Sunday, July 8, 2007

Veto Ceremony should be in progress

This morning hasn't been very eventful, BB didn't wake the houseguests up until a tad after 11 telling them the veto ceremony would take place in 2 hours.

During the last two hours not much has occurred. The only interesting tid bit was Carol telling Jessica if she helped her she would help Jessica. Jessica didn't say much. About the only thing she said was "ok"

Except for that its been small talk; Talking about anything from finding bottles with messages in the ocean to cooking turkeys in the microwave.

We have had block for 15 minutes now meaning the PoV ceremony should be in session. I will post more when feeds come back.

Update: After about 85 minutes of feed block the feeds came back with Jameka and Amber talking in the backyard. Daniele didnt use veto of course and nominations stand.


Anonymous said...

you need spellcheck or an editor

KY said...

I think your doing a great job!!