Saturday, July 14, 2007

Evening Feeds

Since Dani, the new veto Queen, won the Power of Veto Jen has been debating who to nominate in her place, she said Joe before but apparently now she doesn’t want him up because people don’t like him so they would vote him out over Dick. Zach told her anyone would go over Dick, even Amber. Apparently Joe won a slop pass and ED won a plasma screen TV.

In the veto comp Jen picked Joe to win the slop pass and she has to wear a leotard, Amber and Kail are handcuffed together so they have to do DR’s together. I guess poor Kail won’t be able to escape Amber’s sickening sob stories.

People definitely want to split up Dani and Joe, Zach tried to convince Jen to put up Joe because Joe and Danielle would never align with her. He demonstrated with chess pieces that Joe is the best bet to take out to keep the house undivided. If Danielle leaves they lose Nick.

Jen said in the HOH room that she didn’t want the slop pass when asked about it and she wants to be on slop(yummy…?) Too bad Joe may not be here long enough to use it.

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