Saturday, July 14, 2007

7/13-7/14 Overnight Feeds

After a tough Nominations what will happen in the Big Brother House?

Daniele finally told Nick she is not 21 but is only 20. They pinky sweared that he wouldn't tell anyone. In return Nick told her about his alliance with Kail, Mike, and Zach. Looks that alliance is over!

Jen said she nominated Daniele and Dick because they bring down the house(???) Her plan is to get rid of Daniele-according to Dick its because she wants to be the hot girl in the house---wouldn't surprise me--

Dick vows revenge on Jen. He also tells Joe he can have all his cigarettes if he leaves. Dick also flipped Jen off during the veto ceremony-haha.

Nick said he wouldnt use PoV if he won it. He told Dick his vote would be to save Daniele and Dick understood.

Supposedly there is supposed to be a 7am wake up call. Its 7 now but there has been no wake up call-guess we will see what happens

Amber doesn't know how she will vote. She wants to vote for Daniele but knows Dick has her back and likes her

Zach and Mike want Daniele gone. They think she won't be open on the jury whereas Dick will be and they are more likely to get his vote

Mike starts to eavesdrop on some of the houseguests however he gets caught. Could this cause Mike to get kicked out the front door? Uhoh

Well all houseguests are sleeping as I post. More to come later!

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