Sunday, July 15, 2007

7/14 - 7/15 Live Feed Updates

With a Veto Ceremony looming, what will happen in the BB House?

Jen goes up to HoH and tells Amber, Dustin and Kail she has decided to nominate Nick. She says he's the closest to Daniele and will cause Daniele's alliance problems

They try to convince her to nominate Joe or a pawn-she isn't falling for it. Hopefully by Monday someone can get to her and convince her to nominate Zach or Joe.

All night Jen goes and tells people she is putting Nick up. Eric then goes to Dick and asks him would he have the votes against Nick and Dick catches on that Nick is going up

Dustin tells Joe everything is good and that they will be safe. However, Joe doesn't know that Nick is going up-he thinks Zach is going up

Dick and Eric have a long conversation about nominations etc. Dick tells Eric not to believe Jen because she lies a lot.

They were the last ones up and everyone is sleeping as I post!


KY said...

I like the board look..its pretty

BBVIII said...

lol i changed it :)

KyBella said...

Sheww does Zach ever shut up? lol..I wanna see them do the Iron Man competition..I think it was today..Its me KY .

KyBella said...

Obstacle, Drunken Villager, head to head on two out of three. four competitors.First Obstacle Course. Slowest drops out.Second Drunken Villager. Dustin said he'll drop out.Then the final two will have three head to head competitions and best two out of three wins.Now they're discussing what the final three events will be.

Dick coming up with some ideas... Blue pillow toss (from outside couches)...
Army crawl under something. Slip and slide Army crawl.... Draft pull (pulling the deer) Tether ball... Pull deer, spin teacup five times. Dick saying if they had two blocks of ice they could put one block of ice under the front of the deer and have someone sit on top... maybe pull instead of carry.

Dustin say's Daniele is a bench press girl. He has to bench press her LOL

...well darn someone wants the PC..

Shiznit said...

Jen has been on my last nerve since the first day of the show. I wish there was a way to put up the HOH and vote her gone!