Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday 7-9-07

This day has not progressed strategically, Joe is still trash talking Dustin(get a new hobby dude @@) He’s now saying he will never pay 20 questions with Dustin because he does impossible things like love, and dissolvable water salt. I really think Joe should take a chill pill, you already told America he gave you a disease isn’t that enough trouble?

Zach takes Dustin aside and tells him to watch out for Joe because if he won HOH he would nominate him(Dustin) and Jenn because people don’t like Jenn. They pick on her a lot. Zach said Joe wants to do that because people would know Jenn wouldn’t last long at all in the game.

Nick has gotten a lot of screen time today, he’s been flirting with Dani a lot, and he told her he’s 1-5 on his girls list. He also has a guy’s list, Dick and Zach laughed at that for a while. Nick chatted with Kail about crying during movies, Go Fish being one of them. Nick then told Kail the entire plot of a movie and I seriously thought the feeds would turn off, thank goodness they didn’t lol.

The biggest discussion to date though is Jenn being the butt of today’s jokes. She admitted that her nickname was porky in high school because she wanted to be tan like bacon, Danielle jokingly says that it’s because she was fat. Now Jenn is on the treadmill and she won’t get off till she burns 1500 calories or passes out, now if you don’t know, the less you weigh the less calories you burn every hour, if someone doesn’t stop her soon she’s going to pass out long before she burns those calories. Jessica told the BY group that she thought it was rude of Jenn to skip a dinner that someone made for her. Joe is definitely worried, he thought he would be the one made fun of this year…? Lol It appears Jenn is made fun of by everyone but Kail and Mike.

The BY group of Joe, Jessica and the others were discussing live feeds and said $40 for three months was a crazy price to pay for feeds… Thanks guys lol You two paint eating scatterbrains make us feel so dumb lol

We shall update you more later J

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