Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday Evening

Jameka made dinner tonight, and Joe began a discussion on what the houseguests would do if they won the money. Surprisingly it was an interesting convo…

  • Jessica would pay off college debts, move out, and throw a party.
  • Kail was very quiet, they started asking her if she would buy a new house, or remodel her old home. She finally told them that she loved her house so she wouldn’t remodel and finally decided to tell them she would travel to the Midwest. Evil Dick actually spoke for her at some point.
  • Nick wants a monkey and a motorcycle.
  • ED spoke for Eric as well; apparently Eric would get a girlfriend, move to Manhattan and start a business
  • Dick wants to get tattoos from all across the world while he travels.
  • Zach would invest in a clothing line.
  • Jameka told what she would do with the money down to the very last cent, I couldn’t get all of it, but $35,000 would go to charity, $35,000 would go to savings, she went too fast for me to type it all lol.
  • Jen took what I would call a Chill Town approach, apparently, winning half a million dollars will ruin her life(don’t worry, just pay your taxes and you won’t end up like Hatch :P ) but the house definitely questioned why she was here in the first place if she didn’t want to win, she said it would be a cool experience, she told everyone she got her motorcycle license for the same reason, it was fun. Still, it sounds like what Will Kirby would say.
  • Mike would invest in real estate back in Wisconsin.
  • Amber would give her mom retirement money.
  • Joe joked around and told them all that he would either buy a $500,000 hooker, or five $100,000 hookers, he then told everyone that his sister had cancer, the house didn’t take to that very well because it came off as disrespectful, Joe then told them his sister wanted him to do it because she admired Johnny Fairplay’s strategy.
  • Danielle would go back to college, buy a car, and do something big for her grandmother.
  • Dustin would pay off college debts for him and his brother.
  • Carol would pay for her princess wedding, but she wasn’t really asked, so this may be the final clue that it is her that is going home, she also said that it would be fun to kick there asses when she comes back in the next 5 weeks.

Later that night, Jameka and Eric were sitting in the BY, Joe comes out acting like he’s pregnant and telling Eric that he is the father, Jameka was cracking up! Eric definitely looked embarrassed. Joe also took this time to apologize for the cancer comment.

We’re back to waves, or whatever that blue stuff is. Another update in the morning

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