Thursday, July 12, 2007

Evening Feeds

Dick is definitley trash talking Jen, the HOH, oops I guess it sucks Dick that your going up now. Oops is that a perverted pun?

Zach asked Dick what he would do if Jen was his daughter, Dick said he would feel ashamed that he raised a girl that was so obsessed with herself, Zach told him "who knows, you may end up dating her" Dick said he'd rather stick his little ED in a meat grinder. Ahh the joys of family television. Well, when Dick isn't offering his own contribution to our wonderful US meat processing industry, he's yelling at Jen and telling her he's going to make her the most miserable bitch in the house, thanks Dick, all we need is another Nicole.

Other than that fight nothing huge went on, Danielle asked Joe if he would keep her over her dad if they were nominated together, he said yes.

Jameka is giving Jen cornrows tonight, and Joe doesn't think he's the favorite anymore after the smile comment he said on the live show...?

Jen's HOH room just opened, Dick didn't go see it, again she's upset with her pictures, they aren't of her kids(nanny), I mean ffs what's up with this girl and her hatred of pictures? Next time they should just give her pictures of an eliptical, she loves those!

Well keep ya updated later!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

daniele's name only has one "l".