Sunday, July 8, 2007

7/8 4:00PM- 9:00PM

Amber and Jameka were talking in the BY on the porch. Amber suggested that Nick and Danielle had an alliance, and that no one that talks that much could not discuss the game at some point. Amber then tried to tell Jameka that her and Dustin never talk about the game(is that a paradox?) I don’t believe Jameka bought into Amber’s dumb scheme, she told Amber that even if they didn’t talk about the game, they still both knew that they had each others backs. Amber had to agree, Jameka 1, Amber 0. :P

Zach was teaching Mike how to play chess upstairs.

Danielle and Jessica are discussing that they must win HOH, there only threats are Mike and Jenn. They want Jenn out because she “causes too much drama”. The girls said that Amber was 100% safe this week. Strategy talk turned into talk of the next food comp, Jessica thought that they would not take the food away this week and instead they would fight for a certain meal for each day because “when they are hungry they're boring.”

Amber definitely tries to sway votes by all her stories, she told the house that she flew her niece’s boyfriend to Las Vegas, the father couldn’t find a job so she took them in and she is supporting them. Also her sister has a skin disease so she can’t work. She also discussed her thyroid surgery (gosh this girl has so much bad luck she’s a shoo in for first evicted) she was so weak that her boyfriend had to do everything for her. Eventually Dick told her to "stop with the sob stories" "no one cares" "we could all use a little extra money.”

Joe and Jessica were discussing saving Carol, it’s a slim chance and Joe thinks it’s not worth it. Joe was annoyed with Carol telling people she had his vote, Jessica was surprised she thought Daniele would save her too.

Zach and Mike were again discussing the possible enemy alliance of 6 and why that is a good reason to get Carol out.

Jenn and Zach are talking in the hammock, discussing the vote. Zach will go with the group but Jenn notices that everyone says that and no one is really making a direct move and the vote will be split down the middle. They also discuss that Danielle or Dick need to go soon because they will vote for each other in the end if one makes jury.
We shall get back to you with more of the convo.

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