Friday, July 13, 2007

7/13 Post Food Competition Updates

Well.... After almost 2 hours of feed block- the feeds came back to Daniele crying. Apparently Eric said something that offended her.

The houseguests on slop are: Joe, Jessica, Jameka, Kail, Daniele, and Amber. Its seems the competition dealt with determining ingredients?

Not much has happpened today. Dick is trying to get Jen to nominate only Daniele so he can win PoV and save her. He is trying to keep them both safe so he can work on his relationship with Daniele.

Nominations are to occur tonight sometime. My guess is it will be in a few hours. If anything is said I will post more. As for now all houseguests are trying to predict who will be nominated and trying to convince Jen not to nominate them.

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