Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7/11 Late Afternoon Live Feed Update

Here's some bits of information from the house:

Nick and Daniele's relationship is not exactly stable. Nick really likes Daniele and wants to go further but Daniele doesn't really want to. She seems to be non responsive to any of Nick's questions but said she does trust him

Some houseguests are now worried about Zach being a threat. Supposedly he is a floater but a big threat. He is trying to turn alliance pairs on each other( ie Dustin and Amber)

Houseguests are joking around about Carol leaving. It seems to be obvious that she is leaving but you never know. My guess is it will be 8-3 or 9-2. We will see.....however I could care less since it is so early in the game

Nick said his dad thinks he is gay. I think it stems from his dad catching him giving some guy a blow job...I personally think Nick is bi however maybe he is stuck in the closet

Thats about it........Will probably be an early night and a borning day tomorrow.

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