Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday- Feed Updates-If thats what you call 'em.

Well if you are at all familiar with the feeds you know that Wednesday is picture taking and voting day. Kail did get her camera and has been taking pictures. The diary room has been calling people in to vote.

Heres the few tidbits from todays feeds:

Mike wants to be seen as a floater not as part of the Mrs Robinson alliance. Thats probably why we haven't seen much of him. He wants to be unnoticed!

Kail and Dick seem to be the hardcore players this year. Kail is kind of like Kaysar or Danielle. She is forming an alliance that can hopefully take her to the end(ie sov 6, Legion of Doom.) Dick seems to be the strategic player-picking people's brains and planting seeds as the Dr says.

Kail says her number one target is EvelDick. She thinks he is a loose cannon but a good player. She also thinks they need to go after Dustin. She believes he could blow the cover on the Mrs. Robinson alliance.

It seems that Nick and Danielle have made some sort of an alliance. Perhaps a "I wont nominate you if you dont nominate me" alliance. They have been flirting for the past week, however Daniele has a boyfriend and probably won't give that up for Nick

Mike and Zach have been talking a lot of game. They talked about who to nominate if they win hoh etc.

Thats about it. The houseguests are getting ready to vote and or just chit-chatting. Today and tomorrow will be slow on the feeds. Thursday's are usually primping for the live show and cleaning!

Also- Starting next week I am going to attempt to post every 2 hours. This will make it easier on me and more frequent updates for you!

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