Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7/9-7/10 Through the Night

Zach and Mike almost decided to try to flip the vote to get Amber out but have now decided to evict Carol and next week target Joe.

It looks like Mike is taking over the cleaning duties of George. He seems to be somewhat of a "neat freak". Wouldn't that make you think he was gay? If anyone watched the episode of Gay, Straight or Taken he was on you would remember is ultra clean car.

Finally Jen let the cat out of the bag. She knows Mike Boogie! She also commented that she met Drew from Season 5. Joe told her he hated Mike Boogie.

All the house guests are still discussing how annoying Jen is. However most everyone is thinking of a Joe eviction next week. If it were up to me I would want Jen out ASAP!

Daniele and Nick keep getting closer and closer. Could this be our first showmance of the season? However, Daniele has a boyfriend- so hopefully she doesn't fall for Nick.

We had a new "last to go to bed" house guest. It was Mike. Dick actually went to bed at a reasonable time: 3:00am! Jen and Mike talked and talked until Jen bored Mike to sleep.

As I post, all house guests are sleeping!

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