote Dick out no matter how it hurts him in the game. They both need to talk to Mike to make sure they are safe with him next week since they are going against the MRA (Mrs. Robinson Alliance) this week.

Zach expresses his concern about Jen and Kail to Mike. Zach thinks Joe is a bigger threat, while Mike insists that Dick is. Zach continues to push Mike to leave Jen and Kail for him and Nick. Mike continues to make the case for Kail and has no reason to leave her or Jen. The two do a lot of pushing for the other to stay (Zach for Dick to stay and Mike for Joe). Zach is worried that everyone knows about the MRA, so they should just drop it. Mike says he doesn't care that everyone knows. Zach continues to use chess analogies and talking about the final two (Kail will drop the guys) in an effort to work Mike. Later, Mike relays this information to Jen, who isn't surprised that Zach still hasn't changed his mind yet.

Other than that, little has happened today. Jen got her HoH camera, and the HG spent most of the day taking pictures and such. Jen also mentions typing her HoH blog. Like I mentioned earlier, tomorrow will be a live vote which is unusual this early in the season. Perhaps a twist? I guess we'll find out on the show tomorrow!