Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tonight's Live Show Recap

Tonight was the live eviction, Julie asked most of the houseguests questions as she does always. When asked how hard this week’s eviction was Jen could not find an answer, and replied “Oh, I didn’t think I would get a question” and she chuckled in nervous laughter. Dick and Danielle both said it was awkward to be with each other in the house. Jessica told Julie that if Carol left she had nothing to do with it, Carol told Julie that having Jessica in the house with her is just the same as having another stranger in the house because she changed so much. Joe and Dustin had to say nice things about each other and they gladly praised each other’s “bright smiles” and “winning personalities”

In Kail’s private interview she told Julie that aligning with the men was not what she planned on doing coming into the house, it was based solely on the fact that Zach came to her first, and the women of the house were much younger than she. She told Julie she thought Eric confided in her because she was the older person in the house and it was easier for him.

America, you voted to evict Carol making the vote 10-1, so sadly for me Carol was evicted from the Big Brother House tonight. She left the house with her housemates applauding her, or was it that they were happy she was leaving? And as soon as the door shut on her she said “oh, I hope I grabbed the right bag” best part of the night! Lol

During Carol’s interview, she said she lied about Jessica changing and that she’s the exact same person but she wouldn’t go that deeply into the conversation. Luckily though, Julie had video footage to change her mind! (YAY! Incentive!) After watching Jessica say that Carol is not loyal, and that she would die if she went before Carol, Carol said that’s the way Jessica has always been, fake.

This weeks HOH competition is called Majority Rules, they will be asked questions about there houseguests and they must answer the way they think the majority would answer. The competition went like this…

Question 1- In the butter me up competition who would you rather lather up with butter?

Danielle or Jenn

Majority: Danielle

Out: Zach

Who would you not let your little sister go out on a date with?

Nick vs Mike

Nick was the majority answer

Dick, Danielle, and Nick are out.

Who would be more likely to cheat on a significant other?

Joe vs Dustin

Joe is the majority answer

No one is out

Who would hold a grudge the longest?

Danielle vs Dick

Danielle is the majority

Jameka is out

Who would be the best person to cheer them up if they were depressed?

Eric vs Jessica

Eric is the majority answer

Amber is out

Who is more likely to turn $500,000 into five million?

Zach vs Kail

Zach is the majority answer

Jessica and Mike are out

Who is more likely to help old lady cross the street?

Jameka vs Amber

No one is out

Tie Breaker

How many gallons of water does the spinning tea cup in the backyard hold?

Jenn- 41


Eric- over 400

Dustin- IDK, over 90

The answer was 9 gallons

Jen has won the HOH!!! The production crew needs to make the nomination box lighter or she won’t be able to carry it down the stairs unless she eats TWO carrots a day. @@

Who will Jen nominate? Who will America vote on for Eric to target? We will update you all more later on.


KY said...

LOL@ 2 carrots... I want Eric to try an get Kail or Joe out.But I think one of her noms will be Dick :o(

KY said...

Oh yeah..I don't know why they gave such high answers..the cup only holds 9 gallons...Its got a hole in the side..I cant believe some said over 200..I was sitting on the couch yelling 10..LOL