Friday, July 13, 2007

Well, with a new HoH how will the houseguests respond?

Dick, Jameka, Amber, and Daniele believe Julie had 2 answers to the tiebreaker and chose the one that favored a Jen Win. This would make sense because earlier in the day Jen was telling people that she had already won HoH?? Coincidence?

It’s pretty obvious that Jen is going to put up Dick. After their little argument she feels she has to. Jen said she is leaving the HoH door open for deals. Hopefully Daniele or Dick goes up there and strike a deal

Dick finally figured out that Kail is not only in an alliance with Mike but also Zach. Could this stir something? I have a feeling this Mrs. Robinson alliance is slowly crumbling.

Lots of people are against Zach. They were talking smack about him in the backyard. Shockingly, those people included Nick-who is supposedly in an alliance with him

Jen got her HoH Room. However, absolutely nothing has changed-only the pictures. Jen complained about the pictures again because they were only of her family and not friends

It looks like Jen is going to nominate Dick and Daniele. However anything could change. Perhaps she just said that because she was talking to Kail. I guess we will see.

Dick and Amber were the last ones to go to bed at just after 5 bb time. They discussed nominations and who should win veto etc. Dick said he wants Nick or Jessica to win and take off Daniele.

Daniele and Jen are now up talking about nominations. I think Daniele is pleading not to be nominated. As I post that’s all that’s happening. There should be a Food Competition today and Nominations

I will post those results immediately when they are available.


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